The first chapter Heaven Hallows
That avenue is full of purple and bright, which is about 3,000 miles longer than the endless thunder runes.
It is the symbol of mixed element triple sky!
It’s easy to distinguish between mixed elements and double innocence. Just look at the length of the avenue and you will know that a thousand miles is mixed elements, a heavy day and three thousand miles is mixed elements and triple days.
Razer is extraordinary. Once he breaks through, it will be a triple realm, which shows that he has accumulated deeply.
Mind move Razer is like the integration of heaven and earth, and the rules of robbery emerge before his eyes. He needs an idea to save the world.
At the same time, the fate of all people also clearly emerged, and several possibilities were interwoven in the fate of all kinds of disasters in Razer’s eyes.
At this time, Razer felt as if his mind could arouse the physical robbery of all beings and make a disaster happen.
This is not an illusion, but Razer really has this ability. However, if he has this ability, he can’t mess with it. Otherwise, it will be easy to mess up the order of heaven and earth, which will lead to a big mess.
"I am Razer, the immortal emperor of the Antarctic. Today, I am sanctified as a preacher. After ten thousand years, anyone who is destined can come to God to listen to my sermon." Razer suddenly said after realizing all the changes after the breakthrough.
It is also a common practice for saints to ask all beings to preach the road after preaching.
Nu Wa’s empress was sanctified in this way, and it was the same when the empress Dowager was sanctified in the West. After Razer’s sanctification, it was no exception.
At this time, preaching is heaven and will not say anything, so raising doubts can make saints deepen their influence in the minds of all beings, and they should be supportive of heaven.
Razer preached that this is a normal process, and there is nothing wrong with it. All the local saints come here in this way, even when Razer preached, all the saints will come to support him.
No one thinks it’s wrong, but when I think about it, I realize that preaching in the wrong place is true, but this is not the right time
What is the current situation?
The universe has just been evolved and restored to the glory of the ancient times. The universe is filled with innate aura, not to mention the birth of many innate creatures.
Razer preached at this time. Isn’t Razer preaching at them ten thousand years later?
After ten thousand years, almost everything of these innate creatures and innate ghosts and gods should be born.
Razer just preached at this time that these creatures would surely go to God to listen to the sermon when they heard the sage preaching the road.
When the time comes, Razer needs to preach, and then he will take a few younger brothers. Then these innate ghosts and creatures will certainly rush to worship his teacher.
Boy, isn’t this the sermon flip of Hongjun Daozu Zixiao Palace? I don’t need to try my best to find my brother. I need to sit at home and the arrogant man will take the initiative to send the door.
I really want Razer to figure out that he can get a lot of Yingjie if he is weak. If he is given a little more, he will develop.
It may be an exaggeration to say that he is the second Xuan door, but it is no exaggeration to say that he is the second interception.
After reading this, everyone praised Razer’s abacus for choosing his younger brother and developing his power through preaching opportunities. This plan is really faultless, even if he wants to destroy it, he can’t find a reason.
After somebody else was sanctified, all beings preached Xuanwei and Xiande, and you ran over to make trouble, not to mention whether it was right or not. It was just this business, that is, to make a bitter enemy against each other.
This move is not for the wise.
But fortunately, Razer didn’t do anything. He preached after ten thousand years, not after one hundred thousand years.
Although ten thousand years is a long time, there are many innate creatures born in the wild world. It is only impossible to be born in ten thousand years. A very small part will be born, and more are still being born.
It’s not too ugly to eat, and everyone can bear to see Razer just become a priest, so that he can’t take a step.
But if Razer chooses to preach after 100,000 years, it will be ugly to eat.
In 10,000 years, there won’t be many innate creatures, but in 100,000 years, those innate creatures can be born even if they don’t have a department.
If this is caught by Razer, everyone will have to vomit blood. They will never allow this to happen, or Razer will turn against him.
It’s a matter of principle to take a step back, but taking two steps is several steps.
Razer’s 10,000-year history is just right, without touching everyone’s bottom line and achieving his own goal.
That’s right. Razer’s sermon is aimed at those innate ghosts and gods, and the heavenly palace is very big, but the creatures inside are pitiful.
Therefore, Razer intends to take the opportunity of this sermon to select some talents from Shenxiao Palace to expand some forces.
In the future, Shenxiao Palace will preside over the operation of Armageddon and supervise the universe, and all sentient beings will definitely need manpower. Now it is just right for Razer to plan early.
I glanced around and saw that everyone looked at him kindly. When he looked at him, his face was even more smiling. Razer was relieved.

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