Wang Yue didn’t explain and laughed. "Chan, let me tell you a story about Tianlong Department …"
While telling the story, Wang Yue condensed his mind into several independent wills and flew to the depths of chaos.
These independent wills will cross into the original world and become "Wang Yue" to accompany those women.
Wang Yue, who closed his eyes in the tournament arena in the north of Chongqing, seemed to have had a dream in which he had experienced too much.
Opposite Wu Cheng sneered, "Wang Yue, since life and death have been signed, let’s do it."
Wang Yue smiled indifferently and said, "Master Wu, please!"
I felt Wang Yue’s contempt for Wu Cheng’s sneer. "Wang Yue, you want to die!"
Wu Cheng called Wang Yue with a hammer from Tai Ji Chuan.
Dark and explosive, full of punch.
Wang Yue secretly shook his head, so much for dark fighters.
Wang Yue put his hand behind his back. "Wu Cheng, your fist is a mess!"
Wang Yue easily evaded Wu Cheng’s attack and slapped Wu Cheng’s chest.
Wu Cheng face upheaval "strength! How is it possible for you to fight hard? "
Don’t say Hua Jin, even Wang Yuexian, a family boxing Dan Jin, can play it.
Although Wang Yue’s strength is weak, his martial arts realm is too high. One point can hit ten times, one hundred times and even one thousand times.
Wu Cheng’s opponent Wang Yue really didn’t look down.
Wang Yue said, "Can you understand the mystery of family boxing? Don’t let people be knives again. "
Wu Cheng’s generation of dark fighters fell to the ground and died in the ring
Kun Li was shocked. How is it possible that Wu Cheng lost to Wang Yue?
Wang Yue walked into the ring and showed a grandmaster style. "I will never sell Kun Li Martial Arts School."
Kun Li was livid and said, "Wang Yuexian is no longer a kung fu day. If you kill Wu Chengwu’s family, you will not let go of the benefits and wealth of today’s society. You can’t compete with me with a Wu Fugen."
Wang Yue smiled contemptuously and said, "Maybe you have any means to Kun Li, so I, Wang Yue, will wait for you."
Wang Yue walked out of the tournament with a smile and left a face of frustrated Kun Li …
Wang Yue is full of confidence in the future of Jiaquan, and he knows that he will embark on a new journey.
Qi governs the Millennium.
The wind conquers the autumn.
brief introduction
Soldiers of the special forces accidentally discovered an ancient tomb in the Southern and Northern Dynasties during a field expedition. The sacred beast, Sanyin Bishui, did not bite the wind. When he hit the sarcophagus in the wind, he suddenly found the remains of the Taoist priest in the coffin. Many clues indicate that the Taoist priest in the Southern and Northern Dynasties was mysterious and inextricably linked to the wind.
Chapter 1 Special Training Brigade
My name is Yu Chengfeng, who served in the special training brigade of the XX Military Region, commonly known as the special forces!
The training period of recruits of special forces in different ordinary forces is one year, and they need to master firearms manufacturing; Fighting skills; Reconnaissance skills; Hard qigong; Driving skills; Wait for a list of military skills
Each recruit has a score of more than 100 instructors, who can give some extra points or points according to the specific performance of the recruits. If the scores are deducted, they will be automatically eliminated and transferred to ordinary companies.
The training is extremely cruel. Due to certain provisions of the confidentiality principle, I can’t fully describe it to you. Now the training process on a certain day is listed to give you a glimpse.

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