All the bodhisattvas and arhats in the four directions showed a blank look, but they saw Sakyamuni salute the burning lamp slightly.
All bodhisattvas and arhats frowned at the burning Buddha and said, "I have seen the burning Buddha!"
"I have seen you!" The burning Buddha nodded his head.
Shifujia Avenue suddenly shivered and lit a lamp. Many bodhisattvas and arhats, the ancestors of the Buddha, all rushed to the avenue with their will.
The will of Jiang Buddhism and Buddhism pushes the will to destroy Jiang Tianzun.
No one can endure anyone.
"King Kong into the Tao! Recite the Diamond Sutra! " Burning Buddha Zukou way
"If I smell a Buddha’s sravasti tree and give it to the Lonely Garden …!" A group of Buddhists, Bodhisattvas, Lohan Buddhas all drank too much.
High-pitched voices suddenly merged with 50 million believers.
Suddenly, the sound is connected into a piece of 50 million believers’ will, which seems to be drawn over. Suddenly, the will of Buddhism becomes more earth-bound.
Immediately, the blood fog on Buddhism Avenue was quickly cleaned up and left, as if the will to destroy the Buddha ginger was pushed to the Buddha ginger in a short time.
Pu avenue in the original all the strong force blood suddenly filled again.
"It’s not good to stop it!" Bian Que face a lane change.
"Heart sutra into the tao! Recite the heart sutra! " Jiang Tai drinks a lot.
"Since the Bodhisattva line has been deep in Prajna paramita for a long time …!" A group of ginger Buddhists and bodhisattvas, Lohan, all drank loudly.
High-pitched voices suddenly merged with 20 million believers.
Guide the believers’ will to go straight to Pu Avenue, and the original precarious situation can finally be stabilized. Although it is still at a disadvantage, it will not be destroyed immediately by Jiang Tianzun’s will.
Jiang Tai’s body trembled slightly, and a little bit of blood red has infected Jiang Tai’s body.
Jiang Tai recited the Heart Sutra and stared at the opposite burning Buddha’s eyes, flashing through thick and fierce resistance.
In the distance, the burning Buddha was in a good mood at the moment, and Jiang Tai actually gave me a smile.
However, seeing Jiang Tai’s vicious burning Buddha’s face sank slightly because he could see that Jiang Tai’s blood red was decreasing bit by bit.
Jiang Tai blocked it?
No, never let him turn over.
Hands folded burning lamp eyes to Jiang Tai eyes.
"Jiang Tai you haven’t achieved the Buddha? I will show you the Buddha this time! There is a gap between Buddha and Bodhisattva! " Burning Buddha Zukou way
An idea came straight at Jiang Tai from the burning lamp eyes.
Is this to interfere with Jiang Tai?
"Hum!" Jiang tai a cold hum
Jiang Tai eyes also spit out an idea right against the face.
Two ideas are getting closer and closer and crashing into each other.

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