He suspended the purple fire refining and wanted to read some memories of this man’s soul. Unfortunately, the memory has been refined and broken. He knows what he used to be, and then he was called the Four Kings. Later, he was caught and imprisoned by someone, and he never knew it again.
Li Wei picked up the virtual shadow and held the bloody spear in his hand. From the memory just now, Li Wei now turned out to be a soul force condensed into a spear!
Although Li Wei can also condense the soul force into small balls of light, he also knows that it is two concepts with this spear, because this spear really hurt him just now! Li Wei’s spirit condenses into a ball of light, which will soon dissipate after losing Li Wei’s control.
Move the virtual image of this soul to the purple sea and separate a raging purple fire to refine it. It puts the bloody spear at that point. The most dazzling purple fire slowly bakes Levi. I haven’t thought of what to do with this spear for a while. It’s so pure and concise that the soul is refined. Of course, it’s good, but it always seems a pity.
After all, this is not a big sword condensed by Dan Li, but the essence of the soul force!
Li Wei sat cross-legged in his soul, Zihai Fang, and watched the virtual shadow of the soul being refined a little bit, thinking that if the Ministry refined Zihai, it could be expanded three times less!
He stretched out his hand and gently touched a pale blue halo, which was the source of Ouyang Tiange’s soul, and a burst of warmth surged into his heart, thinking that Ouyang Tiange’s mouth could not help but smile.
Looking at Li Wei’s face and smiling outside the pit that almost buried Li Wei, Qin Ye and Qin Yu will feel weird.
They just got up from the ground, and their hands and knees were still stained with soil.
Just when they saw the virtual shadow enter Levi’s body, they also stayed by Levi’s side, and then they felt the huge fluctuation of soul power, and their soul source was also partly in Levi’s soul. Although Levi’s control did not burn their soul source, it was too close to their soul source after all.
The soul source trembled with fear and made them kneel on the ground involuntarily.
Fortunately, the strong soul fluctuation passed quickly, but Levi didn’t know what but didn’t wake up. The two of them dared not move, and then they saw Levi’s mouth smile.
Blood clan Yuan Shen blood escape is a kind of magic.
Simple blood escape method can escape with the body, of course, it takes a lot of energy. It is said that half of the physical strength will be consumed, and how far you can escape depends on the strength of each person.
The Yuan God’s blood escape can escape the soul, and it is only when the Grand Duke has the strength that it can be put to good use. Not everyone can let his soul escape from the body.
Field’s soul source almost instantly returned to Vandenberg, England. As soon as he got close to the huge statue, he opened his mouth and said, "Blood! I want blood … "
The weak voice made the hearts of the descendants of the Field family sink to the bottom!
The third volume Four Seas Surprised Chapter 13
The third volume Four Seas Surprised Chapter 13
In the secret room of another auxiliary castle when You Ergen ordered all descendants in the castle to prepare blood for the blood pool in front of the statue.
A young man with a handsome face that is almost rare slowly opened his eyes, but there was a little star in his eyes that was particularly bright.
The black length was dragged all over the floor because of his sitting, and I couldn’t see how long it was.
He slowly breathed out a sigh of relief and stretched out his slender, almost finger-penetrating thumb and gently pinched it with other fingers, moving quickly and listening to him say, "How fast! It’s been more than 670 years. "
Impressively, it is the arithmetic formula of ancient Chinese pinch arithmetic!
And his long, soft fingers are still wearing a ring with a simple pattern, and there is a faint red in bronze. Li Wei is very similar to them wearing a ring.
He got up in a black robe and fell to pieces. He was not very tall, but he was handsome and slender. His skin was white and delicate, and he felt like a woman.
He looked at himself and seemed very satisfied. "This body is really good," he said to himself. "Not only has it not been old for more than 600 years, but it seems that its strength is higher. The Eastern Friar’s skill is really wonderful!"
His spirit to find out, but now everyone is in the main castle hall except a few people guarding the castle.
"hmm? Is the ancestor so weak? Hey hey, there are some worries that although the strength is weak, there is no danger. "Seeing him smiling, step by step, he lost his figure.
His figure appeared directly in the hall for a moment.
As soon as he appeared, people swished aside and shouted "Who?" More a few people have been waving fists or claws to attack him.
But none of those bloody-winged people got close to him and fell out one after another. Just listen to him and say, "Don’t start my children."
The Grand Duke of Field, You Ergen, fell to his knees and cried, "Father, you finally woke up! The Field family has been saved!"
Other people in the family react. This is Prince Zamon of the Field family!
But the field family has never had a black head! Despite some doubts, more than 200 people have knelt all over the floor.
I saw several people still pouring blood into the blood pool. Zamon asked, "My children, what are you doing?" You Ergen, what did you mean when you said the Field family was saved? "
"Father …!"
You Ergen took off his black robe embroidered with gold thread and put it on his father. Lord Zamon is still naked until now, but there are many descendants of him here.
You Ergen almost finished the story in tears.
Zamon shouted, "Is it a yogi again? Those guys in the Senate will actually kill my direct descendants by killing them? Those old guys are really reckless! You Ergen, it’s not right for you. Today, you announce a decisive battle with the Eastern fix true man. At the same time, it is announced that our blood clan will no longer hide in the dark in the future. We will build an empire belonging to our blood clan. These countries will either choose to serve me or choose to be destroyed! "
Everyone was shocked. You Ergen shouted, "Father!"
Zamon gave him a look and said, "Don’t worry about my children doing as I say." He glanced at the huge statue and said, "Children won’t sacrifice your precious blood to this old guy."
Talking, he stepped forward and grabbed the silver chain, and lotus flower and silver awn appeared in his hand. He held it in his hand, and the silver chain flashed a harsh silver light. "Bang …" It broke several times!
All people were dumbfounded. The silver light chain is the most horrible thing for the blood clan.
The four kings of the Field family were bound by this chain for thousands of years, and the descendants of the family tried their best to save their ancestors from trouble.
Now these descendants are afraid to touch the silver light chain. Once upon a time, a young descendant accidentally touched the silver light chain when he was cleaning up his ancestors, and was immediately burned out!
And now Lord Zamon has broken this optical chain with his hand!
Isn’t that ancestor free from bondage?
These descendants haven’t recovered from the shock, and their Prince Zamon has done something that completely petrified them.
See Mr. Monk also don’t have a blood wing or a blood clan to transform, so he put out four golden sharp teeth from his mouth, and Ran Ran floated up to the head of the huge statue.
See Zhameng grabbed the ancestor’s head and dragged it back. Everyone heard the crisp click. Zhameng opened his mouth. I don’t know if he did it. The mouth seems to be bigger and bigger in Zhang Yue. The four sharp fangs are getting longer and longer until the mouth is big enough to fit in two heads. He bit the ancestor’s neck in Field!
This is unimaginable in the blood clan system, and You Ergen was shocked. His mouth was mechanically chanting his father! Father!

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