"But there is a talent gap between this person and others. I heard that some people will awaken some special abilities after awakening the beast. This part of the beast bender and the group of people who awakened the beast at the age of 18 are collectively called the beast bender genius, which is the key training object of the school and the country."
Obviously, the most important thing for the animal bender is to let the students have a good pet training environment, not only the top teachers in the school, but also the best resources in the school, so that the students can not only learn the knowledge of pet training at school, but also prepare for the college entrance examination for the animal bender.
Liu Yuan probably had a concept in his mind after listening.
"So you mean that the Royal Veterinary Department wants to put another campus specially to give it to our pet school?"
"Yes, but this is really one of the reasons … The most important reason is to let the teachers of the department of royal animals pet animals with a living environment to avoid the teachers’ slipping strength due to school reasons!"
Speaking of what this Xiaojun seems to think, he said with emotion, "Do you know which teacher is the strongest animal bender in our school?"
Liu Yuan shook his head and said that he didn’t know.
"It’s the fire teacher Shen Yan. That’s the only two or two gold royal beasts in our school, and it’s also the five gold royal beasts in the whole city of JJ. It’s almost a mainstay of our school."
"My dad said that although the placement of senior three students is a start, the most important thing is to choose teachers. Because every teacher has limited energy, they can take up to ten students. My goal is to be selected by Shen Yan, so that my goal of getting a key veterinary college entrance examination will be easier to achieve."
Does the teacher choose …
Looking at Zhang Xiaojun longing sample Liu Yuan also lost in thought.
So it seems that the placement of this animal-bending division is not as simple as expected.
If a teacher can lead ten people … everyone naturally wants to follow the most powerful teacher.
Then the competition will be very fierce.
Li Hong’s squad leader led Liu Yuan to the playground of the campus soon.
It’s said to be a playground, but it’s more like a large open-air petting square.
At this time, the square has gathered all the awakened animal-fighting students in No.1 Middle School.
At first glance, Lu Yuan has less than 100 people.
You know, there were ten classes in Grade One and Grade Two, and there were almost fifty people in each class.
Less than 100 out of 500 people awaken to the beast.
And most of them are 16-year-old awakening orcs.
You can imagine that there are few animal benders.
"Well, it’s up to you. I’ll go first."
Li Hongban smiled and waved with his classmates and left here decisively.
Liu Yuan and others started waiting in situ.
"Yes, this year, our school has prepared 93 animal benders, which is not too many but not too few."
Everyone looked down the sound direction and suddenly saw the headmaster of No.1 Middle School.
Huang Jin Yu Shi Hou Yu
Behind President Hou are ten senior three teachers with different looks.
They are either indifferent or smiling behind President Hou.
The students walked in front of everyone with nervous eyes.
Ten teachers have been lined up as if waiting to review the soldiers, sir.
President Hou looked at the students and said with a smile, "Students, I’d like to congratulate all of you here on awakening the beast bender. You have won the tickets for the beast bender. My teachers and I will try our best to help you in the coming year."
"I hope that all of you can get a good result in the college entrance examination for royal beasts after one year."
"Now everyone let their pets out. After all, the best way to measure the potential of an animal bender is to take a look at his pet animal cultivation first."
"My teachers and I will be divided into classes according to the situation of your pets. After all, each teacher is involved in different things. Although it is not impossible to cross-teach at a low level, it is best for you to learn from teachers with their own attributes."
When the students heard this, they released their own royal beasts one after another.
The quiet playground suddenly became noisy.
Royal beast of different shapes appear in public.
Lu yuan shui yue frog tam is not so conspicuous among these pet animals
After all, there are also many animal benders who dress up their pets in fancy.
Tam’s "oil" is not particularly unconventional among these pet animals of ninja.
President Hou probably glanced at the students’ pets, and some of them stayed for a while.
And these pet animals are suspected of being outstanding in cultivation.
Among them is Qin Yueshuang silver moon Fox.
It can be seen that President Hou is very satisfied with Qin Yueshuang’s cultivation of silver moon Fox.
After watching most people pet animals, the headmaster turned to look at the teachers around him.
Shen Yan, a fire-bender around President Hou, nodded and released his pet beast.
With a roar, a flaming orangutan over five meters tall appeared in front of everyone.
Gold pet beast fire orangutan!
Gold pet beast momentum immediately shock field.
The pet animals around Liu Yuan showed their expressions of fear and were afraid to lie on the ground.
However, some of these pet animals have shown quite different reactions.
Impressively, there is Liu Yuantam.
Tam looked around at the pet animals, scared, scratched his white hair and looked around with a puzzled face.
That seems to say what people are so afraid of. What is there to be afraid of?
Tam’s expression immediately caught the attention of President Hou and Teacher Shen Yan.
Two people curious to look at what tam seems to observe …
Chapter 1 has no potential
President Hou looked as if something had happened. Tam was very curious.
You know, Shen Yanlie is a golden pet animal.
For the students, this group of animals with black iron and bronze pets
The imposing manner of gold pet animals is like Taishan coping, which makes them breathless.
It’s good that ordinary pets can be so imposing, not to mention that Tam is not only fine, but also able to observe around.
It’s strange that this is a jumping frog.’

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