The theory of things and people all originated from him.
Yes, therefore
He has the ability to assimilate everything.
The most powerful place of HarmonyOS Road is also the most dangerous place.
The cultivation of this way needs to be cautious!
But Feng Zichen is not the case.
Because he has HarmonyOS Dao Zhong!
HarmonyOS Daozhong helps to pull Feng Zichen back from the assimilation crisis in HarmonyOS at any time.
This is what Feng Zichen is sure to build into HarmonyOS Road.
"Is it mixed with four yuan?"
"Still a little low …"
"It seems that we have to fight!"
After the initial excitement, the realm failed to meet expectations and unwilling to reappear in Feng Zichen’s mind.
He is going to take a chance.
Continue to rise to your own level.
And in the universe, he can ascend to the realm of power, and no other power can help him.
The wind zichen look.
Put it in the chaos out of bounds.
Especially remember
In addition to being the great emperor of the wild and the purple, he has another chaotic creature-Pangu Zichen!
This was at the beginning
He personally endowed him with identity in the great chaos out of bounds, proving that he was on the Xianshi Avenue in Luo Jin.
He also got a avenue to reward the extremely congenital spiritual treasure, and the unitary Taoist symbol protects the spiritual treasure.
Feng Zichen’s ability to fold her timeline so smoothly in the long river is also partly attributed to the great chaos out of bounds.
Out-of-bounds chaos has no concept of time
It was when Feng Zichen succeeded in proving the great chaos out of bounds that there was no future in the middle of nowhere.
The past is constant and can be easily cut off.
But the future is uncertain, and it is always changing, which makes people can’t see through it.

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