As crystal clear as onion root, fingers gently hit the monk’s palm.
The soft touch swings from the young monk’s hand like ripples. He consciously wants to shrink his hand but nothing moves.
Xiu girl said softly "convert to Buddha"
Monk "Oh, convert to Buddha"
Xiu girl said "conversion method"
Monks advocate "conversion method"
Xiu girl "converted to a monk"
Monks "convert to monks"
Xiu girl "converted to Xiu girl"
Chapter 27 Cut me off
The monk "converted … huh?"
Xiu Girl "Speak and Convert to Xiu Girl"
Looking at the show girl’s expectation, she was silent about Ananda or the young monk.
Nature’s kindness prevents them from saying no, but after all, how can they win him if they realize Buddhism?
Xiu girl’s anxious voice still reverberated in her ears, and Ananda’s thoughts returned to Qing dynasty. He closed his eyes and trembled, feeling that the young monk was closely connected with himself.
He seems to hear the young monk calling from the bottom of his heart to accept this transcendence. Love goes hand in hand and never gives up.
Time flows quietly, and a kind of sadness is unspeakable.
I am lonely with the ancient Buddha’s green lantern and the pale yellow outside.
A clear picture emerged from Ananda’s heart. The young monk still knelt on the Buddha’s face and gently said, "Convert to Xiu Girl …"
Ananda still has no mouth and still says nothing.
Xiu girl’s eyes are full of disappointment and she took the monk to the stone bridge.
She calmly said to Ananda, "Let’s make a bet. If you win, I will never haunt you again. If you lose, you will follow me."
The monk asked, "What’s the bet?"
Xiu girl said, "You and I each take seven steps forward. If my hand can still catch your hand after seven steps, you win."
The monk said "good"
Xiu girl counted "one, two, three …" She counted seven but did not move a step.
The monk took seven steps.
Xiu girl’s hand didn’t touch the monk’s hand. She turned back and the monk didn’t turn back.
Bao Wang w w w b a s h u 2
Ananda saw Xiu girl again. This time it was the general altar of magic teaching.
He soon realized that the beautiful girl in his situation was the best person and the only one who practiced the golden body and natural talent when the leader of the Magic Sect sent his brothers to abuse him everywhere.
Alone, without any strength, he entered the altar of magic teaching.
He’s here to persuade Xiu girl to put a butcher knife.
Xiu girl sighed leisurely and stared at the monk for a moment. "You always say that the Buddha is so good, why can’t the Buddha give me a little position in your heart?"
The monk kept silent.
Miss Xiu said coldly, "Either you kill me today or I’ll kill all heaven and man."
The monk sighed faintly, "Is there no choice?"
Show the girl’s words is the default
The monk’s knife came out of its sheath.
Show the girl sad smile.
The knife didn’t cut the show girl, but it cut the monk’s immortal golden body
The monk fell into a pool of blood.
Ananda saw another picture, which was a long time ago.
He said to the Buddha, I like a girl.
Buddha asked him how much you like this woman?
He said that I would like to incarnate the stone bridge and be exposed to the wind, sun and rain for 500 years, begging her to cross the bridge.

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