Doctor’ corresponds to’ priest’ and Surdak has never seen’ priest’ either. The second group of soldiers said that there were priests and battle gods in the army of the Green Empire before the plane war broke out, but I don’t know why all the temples of the Green Empire were closed when the plane war broke out. Those priests and battle gods were also restrained in the temple …
Chapter 12 Home is where you are.
Surdak led the horse out of the backyard of Fengge Hotel and saw Lisa and John waiting awkwardly for the bench on the street opposite the back door of the hotel. Seeing Surdak coming out of the hotel, John quickly got up from the bench and carefully lifted Lisa up.
Lisa looked at John affectionately, and the tenderness in his beautiful eyes made Boqiang feel that maybe what Surdak said was true. Bena girls would be so gentle, including his wife and sister.
Ah bah! Bah … Bah … I am Surdak!’
We’ Surdak’ knight re-hypnotized himself and then walked to John at a gentle pace.
Lisa is wearing a loose white long skirt, which is very new and looks like it is rarely worn at ordinary times. Her eyes are swollen as red as peaches, and she is full of eyes when she looks at John.
John kept stroking Lisa’s long hair and comforting her gently.
"Have you thought about it?"
Surdak felt it necessary to ask one or two people again. Although there was a door in the back life, it was not so easy for John to pass through.
John habitually wiped his clothes with his hands, which is what craftsmen do when chatting.
"It’s the Surdak knight. Please bring Lisa back to the Green Empire." John said with some excitement.
Surdak took the horse and patted John on the shoulder and said
"Come with me. We can sit in the store for a while. Your wife said goodbye while John was holding on. I think you’d better try to avoid the appearance in the central square of the city and be discovered by the people in the logistics department of Bena legion. After all, you have some special status. It’s best to try to avoid the city."
Surdak knew what John was doing and how he decided to give his wife and children a better life. He would rather make such a difficult choice.
John put his arms around Lisa’s shoulders and his head pressed against Lisa’s white forehead. He comforted, "Lisa, don’t cry. It’s too long for Xu Bule to cancel the arrest order for me. I can find a way to return to the Green Empire and find you. Believe me, I will find a way to take care of myself before."
"John, I …" Lisa sobbed and saw something in John’s praying eyes that could be swallowed up at this time.
Lisa is not a particularly beautiful woman, especially after her pregnancy has greatly changed her figure.
But in John’s eyes, Lisa is the only beauty in the world.
John Frisa whispered in his ear, "Listen to me, the Green Empire is the safest place. The Warsaw plane of evil spirits is temporarily hidden. Everyone is too optimistic about the current situation of Warsaw plane. The evil spirits have suffered twice and they have not been completely defeated."
"Why can’t you come with me?" Lisa raised her head and choked up.
John shook his head and tried to abandon the idea and said to Lisa, "No way. I’m doomed not to pass the delivery door. Someone will take me away as soon as I appear."
Seeing that Lisa was still hesitant at this time, John seemed a little urgent. He moved Lisa’s face in front of him and stared at her eyes and asked
Lisa, how did you promise me last night?
Lisa’s eyes are swollen into peaches, and she looks like "John …"
John didn’t say no, so he turned to Surdak and said seriously.
"Knight Surdak, please."
Surdak took the horse and said something like’ John and Lisa spilled dog food all over the floor’ in silence. When John finally made room, he talked to himself and quickly said, "Please rest assured that I will send Lisa safely to Socrates."
Now that you have promised to help Surdak, I think it’s not bad at the last point.
John, like a knight’s squire swearing to a knight, knelt down with his right fist at ease and tilted his head, and said seriously, "Knight Surdak is very grateful for your personal help!"
Surdak pulled John up with one hand, punched him hard on the shoulder and said to John, "What are you welcome at this time to try to find a way to whitewash yourself early …"
Surdak and his two men chose a window seat in a restaurant near the municipal central square and ordered something casually, sitting there quietly waiting for the night to come.
The more I look forward to stopping, the more I feel that this moment will fly away …
In a blink of an eye, the sky is full of hongxia, and the light is getting darker and darker. There are more and more people gathering here in the municipal center square, and soon the whole street is crowded with people.
At this time, if you don’t enter the queue, I’m afraid it’s hard to squeeze in at the back. Surdak’s knighthood makes him qualified to row behind the nobility and walk into the delivery door through the aristocratic passage, so the three left the restaurant
Because of John’s desertion, he couldn’t send Lisa to the central square of the city, but he could watch two people walking slowly into the central square of the city from a distance.
Lisa walked behind Surdak knight one step at a time, and her eyes were full of nostalgia.
At the door of John’s restaurant, he was worried that Lisa’s behavior would attract too much attention, so he got into the crowd and disappeared from Lisa’s eyes.
At this moment, Lisa’s tears are like a broken thread bead falling from her cheek …
Municipal central square
Surdak led the horse and followed by a pregnant woman with a headscarf. It took a lot of effort to squeeze a way out of the crowd. Finally, it was stipulated that the aristocratic team was at the back. This is the end of the special passage in the municipal center square. There are also many nobles in China waiting patiently for knights and knights’ retinues.
Lisa probably didn’t want people to see her crying red eyes, so she covered her head with a veil and wordlessly followed Surdak.
However, with her special body shape, it is not difficult to see her pregnant status, so she will be polite everywhere she goes.
After the guards at the back of the special passage, such as two people, reviewed the certificate sent by Surdak and his knight status, there were other knights leaned in, and some knights around him looked at Surdak with envy, and stared at the Lisa behind him. It is also a kind of man who knows the eyes when he looks at Surdak unabashedly.
Since it’s waiting for chatting, there are always some people who want to chat to pass the time.
"Hey, knight, which battlefield did you come back from? Are you going home?" A middle-aged knight with a beard almost graying asked Surdak.
"I’m from Handaner County," said Suldakson, pulling himself up straight from Gubo out of respect for the elderly.
Then he said modestly, "Actually, I’m a reserve knight. I just finished my military service and got the approval of the military department. I’m going back to my hometown to finish my studies at Knight College."
The middle-aged knight is willing to talk to Surdak more about his modesty. "Are you going to the Knights College for further study? Isn’t that just going through the motions? Very easy. "

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