This amber stone was secretly hidden in the package when Duane left Changxuan that winter 17 years ago. She wanted to leave a life for Duane to think about it. Because this amber was Duane’s first birthday present, she felt that the big brother would not be willing to throw it away when he saw it. She would definitely come back.
It never occurred to her that Duane had sneaked back and hid the amber in the wooden cliff where they often came to play-a place full of memories of the two of them.
Pan Hui can even guess that Duane took amber back in the first place in the hope that she could find out for herself one day. In fact, it was because he had given up his life and wanted to give it back to her, but he was afraid to face her directly and bury it on the cliff that belonged to their memories.
Pan Hui’s right hand finally grasped the amber in Duane’s palm, but tears came to her eyes at this moment.
Duane gently sighed and gently coaxed people into his arms. "Don’t cry. I’m already back, aren’t I?" This will neve happen again. "
He didn’t want to let this piece of amber leave with him at that time, so he sent it back and asked the second uncle to ban the immortals in amber to find it.
He hoped that when Pan Hui found Amber, he would be a person who could take care of himself. He would no longer be sad and cry when he left, but now he knows how unwilling he was to die like this when he looked at Pan Hui’s pear flower with rain. He still had no revenge and failed to protect others. He actually didn’t want to die at all!
Pan Hui snorted. She struggled out of Duane’s arms and carefully put amber in her sleeve, holding out her right little finger and silently pouting at Duane’s eyes full of stubbornness.
Duane smiled and hooked Pan Hui’s little finger, and then followed her habit to stick their thumbs to their bellies.
Pan Hui finally broke into tears with tears on her cheeks. The smile in her eyes was so charming that Duane was shocked unconsciously.
For a long time, Pan Hui suddenly turned around and shouted, "Come out!"
"I didn’t mean to peep … I was passing by …"
Pan Hui replied that he was a dirty look.
Passing by? !
When she was a three-year-old kid he cheated casually?
Everyone knows that Luomuya is now her place in Douang. They have been here for several days. Why haven’t anyone else passed by?
Duane asked, "What is it?"
Bai Shi hesitated for a deep breath and said, "Uncle Guan is back."
Pan Hui suddenly turned to look at Duane because she seemed to hear Duane’s breathing stop for a moment before.
She knew that Uncle Guan Feier was a big brother when she left with her, and she had wondered where Uncle Guan had been all these years. She believed that the big brother must know that he was alone every time he met the big brother, and Pan Hui always forgot Uncle Guan, so she never had a chance to ask.
Now Uncle Guan is back, and the elder brother seems to be a little unusually quiet.
I dare not make a difference in the atmosphere.
But he knows that Guanfeier has been with Duane all these years. Even if Duane has something to leave, he will never settle Guanfeier first. It is this matter that Duane is not vain. Naturally, it is impossible to die and go to argue with Pan Hui. He also plans to let Guanshishu stay out, but where does he know that Xuan Lord will order someone to take Guanshishu back?
Now that people are back, there are some things that can’t be hid naturally. In case Guan Shishu Duane misunderstood Pan Hui, Bai Wei felt that Chang Xuan was going to be noisy again for quite a while.
Duane was silent for a moment and then said, "It’s my dad who will take her back."
He had secretly linked Guan Yu-chen to Guan Fei-er, which was to let Du He know that Guan Fei-er had fallen.
Everyone has done the same thing, and he has to bear the consequences. Some things can always be hidden if he doesn’t want to hide them, just as he knew Guan Feier and Guan Yuchen knew who Guan Yuchen’s father was, which is why he has been kind to Guan Feier all these years.
Bai Qiao nodded his head and answered his eyes. He has been hovering around Pan Hui Duang with an awkward look.
Duane asked, "What else?"
"Uh …" Bai Yi looked hard at Pan Hui and licked his lips, but still didn’t say anything.
"If you have something to say," Duane said calmly.
He thinks he can guess what is the best thing, which is not what he guessed or better than what he guessed, otherwise …
It’s not too late for you to take revenge for ten years, because of your ability at that time
Now ….. Nature is had been enemies on the spot!
Bai Shu swallowed hard and finally got up the courage to say, "Uncle Guan said she had married your wife and couldn’t return to Changxuan, otherwise it would be a mess."
As soon as the voice fell, I felt a gust of wind blowing from my eyes. When I looked again, Pan Hui had disappeared and Duane had chased him.
Chapter 44 Official Philippines son (2)
Bai Shi secretly called a "bad" and quickly chased after it.
He didn’t dare to say anything because he knew about Pan Hui’s sexuality, but the big brother must let him say it! Something big is going to happen again!
Brother Pan Hui has been working hard for so many years, searching for memories and practicing hard, and has been trying to explore clues. This intention is that everyone can understand it. Now Guan Feier suddenly says this. If he is Pan Hui, he must ask an ugly man.
When Bai Shu arrived at the temple for a moment, he saw Pan Hui alone in front of Guan Feier and exuded a cold breath. Duane stood behind Pan Hui and didn’t dare to stand before him.
Bai Yi moved to Duane’s side and asked carefully, "Big Brother … why don’t you explain …"
Du Angsu’s face is so light that it is rare to show a trace of distress. "Xiaohui won’t let me pass."
Who said he didn’t want to explain things clearly? It happened that as soon as he arrived, Pan Hui ordered him to stay where he was, so he could wait here and there was nothing he could do.
And Du Heqin or two people at this time also look very ugly in the temple for a moment.
Guanfeier looked at Pan Hui and smiled very gently, even with three soft notes, just like the quiet and elegant martial uncle in Pan Hui’s memory, but Guanfeier’s words made Pan Hui laugh at it.

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