"I don’t know"
"Do you want to go back?"
The man in black nodded, "I have a family, I have a newly married wife, I have a newborn child, I want him to fight the monarch, I want to protect the people, I can’t stay in your world, and every moment here is hell for me."
"Can you tell me your name?"
The men in black were silent for a while, saying, "Wei Feng is in charge of the Imperial Guard Knife Camp in Wang Wei in the Northern Heaven."
"Really? The man who can destroy our world is just a military commander in the divine world …" Zhu Youneng smiled a little bleak. "We are really just frogs at the bottom of the well!" The words fell and the wind blew over him, and the dust disappeared into the wind.
This day Tokyo was destroyed.
Zhao Xueping died on this day.
Liu Yiyun died on this day.
Zhu You can die on this day.
This day will be engraved in human history forever.
Four hours later, when the cold face of the man in black appeared in the human camera again, everyone was desperate. Even a nuclear bomb could not kill people, and human beings could still fight like this.
"All powerful people in this world, I will give you your world in ten days. Ten days later, you will die in this place. If you refuse, I will go all over your world and kill all of you." The black man finally made his own declaration in front of the camera.
The fifth volume Monty Chapter 6 An ultimatum (in)
The outside world is full of people’s fears, and the end of the world is clamoring. Once again, the nightmares of adults have come to panic, and they have passed the social and moral constraints. In many cities, killing, arson and robbery have become the only scenic spots in the city.
The school has been on holiday for three days, and the fact that 19 students died has made it impossible for the school to maintain education.
Honglan refused to send bodyguards to her, suggesting that she accompany her sister to buy food every day to protect her sister, and then sneak out alone after her sister fell asleep at night.
Honglan ate eleven people in the past three days.
She lurks in the dark and blends in with the darkness, quietly observing and looking for the target.
Honglan’s goal is to take the opportunity to commit evil at this chaotic time. If people can’t control their appetite, they should at least eat and kill.
Robbery and theft criminals, she doesn’t move. Her target is those scum who kill after robbery.
And these days, this kind of scum is everywhere in this city with good public security.
The wind blew through four young people dressed in gaudy clothes and stopped a woman from grabbing her handbag, but she didn’t stop, laughing and beating her while cutting her clothes.
This kind of scum is the goal of Honglan. Before Xiao Huo comes back, he will eat more. When Xiao Huo comes back, he will not dare to do so. Moreover, after eating this kind of person, Honglan clearly feels that Kirin will grow.
Xiao Huo once said that in the past, Kirin was regarded as the guardian of the law, and any evil person who met Kirin was bound to be killed by Kirin. Kirin ate the soul of the evil person, while the dark beast on the other side of the red and blue body swallowed people’s flesh and blood and grew up. The recent public security chaos in this city made the evil people rampant, but it gave Honglan a high growth opportunity.
Out of the darkness, the first man’s head cracked like a blooming flower, swallowed half his body, punched the woman in the ear root at the same time, made the woman unconscious, and then ate the meaning of the frightened three people from head to toe.
Even eating four people in the red and blue belly finally eliminated her hunger, but her heart moved at this time when she was ready to go home.
Jumping and running in the building like an ape with wings, hiding in the dark all the time, even if someone sweeps it, she won’t be seen.
Red and blue feel as dark as themselves, and that darkness is virtual. It seems that in different dimensions, if non-red and blue are consistent with the source of this breath, red and blue can also feel this breath.
I came to a dark alley where the breath was scattered, and the scene before me was like hell.
Red and blue eat people and see much more bloody things, but the sight still makes her feel sick and cold, and she rolls on her knees and vomits.
There is a huge baby in the alley. The baby is about the size of a truck, covered in blood, and Linlin has a faint stench. Its umbilical cord stretches out for tens of meters and hangs on the wall. Twenty or thirty people are rotting, usually people. Those people have been corroded and exposed their dense skeletons, but they are still alive and groaning.
And behind this ghostly baby is a woman whose body is intact but full of life.
Red and blue vomited up. At this time, the baby rolled over and stared at red and blue with a pair of red pupils.

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