When they can’t find the outer two-layer array, they like to refine the magic to directly break the law from the layer. Recently, when they haven’t refined, they have a layer array. In Hengshan, they have a disciple named Hong Ran Chun Gong Yu Mei, who is very popular with women. The favorite in life is the Kongtong school witch Wen Sanmei, but the two lamas disagree.
Knowing that the array map is in the demon cave where the real person Zhuo Yuanfeng, the real person Huang Meng and the real person Tu Shenwu live in the Dingjia Building in Hengshan Mountain, they also thought about it. Since being taught, they have been cautious and can’t live in seclusion. They know that it is extremely difficult to steal, but they don’t want to be unlucky recently.
Two pretty monks, who have been born for more than ten years, will be doomed, except that the Zen Sutra can’t be resolved, so they don’t hesitate to go to great lengths to learn more about it. They are also afraid that this matter will be publicized, and it will be even more difficult to covet people and things. Finally, they came up with an idea. They inquired that the three murderers were lewd, and they used to like Wen Sanmei, a witch of Kongtong School, but they didn’t get it for many years.
My brother, Hong Ranchun, just happened to be in love with Wen Sanmei, so Ranchun led Wen Sanmei to the abode of fairies and immortals. She took a heavy oath and then promised benefits. Wen Sanmei gladly led her life and left. They wanted to marry Ranchun for many years, but she didn’t get what she wanted because of her insistence. Now she not only promised but also promised that things in the future would be given to Ranchun.
Wen Sanmei is so charming by her evil magic power and body charm that when she arrives at Hengshan Mountain, the three fierce people in Hengyue Mountain are fascinated by eating. I don’t see that she came here to eat first. She used the excuse of new ways to take up the stone room with hidden layers every day and follow the magic weapon borrowed by the dark monk to go underground to steal the map.
But it never came back. The two big lamas have become suspicious. Wen Sanmei said that the three fierce people couldn’t go away, but she didn’t want to swallow the picture herself to get the treasure. I didn’t expect to be finally won by Song Changgeng.
Now she is living a savage life with that red Ranchun in Hengshan Mountain. If two lamas hadn’t laid some spell warnings here and knew that someone had broken the ban, they would have rushed here. I’m afraid Song Changgeng would have left, but I didn’t expect the sky to be broken and the land to be lacking, but they knew that they didn’t have enough strength to avoid this strange and difficult enemy.
And now the other party’s sample is that they have never seen the sky, and the land is lacking. Now the method is very special. People don’t go out, but they attach two yuan gods to their unique five-cloud lock fairy screen. It seems that people are meditating, and now the strong enemy is gone. In fact, it is a coincidence that this cloud screen is in an invincible position.
Five clouds lock the fairy screen. This treasure is made of several people and animals’ spirits and spirits, and it is no different from ordinary side door spells. However, although the sky is disabled and the land is lacking, it is a side door, but the mana is very high, and it is also resentful to know that advancing and retreating is eccentric and arrogant, but it never takes advantage of others, which is true for everyone.
They’re the five clouds locked fairy screen, and the number of people, animals and spirits are violent. In advance, it’s the first door, and the strange disciples came out. Tens of thousands of people, animals and spirits were arrested by his charm, and then they were sent away with the protection of his charm, along with some unseen residual souls and residual gases.
After they have chosen the places to be known in public, they will recognize their years of service as they wish, and then let those who don’t want to go free will still be sent back to these ghosts. Because there is little pain when they are trained, and the more years they have, the more they will be able to exercise when they are full, the lighter they will be, and there may be other benefits. Therefore, there are ten to nine promises.
Because it’s a wish, the evil method is forced to practice differently, and it’s amazing to be able to wield a magic weapon desperately against the enemy! At the same time, they are contaminated with less cause and effect, and usually accumulate more good deeds. They have always been fine because there is no evil trace, the right path is not easy to move him, and they are strong in evil ways and don’t want to provoke them to live so happily.
However, what they did today made the West Kongtong feel terrible. What do they want to say? Song Changgeng laughed. "Why do you two keep saying that you want to take our baby?" After that, I smiled and watched the two lamas persuade them to leave them alone. Everyone got a magic weapon, and their evil spirit was gone by this time, like two nagging old ladies chattering there.
Hearing Song Chang Geng’s words, Ma Tou Ghost King Hujia Zhuotu replied bitterly, "Shut up and don’t kill us. It’s great to tell you that the root of our life is not your resistance. If it weren’t for the day’s disability and the lack of land, we would have already dealt with you. You’d better be honest now and maybe you will benefit."
Listening to his stiff and deformed Chinese words, Song Changgeng can’t help but be funny. He knows that he wants to stop here and make friends with himself. But these two lamas can’t see their own skills. It’s also because they don’t have the ability to judge people when they have something to do. Now they are excited, but they didn’t expect anything to get in and come out intact.
After seeing each other ignoring their own evil in West Kongtong, they know that it’s no good to leave today without using force. Escape is to die in Armageddon, and there may be a chance to get Buddhist ideas. Both of them are extremely miserable and angry, shaking their bodies and being covered with a very thick black smoke.
At the same time, the hemp-headed ghost king Hu Jiazhuo turned out a pair of black giant hands to grasp at the cloud screen, and another golden lion god, Fo Chi Long Er Gua, also directed those immature monsters to attack.
The sky is broken and the land is lacking. The cloud screen stands at the oblique angle of Zhulingjian. It looks hundreds of feet long and only tens of feet high. There is light and shadow flashing and clouds churning in Huang Shi. Since the two lamas want to fight hard, it is natural to rush forward, but this rush has not broken through the cloud screen, but they have not waited for resistance. A piece of Huang Yun diffuses to quickly involve them.
Song Chang Gung couldn’t help sighing at this cloud screen. He saw that the two lamas were almost possessed by two weirdos, namely, the sky and the earth. The sky and the earth were different, and the sky and the earth were still staring at each other. However, the evil in the west Kongtong was full of anger, emitting black smoke and pale demon light around the cloud screen, and its diseases were like flying around.
Anti-glare black smoke and white light suddenly attached a layer of Huang Yun. Gradually, the clouds became thicker and thicker. They suddenly jumped like frozen flies drilling windows. They seemed to want to break free. They were almost tied up by Huang Yun and became a rhubarb group. The pale demon light and black gas were wrapped, but they didn’t see the trace in an instant. How can these two lamas be masters in the early days of Yuan Ying?
However, it is Yuan Ying’s mid-term disability and lack of land that the other party doesn’t want to fight. However, it can be seen that the other party is strong. Song Changgeng can’t help but shake his head when he sees that two people have been trapped. He just wanted to say something. He took it out of his bag and met with a thousand-mile sound mirror. Obviously, someone wants to talk.
Song Chang Gung started the mirror and Guanghua flashed a few times to see Princess Changping’s image emerge. She was anxious and tunnel, "Where are you, master?" Come back quickly. Emei Sect is attacking Xiaoyao Island. The forbidden and defensive array is almost untenable. What should we do? There are a lot of younger brothers there. "
Song Chang-geng was stunned by her words. He didn’t expect Emei Sect to attack his abode of fairies and immortals behind the mansion. They wanted to come. They didn’t know their other abode of fairies and immortals, so they could attack Xiaoyao Island. Although most younger brothers have moved to Ziyun Palace, Xiaoyao Island is a place for junior brothers to train and practice.
Um … I haven’t asked for a ticket for a long time. I’m not in the mood recently. I feel a little messy myself. Please forgive me. I’m trying to correct the end of the month, brothers. Give me a vote. Brothers salute.
The forty-first volume Kongtong Fengyun Chapter four hundred and ten Strategic shift
After thinking about it, Song Changgeng said to Princess Changping in the mirror, "Don’t move. After the defense of Ziyun Palace is finished, be careful and alert me. I’ll go to Xiaoyao Island. Please inform my brothers in Heidaoxia, Yougu and Huamu to be careful and alert to prevent the Emei faction from sneak attack. If nothing happens, that’s it."
After seeing Princess Changping nod, he took a long-distance sound mirror and looked back at his eyes. Several people in the Five Clouds Lock Fairy Screen wanted to think about it. He took out a rubbing seal from the bag of Gan Kun [The Secret of Leading the Sea], which he got from the Black Knife Gorge in Beihai. It is a Taoist tactic to lead a real person to achieve immortality.
For hundreds of years, the disability of heaven and the lack of land have remained in front of Yuan Ying’s mid-term law. Further, it is nonsense that they have no desire for Buddhist scriptures here. Song Chang-geng saw that they didn’t come to attack himself, but he still had a little eye for many friends, many roads, many enemies and many walls. He wanted to help each other make a good marriage.
Give Song Chang-geng a lecture on the secrets of holding the sea in his hand, and lock the fairy screen with five clouds, saying, "The two acquaintances are predestined friends. I got the extension here from a soaring immortal abode of fairies and immortals, so I’ll give it to you. If anyone can move around more in the future, I have something to do today."
Say that finish, throw one into the Five Clouds Lock Fairy Screen, and no matter what the other party’s reaction is, the innate sword will be released, and the sword will be integrated into a purple and gold brilliance. This Five Clouds Lock Fairy Screen is a magic weapon for the disabled and the lack of land. They are like a duck to water in the Five Clouds Lock Fairy Screen, and the Five Clouds Lock Fairy Screen is tantamount to their bodies.
When the Tao came in, they immediately caught it. After reading it again, they knew that this [secret of leading the sea] was an authentic Taoist method. After practicing, they could break through the current bottleneck and look at each other. They didn’t know what the other meant. Is it simply making friends?
Song Chang Gung made the Yang brand of Yin and Yang concentric brand directly return to Xiaoyao Island in the South China Sea after the Imperial Sword flew out of the West Kongtong. As soon as it appeared in his room, he felt the shock in the air and walked out of the house. A light blue mask covered the whole Xiaoyao Island mask, and all kinds of flames flashed. If it was not attacked, it would be some good fireworks.
On that day, Miaoyi decided to attack Youmen, not only because of his eldest brother’s revenge, but also because of Song Chang-geng’s growing strength, but also because he was different from other immortals. He always liked to take care of things and Emei was against him, which made him very angry. Now, with the help of two generations of brothers, he can’t clean him up.
What about the fairy? These two instrument dust arrays and several treasures of Emei School, Tai Qing Ling Xuan Bao, are all from heaven. They were brought to people by the robbed immortals in those days, especially after the two instrument dust arrays were finished against the immortals, but they wouldn’t do so if Song Changgeng didn’t really annoy them.
When Miao Yi came to Ziyun Palace, the other side had closed the passage and his disciples were too weak to go to the bottom of the sea. Fortunately, his second brother Ruan Zheng knew Yongwang Zhu Ci and knew that there was a free and unfettered island in the South China Sea where he specially accepted the new qualified brother sent from the knowledge institute to train Ruan Zheng. He once went to find out the location there.
And told Miao Yi the location of the real person. Now it’s just that when they get to the nearby baili Fiona Fang, they are warned by their younger brother. Now they immediately start the defense law and notify Ziyun Palace through the Trinidad sound mirror.
In Xiaoyao Island in the South China Sea, there are still some younger brothers who teach junior students to defend against foreign attacks. The rest of them have enough skills for a long time, or have a skilled brother who has moved to Ziyun Palace to settle down there. There are more than 400 ordinary brothers who have refined gas and more than 1,000 recent disciples of Thunder Corps. Most of these people are newcomers. After being attacked, they scurried around in a panic.
Song Chang Gung came out to see such a situation, and he couldn’t help but frown. After a search, he found the master brother here. They are gathering in the center of the island to manipulate the defense law to resist it. The defense law relies on a small vein of the island to operate the power. Now, after the law continues to operate, the power is actually with or without the situation. Several master brothers are worried.
They were about to join Ziyun Palace again to see the room, Zijin Guanghua flashed, and the master appeared in the room. Several left-behind brothers were all overjoyed. Now the situation is in a mess. Song Chang Gung stopped everyone from talking and let them go out and gather their brothers and prepare to retreat. He is here to hold the law temporarily.
After the younger brothers left, Song Chang-geng put his mind out to observe while manipulating the defense array. He put a lot of mirrors in the nearby waters to monitor the changes in the nearby Fiona Fang. But there are things that can make my brother prepare early. These mirrors are all low-level magic weapons, imitating the thousand-mile sound mirror to make mana fluctuations very low, which is very difficult now.
When Song Chang-geng read these mirrors, the situation outside was clear at a glance. The storm and clouds outside split into two groups, one of which was far away. Song Chang-geng saw that there was a mysterious turtle temple, Yi Zhou’s family, Qingcheng Mountain Sect, Blissful Reality, Zhu Mei, Jiang Shu, Shaoyang Shenjun Kunlun Sect and others knew that this was the guests who were watching the government.
Song Chang Gung couldn’t help but be curious and take a closer look at the clouds and clouds in the distant sky. More than ten cyan Guanghua people flew so high that they were as thin as silk, and it was difficult to see them with a little poor eyesight.
The brilliance dazzled and flew near Xiaoyao Island, and those green lights suddenly grew like more than ten green rainbows. When flying, they seemed to know that the face was not simple and not to be outdone, and they deliberately showed their collars. Sure enough, a golden light flew out in the Emei Sect array, and three golden lights flew out in the Blissful Reality Array to meet these more than ten green lights.
After the two sides flew close to each other, they stopped in the middle. Those golden lights first showed their figure. Emei sent them out as a wonderful lady to watch the fun. That came out as Yi Zhou’s blissful reality, tian hu Baoxiang, and these dozens of green light switches circled in the middle for three or five times. Suddenly they stopped in the middle, revealing twelve young people holding an old man in white.
I saw the old man Yi Zhou hand in hand and laughed. "Who am I supposed to be? I’ve already invited Taoist friends to my Xuangui Temple for a banquet in the month. I don’t want to see them here." tian hu Bao Xiang next to him, although he is a little crazy about the same day, has a little ceremony, but the ceremony can’t be less, just like the bliss reality.
The old man in white is an idiot on the island of Copper Coconut. His face is full of anger at Yi Zhoudao. "I have received an invitation from Taoist friends, and I will naturally go here today because my brother reported that there were big factions from Middle-earth attacking our overseas scattered immortals. Although I can’t compare with those big factions from Middle-earth, I can’t watch them bully us overseas for scattered immortals. Decades ago, Emei Sect destroyed a scattered fairy. Now there is another one. How can I not stop Taoist friends and I live together? How can the South China Sea still watch the destruction of scattered immortals in the South China Sea?
Yi Zhou said with a wry smile, "Daoyou misunderstood that things here are Emei Sect and Worry Sect. We can’t intervene here. We can wait for the defense to be broken, and then we can mediate between the two families after seeing the Song Sect Lord. Now, because the Song Sect Lord hasn’t shown up and he killed people’s Emei brothers, Emei Sect is venting its anger. I am also capable."
The idiot’s eyebrows went up. He looked at tian hu around Yi Zhou and looked at the real person of bliss and Mrs. Miao for a moment. At this time, Mrs. Miao smiled. "The name of Daoyou is that we Emei Sect have long heard about this time. We want to invite Daoyou to the ceremony, but we can’t post the invitation because we don’t know where Daoyou live. This is our common concern. Please don’t intervene?"
End of volume 41
The forty-second volume Heavy rain and thunder Chapter four hundred and eleven
Mrs. Miao saw that the idiot was handsome in appearance, with a long beard and a white coat. The crane was very similar to drawing. The ancient fairy was dressed up all over and surrounded by green air. The twelve brothers came with a short white arm and white shorts, which were knee-length and barefoot. Ma Xie showed the national costume of living in the hot climate in the south
These brothers have one or two magic weapons in their hands. Those magic weapons are high-grade treasures, and they are all very old. I don’t know their power. If they are present, they are all Taoist, immortal, graceful, clever and graceful. Besides the weapons, they also wear gourd treasures. Six people line up in the wild on the left and right sides of the idiot. They look at the island and frown.
And turned to look at the wonderful lady hand way "why don’t I an overseas scattered fairy celebrity can’t ask you this Taoist friend is too kind. You shouldn’t come here to attack him if you have any grievances. He killed your brother and you two. Who is who and who is who? Let’s put it aside.
You destroy people’s abode of fairies and immortals and make people lose their place, so you won’t avenge the murder of your brother? Otherwise, it will not only destroy people’s lives, but also continue to take revenge. Is that too overbearing? Do you really think that our scattered immortals overseas are a mass of mud that you can knead? When you were full of people, you were very prestige. Now you come to our South China Sea to be prestige?
I’m crazy, but I’m afraid of who I should take care of. Don’t worry about the door, but I will not be bullied by your school in the future. "
A wonderful lady, a burst of disasters caused by her two younger brothers in those days, has always shamed Emei Sect and been criticized everywhere. Now she is a profound white husband. Why should she care so much about her name? It is easy to do things with strength and fame, otherwise it will be in trouble.
Song Chang Gung has affected the strength growth of Emei Sect. Her husband attacked him regardless of his name. He didn’t want someone to be stronger. After a slight turn of her mind, she smiled and said, "Heaven is crazy, Taoist friends are over-excited. Emei Sect is not simply taking revenge, but there are too many things involved. Otherwise, how can we be a noble and big Sect?" Please forgive me if you offend me. "
After saying a deep ceremony, the so-called person who stretched out his hand and didn’t smile was a little embarrassed to see Mrs. Miao being so polite. He was not sure what to do when he suddenly heard a thunderbolt from a distance, and a navy blue thunder fire of more than ten meters thick hit the light blue mask from the Emei faction.
Although there are still poor changes in the defense array, the support force is not enough. Everything is vain. When you see the lightning sent by Emei, you will know that the other party is determined to deal with the sorrow. You are hesitating whether you really want to go to this muddy water, but you see the Emei Sect cheering. It turns out that this lightning has faded after a flash.
The people in the Emei Sect’s unequal-surface array show that they immediately took the opportunity to hit a golden rain, which is like thunder and fire. Even Yi Zhou can’t help but groan when he sees this! He came to Emei Sect because no one from the other side came out to break the abode of fairies and immortals, and then invited the other side to question him, but I didn’t expect to see this kind of Emei Sect coming to kill people.
After the thunder and fire disappeared, everyone saw that the whole island was exposed. There was a pale golden mask in the center of the island, and there were five colors of Guanghua flowing. Obviously, it was the last defense force. After seeing the wonderful lady, the idiot said coldly, "You said that there is nothing when we make things that kill people. Pei Emei sent hey hey! It was noble and decent. "
Say that finish also not much delay directly with brother royal sword to wonderful lady can’t help but look bitter easy week beside hand way "wonderful when a friend came but agreed to when facing the texture now how to become a slain? Still waiting for the ground in front of me? Emei will be arrogant and ignore all of us. Fortunately, I didn’t send the children to your sect, otherwise I was really worried. "

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