But then again, who can’t be moved by such a genius? Which forces don’t want to be returned to the people? However, the fierce name of the Royal Guards is quite famous in the Jianghu. Once Ye Guchen enters the Royal Guards, he can naturally protect Ye’s family. However, even for his personal name, they are in silence and dare not meet Qinglong.
In this regard, Qinglong looked at it like a mirror and didn’t say much about it. He smiled noncommittally and then looked at Ye Guchen and said with a smile, "Gu Chen, you called me Fifth Uncle. That Fifth Uncle doesn’t take you as an outsider. Would you like to ask me to join the Royal Guards?"
It seems that this dragon didn’t care about Ye Yun and Ye Hongwen’s opinion at all. What he cares about is that Ye Guchen is the only one, but thinking about it is also the identity of Qinglong. He said that he was afraid of Ye Gu and didn’t dare to say two things. Naturally, he didn’t consider Ye Gu’s reaction. He just needed to consider Ye Guchen.
Chapter 35 Good practice in six doors
For Qinglong, Ye Yunhe and Ye Hongwen look at each other with a wry smile and don’t express any opinions. Qinglong directly bypasses the two of them, and it’s difficult for the two of them. Since it’s Ye Guchen’s thing, it’s up to Ye Guchen to decide for himself.
Ye Guchen, the famous head of the Royal Guards, knows that their name is not good, but their strength is beyond doubt. If you join the Royal Guards, you can naturally get the protection of the Royal Guards, and not only that, Ye Jia can also have a strong backer. If you can get ahead in the Royal Guards, you can protect Ye Jia’s worries, and at the same time, you can kill two birds with one stone by relying on the Royal Guards to stop bullying Yu Heng.
Although it is not good for Ye Guchen’s name to join the Royal Guards, even if it will be despised by Jianghu people, after all, this Royal Guards is the imperial eagle dog, and it has no liking for this Royal Guards. Once you enter the Royal Guards, you will be insulated from this Jianghu sect aristocratic family in the future, but it is not a big deal in Ye Guchen’s view. It is also worth it if those people don’t pay it, they can protect Ye’s worries and their father from being bullied.
"When I join the Royal Guards, can you protect my Ye family and my father from being bullied by Yujian Villa?" Ye guchen asked the question he wanted to ask in his heart, which is his biggest problem at present, but he doesn’t care about other problems.
"Ha ha, this naturally enters my Royal Guards. That’s one of our own. Although my Royal Guards have a bad name, they are extremely caring for you to enter my Royal Guards. I should protect your leaves and worry about Yujian Villa. Hum, others are afraid of him. Jade Sword Villa is not afraid of me. This is a big country, and so is his Jade Sword Villa. This is my Royal Guards’ territory. My Royal Guards’ territory is a dragon. He wants to lay down a tiger, or I will kill him! " Tsing lung sneer at a disdain and blurt out the confidence. See that Tsing lung is very confident in the strength of the Royal Guards.
"Well, in that case, I’ll join the Royal Guards." Ye Guchen no longer hesitates to have Qinglong, which ensures that he can enter the Royal Guards with peace of mind. As the saying goes, it’s true that six doors are good for practicing. The number of experts in the Royal Guards is huge, and there are a number of martial arts cheats that people in Jianghu dream of, treasures and treasures, as well as some rare herbs panacea that most people can’t even think of. These things are of great benefit to martial arts practitioners. The Royal Guards have a bad name, but so many people are still willing to join the Royal Guards one after another, including many
Frankly speaking, joining the Royal Guards is beneficial and harmful to Ye Guchen’s practice, and Qinglong has solved Ye Guchen’s worries after his death. Ye Guchen is naturally willing to join the Royal Guards.
"Ha ha, I like people who are biting but don’t lose their true feelings. Since you are willing to join me in the Royal Guards, I will accept you. You can rest assured that I will keep my word and I will not mistreat Ye Jia, nor will I mistreat you. You can rest assured that the benefits of joining me in the Royal Guards are beyond your imagination!" Tsing lung ha ha a smile and then said
For this Ye Guchen, he didn’t continue to say much about the benefits of nodding his head and joining the Royal Guards. There are some things in his heart that he doesn’t say too much, so it’s good to be white by himself.
Suddenly, Qinglong seemed to think of something and bowed his hand at Ye Yun and Ye Hongwen, saying, "Two, I have thought of some things and I hope to talk to Gu Chen alone. Please give me two conveniences."
This dragon is very polite to Ye Gongwen and Ye Yun. This is for Ye Guchen’s face. Otherwise, on weekdays, Qinglong won’t even look at Ye Yun and Ye Gongwen at this level. Two people are also in the heart. It’s not that they are not ignorant people. Qinglong has given two people enough faces, and they will soon leave a hand and look at Ye Guchen and slowly walk out.
When two people disappeared, they sat in this central position. Tsing Lung looked at Ye Guchen in front of him, holding the white teacup with blue pattern in his hand, and slowly sipped this fragrant tea. After that, Gherardini said, "A year ago, the Jade Prince was escorted by an iron hand named Liu Gang, who was asked from the Great Zen Temple to" wash the marrow Dan "and was hijacked in the back hill of Yejiazhuang after passing through the Jiangzhou boundary. It was a red The Hunger clan, but later, according to my investigation, the Red The Hunger Sect did not get this" wash the marrow Dan ",and Liu Gang, who was Wrong novel network does not skip words.
"I know that I took this pulp-washing Dan and have already" Ye Guchen thought for a moment and did not hesitate to tell the truth directly. He knew that Qinglong had come to ask himself this matter, which means that he already knew that there was nothing to hide in this matter.
"oh? How dare you tell me this? Aren’t you afraid that I was sent by the Jade Prince to arrest you? " The wrong novel network does not jump. Qinglong smiled at this and said noncommittally
"Since you have come to ask me, you must know that I will hide it? Besides, if you wanted to arrest me, you would have arrested me, wouldn’t you? What’s more, I don’t think the Jade Prince can mobilize you as a commanding officer of the Royal Guards with a small personal matter. If he could, he would not be the Jade Prince now, but he would be an emperor! " Leaf solitary Chen look the same calmly said
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, cong, it seems that you are not only qualified, excellent in mind, but also ruthless in emotional means. Good, I am not mistaken about Qinglong. Ha, ha, okay, let’s not talk about this. It’s just a small matter. No matter how big the prince jade is, he is not qualified to order us to act in the Royal Guards. Besides the emperor, none of us will listen to him. It’s no big deal if he knows it. Well, come back to Beijing with me after you compete with Ma’s family in a few days. Now, although your strength is good, you still need to practice more to get there, which is much faster than your practice in Ye Jia. I am very optimistic that you will leave with me in a few days. "Qinglong smiled and immediately said that he didn’t ask Ye Guchen what his opinion was, but he didn’t need to ask Ye Guchen since he joined the Royal Guards. This is a reasonable thing.
Chapter 36 Wu Qiong
"Will you leave in a few days?" Ye Guchen walked out of the room muttering that Ye Guchen left the room after Qinglong had said this and chatted with him for a few words. Ye Yunyun and Ye Gongwen talked with each other in Qinglong, and they didn’t know what they were talking about, but Ye Guchen didn’t have the heart to think about it. Therefore, Ye Guchen had fallen into a kind of sadness about leaving.
However, it didn’t take long for Ye Guchen to recover. In his clear eyes, he flashed a trace of perseverance and clenched his fist. He said, "If I leave before, I’ll take your Ma Jia Dao first. Ma Jia will wait. Whoever you sent this time, Ye Guchen will definitely make him look good!"
Speaking into retraining, simple practice is not complicated, but it is miserable. Most people have long endured it, but Ye Guchen has struggled to persist. In a few days, it has passed again.
On this day, Jiangzhou City is particularly lively, because today is a special day. One of Jiangzhou’s three big families, Ma Jia and Ye Jia, set up a challenge in the center of Jiangzhou City today to send young masters to fight for life and death. There are several reasons, but these are not important. The important thing is that Jiangzhou City is known for this challenge, and everyone, young and old, women and children, dignitaries and dignitaries are not present. The stands and teahouses around this challenge are already full of guests. The streets are also crowded with people, and the mainland is full of martial arts. The martial arts masters are worshipped and the fighting attracts several people’
For the real martial arts experts, Ma Jia and Ye Jia’s younger generation have a competition. The root is that children play house, which means nothing and they are too lazy to look at it. But for those ordinary people, Ma Jia and Ye Jia’s younger generation are all ashamed experts. They can definitely attract the attention of several people in this Jiangzhou area.
In this Jiangzhou city, the Yangma family specially built a huge challenge ring, the width of which was about 50 feet. The challenge ring was paved with splendid red cloth, and the drums on both sides sounded deafening.
There is a temporary structure behind this challenge, with about forty or fifty seats. All the people sitting here are Jianghu experts, gentry and celebrities near Jiangzhou, and the magistrate’s adults are impressively listed. Of course, the magistrate represents the Jiangjia family, the Ye family, several elders and other idlers. Of course, Qinglong is impressively listed, too. At this moment, they are all waiting for the challenge, but several characters of the Ma family have come, but several elders of the Ma family have not arrived, which makes people present unconsciously wonder what this Ma family really means. There are many words in the wrong novel network
Just then, he was in charge of entertaining dozens of pages and shouted, "The capital Wu Wu Qiong gentleman, Ma Jiajiazhu, and several Ma parents are always coming."
The words sound just fell and people around you dispersed and gave up a passage to see the Ma family walking ahead with their heads held high, and behind them was a large and thick sedan chair of the National People’s Congress, which was covered with brocade in the south of the Yangtze River and carved with dragons and phoenixes. There were dozens of black attendants around this sedan chair, each with a long knife slung over his waist, which looked majestic and commanding. Don’t say that this was the master of the Wu family’s protection in Beijing.
Someone in the city was surprised at this. The Wu family in this big country is not generally famous. A master like a cloud is an absolute bully. It can be said that the Wu family in the city has the ability to kill the three Jiangzhou families together with someone in the place overnight. How can they not be surprised? How can you be disrespectful?
As a result, everyone got up. They didn’t dare to be arrogant in front of such a behemoth as the Wu family. Ye family was no exception, but one person remained calm and sat there with a disdainful sneer at his mouth. This person was none other than Qinglong.
Everyone got up, and the onlookers retreated, but Qinglong was as steady as Mount Tai. Such a scene had to be imagined. Many people knew that Qinglong came with Ye Jia. Since the Ma family moved to the Wu family, Ye Jia moved to a great person. Otherwise, the challenge would not be played at all, and Ye Jia would lose. So many people speculated on the identity of Qinglong and looked at Qinglong one by one, and their eyes changed.
The man carried the big sedan chair and didn’t fall, but went straight through the crowd to the stands behind the ring and landed in front of the stands before slowly falling. Then Ma Lanzhang, the owner of the Ma family, quickly ran over and lifted the sedan door. Then a handsome white-robed young man aged about 2067 slowly came out from the inside. A woman in a long pink dress didn’t want to see this female expression, so I knew that it must be Ma Yulan, the second lady of Ma family.
Frankly speaking, this gentleman in Wu Qiong is handsome and handsome, and his temperament is high. The bulging temples show that the folding fan in his advanced hands is a bit more elegant. I have to say that it is a rare handsome man. It is not a random boast to be the first beauty in Jiangzhou. It’s a pity that Wu Qiong is a perfect match with this Wu Qiong, but when he goes out, he just turns a blind eye to those gentry and nobles who come to say hello and salute. He doesn’t even say hello and sits straight through the crowd in the middle of this stand.
Of course, it’s nothing. Those who welcome people around have long been prepared to be embarrassed with a wry smile. When they return to their seats, the most irritating thing is that those people in Ma’s family throw their weight around behind Wu Qiong, as if they were all amazing. However, people don’t put the public in their eyes and look at Ye’s family. When they return to their seats, they are more unhappy than contempt for this Yuzryha solitary Chen.
Chapter 37 Solitary Chen famous ()
Wu Qiong surrounded the crowd and walked away from the stands. He squinted all the way and walked with his head held high in the central position, but he didn’t pay attention to the people around him. Ma Lanzhang, the owner of the Ma family, waited on him carefully. Although this was his nominal son-in-law, he dared not be presumptuous and humble, like a slave, for fear of causing Wu Qiong’s dissatisfaction if he did something wrong. That would be a great disaster for Ma’s family.

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