Juventus can win the championship if they draw Cagliari, which is simply too easy for them.
Before the last round of the league, the Italian Football Association took the league championship trophy to Turin, and they also thought that Juventus would definitely win the league championship.
What about Lazio?
Because there was no hope for Thailand, there was no plan, that is to say, the Football Association officials were not allowed to take a trophy to Rome.
What if Lazio really reversed the championship?
no “if”
No one believes that Lazio can still reverse Juventus.
Because this is not Lazio’s business, if the final round is Lazio’s away game against Juventus, maybe 60% people will believe Lazio can win.
But now the most important thing for Lazio to win the championship is to see Cagliari.
If Cagliari can beat Juventus and Lazio, he will win the championship, otherwise it will be useless to say anything.
Cagliari, can you?
Although Cagliari had to beat Juventus to avoid relegation, no one thought highly of them.
Lazio fans bought all the tickets for this game, even though they may have won the league title.
Some tickets are reserved for sale one week before the competition day, mainly scattered tickets.
As a result, all these tickets were sold out in just one day.
Late players either ask scalpers to buy tickets at a high price or go outside Wanda Stadium on the day of the game in the hope that someone can sell their tickets before the game.
But even so, I’m afraid it’s hard to get tickets again.
No matter how high the ticket in the scalper’s hand is, some people will refund it, and it is even more impossible that even if some people go to the scene to watch the game, they will not transfer their tickets.
This is the same as those who rob scalpers at high prices.
This is often Lazio’s last home game, and the ticket body is already a precious thing, which is very rare to commemorate.
No one wants to miss such a game or such a ticket.
At this moment, no one cares about the league title.
Although he often wants to end the embarrassing situation of Lazio winning the championship for two consecutive seasons in the last season, Lazio fans all think that there is no need to win the championship again to prove anything.
His past champions are enough.
They want to enjoy their last time in Lazio.
Say goodbye to an old friend who has been with them for seventeen years at home.
The last game may say goodbye to sadness, which is the main theme of the game.
Various fan associations have also organized their own fans to be unified, and they have made many thank-you slogans, banners and posters.
When it is displayed, Wanda Stadium will be completely turned into a winning special!
At Juventus home, Prandelli and his brothers are murderous to win the league title.
At home in Lazio, it’s a parting look.
Look at these two home atmosphere, and you can guess the result.
Lazio seem to have given up their attempt to win that league title.
So they focused on saying goodbye.
However, this is also so-called for Juventus. They don’t need to look at Lazio’s face, just play their own game.
Chapter one hundred and three Don’t give up until the last second
Although perhaps even Lazio’s own fans don’t think Lazio still has a chance to win the league title.
But Changsheng will always be the last one to give up.
He doesn’t care how the home fans will see him off and what parting they have.
He is still the champion of the league in his head.
For him, there are 90 minutes left in the last game of the season, which is the final battle, even if he loses, he has to fight to the last second.
Before the game, Chang Sheng was still criticizing the Italian Football Association for favoritism.
"… I don’t understand why we don’t even have a trophy here? Is the Italian Football Association implying something? I hope I guess wrong. "
In the press conference before the game, Chang Sheng kept a straight face and left no face for the Italian Football Association.
Chang Sheng’s position in European football, especially in Italy, will bring great pressure to the Italian Football Association.
Moreover, the Italian Football Association really did a very bad job.
Even though Juventus are three points ahead of Lazio, Lazio looks hopeless.
But at least Lazio is still hoping to win the championship in theory.
It’s a bully for the Italian Football Association to treat Lazio so thoroughly.
Perhaps Lotito is leaving because of the winning season, and he has to sell his shares. This club has to be changed from head to toe, so naturally it has no status.
However, it is not normal to show this feeling that the Football Association is understandable and straightforward.
As soon as the criticism of Chang Sheng came out, the Italian Football Association explained that it was their fault, not aimed at Lazio, and did not imply anything.
At the same time, they said that they would send trophies to Wanda Stadium.
Changsheng didn’t respond again
According to the procedure, the real trophy ranks first, and the team prepares the trophy to rank second.
There is nothing wrong with this practice and it does not reflect any discrimination.
If this is the arrangement of a football association, the winner will not even say anything.
He is not as good as blx.
It’s really the Football Association’s naked look down on people, and it doesn’t take his constant victory seriously.
He is so angry.
At least the team can’t lose momentum. If you look down on me, I’ll hit you in the face!
The last home game, Wanda Stadium, was full early and almost full-it was said that some seats were released almost for security reasons.

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