"Lao Liu, I also listened to others and said that I am also a victim!"
Wong Tai Sin winked at his hand, and before the two big men swooped, they twisted Lao Liu to two dog and asked him to kneel in front of two dog. Wong Tai Sin shouted, "Is the dog dumb?"
"Big boss, I was wrong. I overheard rumors from others. You are not a thief. I am the thief. It is me. I have eyes that offend big boss Tianwei. I am guilty. I deserve to die!" This man kowtowed like garlic and cried tears of regret and killed him. He didn’t dare to listen to others’ gossiping. Think about it, too. Just because someone else opened his mouth, he became an accomplice of rumors.
"Of course you’re guilty. Dare to slander my boss? Are you tired of living with old things?" Wong Tai Sin kicked Lao Liu before he left.
See come in two beautiful women hang two cards, Guo Qing and Liu Bo Liu picked up the cards and saw them written in striking Chinese characters-I am a thief.
Suddenly he looked puzzled and said, "What does the boss want?"
"Liu, we have sinned against the big boss, the big boss’s adult. Let’s just swim for a day! Thank you, big boss! "
Hearing that Liu was busy, he bowed and said, "Thank you, Big Boss!"
In this way, Guo Qing and Lao Liu took a big fairy car in two dog, human tricycles, and started to travel and street from Qingyang Avenue.
Because it is human tricycles’s slow speed to swim the streets, it is convenient for the masses to watch.
As expected, the tricycle just arrived in the street and someone shouted excitedly, "Caught the thief! Look at the thief!" Shout a nearby people gathered to Guo Qing and Liu two people pointing fingers.
"Damn thief, you must have stolen my Apple mobile phone!"
"Shame on you for being such an adult and stealing! You? Why don’t you die? Smelly thief is going to die! "
"It’s shameless to beat a thief and tear this woman’s watch!" Several women rushed to the front three times and two times to lay down Guo Qing’s clothes, which scared Guo Qing to cry. She didn’t know what it was like to be wronged. Now her name is also broken, and people point fingers everywhere she goes, but she didn’t complain. She knew that this was her wronged big boss.
It didn’t take long for the surrounding people to revile the middle reaches and street teams to come to the first bus driver Lao Liu’s community.
"Catch the thief! Come and see the thief!"
When this statement came out, the residents of the community called friends and friends to send out to surround Guo Qing and Lao Wei with three floors inside and three floors outside.
"Isn’t this Liu? It turns out that he is a thief because of his fashion. I will go! " It was two dog’s idea to drag them to the neighborhood and let them taste what it was like to have a bad name.
"Old Liu Wang’s egg is shameless, so you are a thief!"
"Beat him the king’s egg and pretend to be a good person with me? It turned out that he was guilty of stealing! Beat him and kill the thief! "
As soon as this was said, the angry crowd showered ji eggs and vegetables on Liu and Guo Qing.
After a while, these two people are so embarrassed that they don’t want it.
Familiar with neighbors, turn their faces and swear at him. Bus driver Lao Liu really regrets it. Now he knows how terrible it is to ruin a person’s name!
After the exhibition of Lao Liu’s residential area was completed, two dog-life tricycle riders rode to Guo Qing’s high-end residential area.
Owners of high-end residential areas are richer, and there are many valuable things in their homes. Many owners in local residential areas have had a painful experience of being robbed of their homes. When they heard that Guo Qing was a thief, the owners became even more furious. If Wong Tai Sin people hadn’t stopped Guo Qing, they would have been killed by irrational owners.
Two dog saw that the exhibition was unexpectedly effective, and Guo Qing and Lao Liu’s face got what they deserved. Only then did he order, "Come on, let people go!"
"It’s the boss!"
On hearing the boss’s order, Guo Qing and Liu were released, and if they were granted amnesty, they tore off their cards and fled.
After Liu’s bad name, just people kept coming to his house to spit and swear. The Liu family was so stressed that they resigned and moved to other places.
Besides, Guo Qing, a woman with a thick face and a black heart, was swearing at her. She turned a deaf ear to it. After she was released by Pi two dog, she didn’t go anywhere and followed Pi two dog quietly.
Tian Huilixiang saw that she followed Hanlinju and woke up to two dog. "What happened to the boss? Is she following us?"
"Pear fragrance, ask!"
After a while, Li Xiang rushed back and said, "Boss Guo Qing asked when you want those two planes?"
"Well, I really forgot you let her in!"
Call Guo Qing to the living room and sit as a life assistant. Chun Chai Li Feng Xiang Ming brings out rich fruits.
"Big boss, your villa is so big! Wow, is this sea yellow furniture millions? What a big boss! " Guo Qing was tidied up by Pi two dog, and there was still a strong woman down a peg or two.
"Guo Qing, you two planes won’t be so white or the former plan. Do you have any opinions if I give you nine percent?" Looked at Guo Qingdao two dog domineering.
"Big boss nine percent too much I dare not to really! I am satisfied with five percent! "
"You want five percent truth? This is to sign an agreement, don’t regret it! " Two dog said she meowed, every cloud has a silver lining. I haven’t had a chance to brighten my muscles until she spread rumors about me.
Chapter 72 Line Price Reduction
"I will be satisfied if the big boss can give me 5% after he is the real me!" Guo Qing will also look at the expression of eyes. She saw that nine planets City super boss Wong Tai Sin and the East China Sea vigorously Wang have become his younger brother, which dare to have any temper.
"Well, then you can prepare a dividend agreement with five percent flying swallows!" Two dog turned to assistant Qian Feiyan ordered.
"Good boss, wait a minute!"
After a while, Qian Feiyan printed a duplicate agreement and came to two dog to fill in a few pens. After the two sides confirmed that there was no problem, they signed it and signed it.
In this way, Guo Qing’s two cargo planes merged into nine planets Airlines, and Guo Qing received a dividend of 5%
Seeing Guo Qingye off, Yuan Xiang called to report the good news. "Boss, please give instructions when five cargo planes arrive at nine planets Airport from Royal Air!"
"Good things, good things, this is endless. Ye Shuxian focuses on grabbing one million kilograms of Thousand Eagle Wang Wu and one million kilograms of Imperial City Liuhua Palace in Yangcheng, Shenzhen and Xianshi. These are all reliable after their own channels!"
Put away the words. When two dog looked at it, it was ten o’clock in the afternoon. It was sunny outside today!
He is thinking about Lu Xiaobing’s billion-dollar loan and is considering whether to pay back the money first. His royal chef, Long Lingcai, came to the room and said, "Brother Dog, I always feel that I still have a strange smell. Do you smell it?"
Qianlongling cuisine was treated by two dog for its natural body odor. After a period of careful treatment, her strange smell was not smelled. When two dog came back from a business trip, he was busy, so he forgot Longling cuisine to one side.
Listening to her say this, two dog put the dog’s nose to her body and sniffed at several places. "Lingcai, I have recovered from my illness, and there is no strange smell, not only no body odor!"
"The elder brother of the dog how do I think there is? Yesterday, when I went out, several people gave me a look. Did they dislike me? " Longlingcai a face of koo way
"Spirit food I can cheat you? Do you think there is a psychological hint from you? You hint that you can’t do this every day. You have to hint that you don’t! "
"There’s something wrong with me, dog. What shall I do?" Dragon food was so sad that it burst into tears.
"I won’t be mentally ill either. Why don’t you go to the hospital to see a doctor?"
"The elder brother of the dog I dare not go alone? I don’t even dare to go shopping. When others look at me, I suspect that I smell bad! "
"My name is Li Xiang to accompany you to the medical treatment and I will reimburse you!" Two dog told Li Xiang to tell her, "Li Xiang Ling Cai is going to the hospital to see a doctor. Send her to bring her bank card!"
"Good boss!" Tian Huili Xiang took Longling to see a doctor.
At this moment, two dog’s words kept ringing, and it took him another half an hour. He was just about to go back to his bedroom to catch up, when Qian Feiyan came in and reported, "The boss’s group company manager Bao, the strategist Fang Cuinong, the general manager of Xianda Hotel Weng Chuncao, the general manager of Danai Hotel Mei Zuling and the general manager of the supermarket Mei Ying all came over and said they had something important to discuss!"
It’s the first time for a big girl to have a sedan chair.
Two dog, what’s the matter? You can see Bao Mei-er, Fang Cuinong, Weng Chuncao and Mei Ying sitting in the living room drinking tea and greeting the boss all together.
"Ladies, what happened?" This guy is a face of Meng than way
"two dog, we are going to die today!" Fang Cuinong, the strategist, was the first to speak.
"Fang Jie, how can she be so serious and die?"
"Boss, have you ever thought about it? Is the price of vegetables going against the sky too high? Before, you went against the sky and didn’t have the ability to produce food. Now you can produce 10 million kilograms a day. If you still keep the unit price of 30 yuan unchanged, it will be difficult to open the market again. After all, the rich and the middle class are a minority, and most people can still consume five or six yuan a catty of ordinary vegetables! " Bao Meier is the vice president in charge of developing channels, and she has personal experience in price. Many times, a channel is not discussed but the card price.
"I went out to find more than half of the channels. When I heard that the unit price of most of your vegetables was 30 yuan, many bosses were scared away!"
"Good Weng Chuncao, if you have something to say!"
"The boss fairy hotel business has been good, but I’ve heard many customers complain that fate food is delicious but it’s too expensive. I hope the boss sells it cheaper! Small profits but quick turnover! "

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