Four girls put away her sarcasm and smiled. "How do you know I didn’t save him? Are you really still in ancient times? Can one person challenge a national martial art? That’s nonsense. I’ve spent a lot of manpower and financial resources to sweep the road for them before they left China. Otherwise, why don’t you, the Japanese government, interfere? Can you and them live safely today? Do you know who they really pissed off? !”
"What person? !”
"Call" four girls spit out a sigh of concern "is likely to be the guardian of chrysanthemum dynasty in Japanese! She is one of the three strongest men in Japan, and her first martial arts skill is regarded as a sacred valley. Kotaro and the red guest together are no match for me. She will never make a move because the martial arts world will not disturb her again. Who wants to! "
"Guardian of Chrysanthemum Dynasty?" Cao yi lost his way. "Is that the woman who chased Brother Xiaoyong this person? !”
"I’m not sure yet. I don’t want to say it, but" said Huei-fang, "there is a possibility that she may have touched the royal family!"
"Royal family" Cao Boss said, "Their decisive battle is in the imperial city, but the location is in the East Imperial Garden, which is often a tourist destination and the Emperor’s family lives far away! How can it endanger the royal family? !”
"The situation outside Wan Li is changing rapidly. No, I haven’t been able to sort it out." Four girls pleaded, "I can try my best to save you now. Maybe I have feelings for him, but now it’s not an emotional matter. He has things to do. I have things to do, and you have things to do."
"I don’t have the bronze mask!" Four girls say every word earnestly. She always gives orders to people in a few ways, but boss Cao sounds cold and mutters, "Of course you don’t feel anything. You are so cold-blooded."
Huei-fang said, "You don’t have the mask here, so what’s the detoxification method? I think he must have thought of detoxification before he left. Did he tell you this method? "
"No," said Boss Cao. "Believe it or not."
Four girls never give up. "He didn’t tell you? Is there any discourse clue left? "
Boss Cao said impatiently, "No, no, not a word of him!" "
Four girls disappointed way "not a word? How did this happen? "
"How did this happen?" Boss Cao also asked himself in his mind what was so important before Qu Yong left that he didn’t tell himself at all. "Didn’t he believe that I was wrong? He must believe that I didn’t tell me anything. What did he think?"
Everyone didn’t expect Qu Yong to think of him. He had long thought that once something happened to him, the four girls would find the boss Cao for the first time. Instead of giving the secret to the boss Cao, he gave it to the seemingly ordinary fat.
The shocking change has happened. Of course, Sisi and others are not very clear about it thousands of miles away. Even Qu Yong, a person in the bureau, feels that it is changing too fast, so that he can’t understand it at the moment.
And all these changes still have to start from three days ago.
Three days ago, in an autumn family shooting,
Gunshot Watanabe Hideki trapped in a lonely house Qu Yong and the proprietress
"Bring the medicine box and I’ll stop the bleeding!" Qu Yong ripped Hideki Watanabe from down to clothes with both hands, exposing a bloody bullet wound.
"Good my medicine box" The proprietress turned over the Red Cross family medicine box and handed it to Qu Yong. Gauze, bandages, mercurochrome and so on were usually prepared.
Qu Yong saw that the bullet shot deeply into the right chest of Hideki Watanabe. I’m afraid it hurt his lungs. He bled a lot. Every time he coughed, pink foam blood came out of his nose and mouth. Qu Yong gasped in a gasp until he took out the bullet from time to time. I’m afraid his life was in danger.
"The bullet didn’t penetrate the back and should be stuck in the pleural cavity. It can’t be taken out without a knife, and it can be stopped completely. He is prone to hemothorax and abdominal cavity due to excessive blood loss. The situation is not optimistic."
He quickly said that he had quickly put sixteen layers of gauze on the bullet point of Hideki Watanabe and then pressed tightly to bandage the wound, but this bandage on the body surface was quickly soaked with blood, and it was difficult to stop his bleeding and delay his life.
The boss’s wife was worried that she wished she were lying on the ground and being shot. She kept asking, "What can I do?"
"Bang bang!" A burst of tight guns, the special alloy plywood door, splashed with sparks like crazy rain hitting the thin lotus leaf. "They have too much firepower to keep this door for too long!" "
"Cough cough cough!" Hideki Watanabe suddenly bowed up and fell to Quyong’s feet and coughed up blood. After this cough, Hideki Watanabe’s face was already very ugly. He seemed to be unable to breathe fresh air and tried his best to grab Quyong’s wrist and cried, "Naiyue is in … in the imperial city, you can ask a blind painter …"
Speaking of which, it’s another heartbreaking cough.
Since you are a painter, what can be blind?
Isn’t this strange?
"Oh …" Hideki Watanabe wanted to say something, but it was a pity that he couldn’t say it any more. The blood gushed from his nose and mouth, blocking his words and his breathing.
"Air vent!" Qu Yong held him up, and the blood clot had blocked his throat. His face seemed to be steamed. Qu Yong decided to grab the scissors in the medicine box and cut them quickly. The blood clot rolled out and Watanabe Hideki had to catch his breath.
"Where is she?"
"She …" Hideki Watanabe wanted to talk, but his throat was cut and he couldn’t speak. His fingers were stained with blood and he slowly wrote a few Japanese words.
"What does this mean?" Qu Yong now, although simple Japanese communication is no longer a problem, he still doesn’t recognize Japanese characters. He pointed to the proprietress and asked her.
The wife of shop-owner said, "It is written that Nai Yue knows everything …"

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