The business of Erkin family is really simple. First, find two buyers who are interested in the same thing, and then hold an auction after getting the thing!
It is reasonable to say that a round of white porcelain in front of teenagers is worth at most one million dollars, but two idiots raise the price and directly soar to five million dollars!
This is the Kim family’s technique. At most, a little manpower and material resources were invested in the early stage.
But the huge profits contained in it are far behind those guys who work hard to sell bliss in the hell kitchen.
Just a minute later!
Ilova, the female guest who belongs to Taylor, hung up her hand and glanced at a scar extending from her eyebrows to her lips. Cherov then left behind!
It is obvious that her boss is suffering from this price.
After three consecutive bids, the auctioneer of the Kim family knocked a gavel and said "Congratulations, Mr. Cherov …" to the earth waving his hands to celebrate the general trend of the bear Cherov.
"Ha ha …"
Mark watched the bear Cherov make a throat cut at the teenager in Taiwan and then walked towards the background.
There is a cashier’s desk. After the payment is received, he can be taken away after the auction is over …
"I have a quota of 20 million now, my dearest brother!" In the background, chubby Francis smiled at the sullen Taylor next to him and said proudly
Taylor glanced at his brother and said, "Francis, do you know the biggest difference between you and me?"
The latter slightly one leng.
Taylor dodged a crack and looked as graceful as a firefly in the dark. Mark immediately said, "I always look at people!" "
With that, Taylor held out five fingers and shook them one by one towards the auctioneer.
The white-haired auctioneer turned his attention to the real master here in Erkin, who is in a wheelchair behind them.
Erkin looked at his tit for tat and wanted to eat each other.
Quite gratified nodded his head!
Sure enough, the thinking mode of a psychopathic old guy can never be imagined by a normal person.
A long time!
The auctioneer glanced at the next exhibition and said to the dozen buyers who had not left the market, "Ladies and gentlemen, this exhibition is the most eye-catching one tonight! Working for the CIA has been called the best agent in the history of the CIA, and some guests have offered a reward of more than 3 million prey, beauty and force, and re-bionic bird Barbara Moss! "
With the ups and downs of the auctioneer’s introduction, she looks more beautiful after dressing up. Barbara Moss has soft blonde hair and her hands are tied and pushed to the auction table by two black bodyguards!
The auctioneer looked around and everyone immediately announced, "Come on, let’s enter the bidding session. The starting price is 5 million dollars!"
Mark’s face expression suddenly shrank his eyes and saw Taylor looming in the background through the crowd …
Even before Mark came to think about it.
In the first row, a posh man raised his right hand without thinking.
Looking at the auction table, Barbara Moss smiled like a cat that smelled fishy!
The companion next to him was slightly stunned. "Didn’t you say you weren’t going to buy it?"

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