"What are you doing?"
"Oh, you tell me first."
"I don’t know if I can talk to you. Uncle Zhang is a health worker. I have heard him mention this person several times. What are you doing?"
"I want to interview a Li Zhu. He refused just now."
"Just you? Still want to interview others? You are too highly of yourself, don’t say whether he is an army or not, even if it is a place. Your editor-in-chief used to have to come to your class in accordance with formal procedures for a few years. "Chen Fu didn’t mention it at all.
He is also a member of the system, and he knows all about the side doors and doorways here. If you add people or army people, you don’t even have a door to interview. This is not a problem that can be solved by finding an acquaintance to talk.
"Do you want to interview him? During this period, several newspapers in the south published in the debate between Chinese and Western medicine?"
Chen Yuan was beaten by her father and nodded listlessly. "Yes!"
"Don’t waste your time. People like them don’t talk casually. Several newspapers in the south published those remarks. You see, some of them are real experts. Let’s go upstairs to the ward and see how their surgical plan has done to my little granddaughter. It’s really a pain."
"That’s your granddaughter, not your granddaughter." Chen’s mother didn’t resist putting her wife on the line.
"Ah, the child is so seriously ill that several people from Dong Gu came to see the child Yuanyuan. I told you that this time the child will be cured, so you can change the child’s surname for me. They don’t want us to be the Chen family."
"Dad Dong Cheng’s parents are in poor health."
"Cut yourself. I don’t think Dong Cheng is going to come back."
"No, Dad wrote to me last month and will definitely come back after graduation."
"Come on, your dad, how many years have I lived? I have seen more than you. At the beginning, I didn’t agree that you two wouldn’t listen to me together. You were pregnant, and he insisted on going out one year later and dying."
"Dad missed the public quota, but there is no more."
Chen Fu looked back at his daughter and shook his head. "Well, I don’t care about the ups and downs of life. Taste it yourself. Anyway, you won’t listen to anything I say now. Only when your head hits the south wall can you realize the sinister heart."
Chen mother looked at her daughter and sighed and followed her wife to the floor.
Li Chu drove out of the women and children’s hospital and went straight home. The reporter just said that he wanted to interview him, and he had long forgotten it.
It’s a nice day today. Li Qin pulled out the blanket from her brother’s house and spread it in the yard, so that little stinky treasure could sit and play. She sat with Li Qiaoyun and chatted.
After this period of conditioning Li Qiaoyun’s complexion is already visible to the naked eye.
By the time Li Chu got home, the little stinky treasure was already lying on a blanket with a ring on her stomach, sleeping soundly, and she was very intimate and covered her furry big tail with her little master.
Several of his dogs were all around him, sleeping while basking in the sun. When they saw their owners coming in, they just raised their eyelids and looked at them and went back to sleep.
Chapter one hundred and ten Arrival
"Is Xiao Chu’s memorial service finished?"
"Well, it’s already finished. I just went to a consultation."
Li Chu sat down on the blanket and drove away two dogs, dragging little stinky treasure’s legs and doing all kinds of movements.
It’s a big move. Li Qin and Li Qiaoyun are sobbing out of their eyes. It’s strange that the child is still asleep and there is no sign of waking up
I’m a little reluctant to give the little stinky treasure a pillow ring. I raised my head and snorted at Li Chu. As a result, when I was stared by others, it went to lie down again.
"Chu, I heard Huihui say yesterday that her classmate’s father came from Chang ‘an to see you?"
"Oh, that’s Lupin, her father, and their hospital there checked that they had lung cancer and wanted to come and let me see if there was any treatment. It should be here today."
On the other side, Li Wenhui drove Luping to take her parents from the west to the medical school hostel.
Then she left the lab, where she still had a lot of work to do, and it was not easy to come out and help pick up people when she could spare time.
"Pingping told your classmate not to let others treat you later. People borrowed the car to pick us up again today. It’s so embarrassing to let others treat you later," said Luping’s mother in the room.
"Mom, it’s okay. We’re fine."
"No matter how good it is, you can’t let people treat you."
"Oh, mom, don’t worry about it. I’ll invite them to stutter for a meal another day."
After that, Hou Pingping turned to her father and asked, "Dad, how do you feel?"
"That’s it. You have to toss us all the way over here. I’ve asked about this root cause over there, and there’s no cure."
"How do you know if you don’t try? Teacher Li has cured many cancer patients, and even foreigners have come to him specially. Maybe we can’t cure the disease there."
"Alas …" Dad sighed and said nothing.

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