It is the cold feather who has rarely seen a white waist and jewels, and she can find it at a glance when she walks alone in the crowd with her eyes closed.
However, the cold feather doesn’t seem to recognize the face, and the two people wearing masks don’t have much expression on their faces, so they walk slowly and walk past them.
"Let’s go" DuGuYing light mouth.
Zi Xuan can’t help but look back and see the cold feather in the crowd. It’s rare to smile back at her. It’s still so beautiful when he smiles.
There was an inexplicable feeling in my heart. The man she had loved by mistake for many years was really kind and kind.
Duguying still didn’t look back. She took out a red jade hairpin and put her hand over Zi Xuan’s face. Some of it tasted "he returned this."
"This is …" Zi Xuan’s heart was slightly surprised. This is exactly what she gave to the good and soft red Hosta. I didn’t expect it to fall into his hand.
"Mu Zixuan, have you forgotten?" Lonely shadow makes you unhappy.
Zi Xuan huanguo to god eyebrow to see his way "wear you just forget! Who said that he would personally pick a piece of red jade to carve? "
Duguying inserted the red jade hairpin for her and said with a smile, "What’s the hurry? I won’t forget it."
"I’m not in a hurry!" Zi Xuan stared his one eye
"Ha-ha, let’s go." Dugu Yingle casually looked at the crowd and took her to continue.
Walking all the way to rest, I finally hired a carriage
By the time I got to the mansion, Zi Xuan had already slept, and seemed to be more sleepy than before.
Don’t wait for the driver to set up the ladder, but the lonely shadow will pick her up.
The coachman turned around with a suspicious face and took the silver. He didn’t dare to stay any longer. Both of them wore masks and the man turned white. It was very strange.
Zi Xuan has already hurried to the door to take off his mask and knock heavily. Xiaozha must have been waiting for her for a long time.
In a short time, someone came to the door to see Zi Xuan, but when he saw the lonely shadow, he suddenly looked frightened. The man’s face had a cold scar, white hair and a cold domineering face. It wouldn’t be Xu!
"Where’s Xiaozha?" Zi Xuan strode in regardless of the solitary shadow behind him.
"Go back to Princess Xiaozha and cook food taken late at night for everyone in the fire room." The slave answered truthfully that he dared not look at the lonely shadow again.
Duguying frowned and glanced at him, then quickly took Zi Xuan’s hand and said, "Slow down, don’t be so careless. How can you pretend to be dignified?"
Zi Xuan glared at him, but slowed down. The two men held hands and walked all the way to the fire room. However, everyone they met was suspicious and afraid.
Is this really the princess’s obsession with Master Xu?
I don’t know what sex is. It seems very difficult to serve.
The door of the fire room is open, and the mouth-watering aroma keeps coming out. Although Zaza has amnesia, this cooking skill has not been lost.
"What does Xiaozha make delicious? Do I have a share?" Zi Xuan said with a smile.
Xiao Za was stunned and then turned around. Suddenly, he was overjoyed. His small eyes with single eyelids narrowed and smiled. He quickly let go of the dish and walked over cheerfully. "Master Xuan, you finally came back. I wanted to find you!"
"Hey, hey, what’s delicious? I’m hungry!" Zi Xuan line of sight toward the table search.
"I cook soup for you every day, so I don’t know when you will come back. I didn’t dare to send it to your house." Xiao Za said, leaving by a small stove. I really cook soup every night, waiting for the Lord to come back. It seems like this before. It’s a habit.
Zi Xuan one leng immediately smiled and sat down to send the house. The habit should be to make soup for green slaves.
A cup of hot soup was quickly brought to Xiaozha, and it was very skillful to fill a small bowl with the most essence and send it to Zi Xuan for a cheerful way, "Drink it quickly."
And Duguying was so forgotten outside the door, frowning and looking at it unscathed. Xiaozha’s heart is mixed with mixed feelings. There is still no news of Qingnu today, even if there is, what can it be?
"Aren’t you coming in?" Zi Xuan looked back and asked.
Zagreb discovered that Duguying was frowning and looked at him with a suspicious face. Is this white-haired guy a husband? !
"He is Duguying’s father-in-law," Zi Xuan said with a smile, gently scooping up the soup and drinking it.
"Little Zagreb has seen Master Xu." Little Zagreb made a ceremony, and his little eyes still looked at Duguying impudently.
DuGuYing by he looked at next to Zi Xuan sat down.
"Xu, your hair and face are hurt …" Zagreb asked.
"From the princess" Duguying said with a smile that this little memory has not changed so much.
Zagreb looked at Zi Xuan with a puzzled face.
"He asked for it," Zi Xuan retorted, and after drinking the last soup, tut tut praised, "Or are you good at cooking like someone?"
"After the princess likes it, she will endure it every day." Xiao Zagreb smiled and hesitated for a moment. "If the princess empress saw Xu, would she …"
"such as?" Duguying spoke first.
Small Zagreb a face of reckon with "Xu young white head is bad …"
Zi Xuan couldn’t help laughing. "Look, you’re nervous. I don’t dislike you. What are you afraid of!"
DuGuYing skimmed the pie mouth face uncomfortable.
When Xiao Za saw Zi Xuan laughing like this, he couldn’t help laughing. There was always a familiar feeling, but I couldn’t say for sure. Sometimes I wondered, but sometimes I didn’t think much. Anyway, I just waited on this Lord all the time, and it was normal to feel familiar.
At this moment, when Shen Bing came in, he was about to say goodbye to Duguying, but he couldn’t say a word.
This is Master Xu, right?
Even the emperor has been deceived for more than ten years, so he has become a clock away from the Lord.
"Princess Xu" respectfully before slowing down.
"What are you welcome for?" Zi Xuan frowned and said.
"Princess, it’s not good for you to leave without saying a word," said Shen Bing.
"Not come back well? Just don’t tell my father, "Zi Xuan replied.
"The princess has gone," Shen Bing said truthfully.
Duguying frowned, but Zi Xuan was used to thinking for a moment and pointed to Duguying. "Then tell my father that he sent me!"
It’s a little scary to stare at her alone
I’ve been looking forward to seeing Xuan Huang at an early date, but now I’m afraid.
It’s almost the end of the story for readers. Is there anyone who is as reluctant as me? Who do you want to see? The cat is going to leave a message later today. There will always be a chance to meet Xiaozha with a younger slave, right? Don’t be sad
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Night depth
Zhong Li gong zhong
Mu Xuan in the imperial room is still immersed in the memorial to clean up the rotten stalls after the war, which is really not easy. This is also his first time in power without assistance.
The handmaid carefully brought the tea without saying anything, gently put it aside and leaned away.
The huge imperial room is still hanging around without leaving anyone to serve.
After a long time, I took a sip of tea and frowned quietly. "Where’s that smelly girl?"
Words fall in shadow, and suddenly illusion is now the shadow of the person in charge of the shadow cabinet.

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