At the same time, Wang Jien said slowly, "Who dares to destroy Zhao if there are old slaves?"
Said the momentum in the whole body has reached its peak and seems to be able to go straight to the sky.
Guanglong was even more surprised when he saw it, and called "Ning Zhou!"
It’s true that Wang Jien’s strength at the moment is indeed Brother Ning Xing and he is still on the second floor of Ning Xing.
Seeing his eyes locked on Guanglong Todd, he said, "The old slave has long guessed that you are confused by Guanglong, and you have suddenly made great progress in this decade! It should be that you, the new master, can’t get away from it? "
Seeing Guanglong frown, he knew it and then looked at Todd as disappointed as an elder and sighed, "~ Todd! I have admired you in front of you. I never thought you would commit treason. "
Todd, on the other hand, was unmoved and smiled faintly. "Germany has let father-in-law Wang down, and his father-in-law is so deeply hidden!" But just NingXing second floor is complete … I’m afraid you can’t stop me Todd "
Smell Todd unexpectedly saw his repair the actual situation Wang Jien look instantaneous change!
You know, ordinary people can’t see his details
Jia Guanglong can recognize that Todd has made great progress in the past few years. Obviously, this Todd is probably a monk and his strength should be good!
But before he wants to see Guanglong more, he has recovered his evil expression and carried a fan to attack him first!
Wang Jien saw suddenly old eyes a clot a motioning with his hand in the dust drink a way "fuck? !”
In a flash, he painted a picture like a pen, and the blue water enveloped Guanglong.
Guanglong seems to be nothing more than a condensed star, but he has followed Todd for many years. His witchcraft blessing has just turned into a fan, and an ink-stained dumpling has suddenly and violently fought a battle in Wang Jien
At that time, the two men were locked in a fight.
Seeing Wang Jien’s hair and beard stirring and holding a stroke of dust turned out to be a magic weapon! At that time, he stirred the water ring bursts and was barely resisting the Guanglong’ black dumpling’ attack.
But even if he dances the dust, it is hard to stop the yin and evil spirits from penetrating the water ring Guanghua!
See his front’ clear water ring’ was slowly attacked and became more and more filthy. Wang Jien was shocked by Yu Guanglong’s strange yin evil spirit in his heart and asked at the same time, "Guanglong! Is what you are practicing witchcraft? "
Guanglong, on the other hand, encourages the dragon feather fan to grin more than "~ When you are in the grave, you can ask the hell of Yamaraja, hahahaha …"
Said GuangLong whole body black ShaQi diffusion potential unexpectedly and enhanced a few minutes!
Wang Jien did not dare to be distracted at first sight.
It can be seen by the eye that the black gas is wantonly entangled and fanning the dumpling shadow, and the dragon shows the wind!
While Todd without looking at the dogfight two people looking at what also stared at him Zhao Huangyi.
Four eyes for a long time, Zhao Huangyi finally sighed
He knew that Todd could fight without looking, so he was so calm in front of him that he said that the other party had a plan. Wang Jien was definitely not an opponent
Thinking of this, he asked with a dim face, "Is Tino … safe?"
Todd still smiles, "I’m relieved that Tino is Dow’s wife."
Zhao Huangyi nodded, and then he picked up the heavenly sword as if it were across his neck.
As soon as the officials saw it, they shouted "pursuit ~!" Never commit suicide! "
And half of Wang Jien saw Zhao Huang’s desire to commit suicide, but what Guanglong bizarre technique did he manage?
See him regardless of the huge loss is desperate to swing the wide dragon and black dumpling to Zhao Huang and shout "pursuit!" For the old slave took the Tao thief’s life … "
But before I finished, I saw Todd standing in front of the prince of Zhao. He rushed into a post without looking. Wang Jien unfolded his left arm and stretched his hand into a claw
Suddenly, a strong like ink black gas like a fierce beast entangled out unexpectedly in an instant the paws will Wang Jien rigidly hold!
At this time, Tao Decai slowly turned to look at Wang Jien, who was constantly struggling with pain. "I said that Wang Gonggong can’t stop me."
Wang Jien seems to have been caught in the throat, and it seems that Yuan Shen will be stripped and eaten away!
His eyes are wide open and well maintained, and his skin is covered with black meridians. He said hoarsely and hard, "You … you cultivate evil spirits … witchcraft ~!"
Although Zhao Huangyi was shocked that Todd could also be mysterious, when he saw that the black paws became painful and almost twisted’ old chap’, he couldn’t think so much anymore. He closed his eyes slightly as if begging, and said, "Todd let go of Ji En?"
But Todd seemed to sigh, "Germany promised Ting Nuo to leave Scott’s pulse and I’m sorry."
Said Todd has clenched his paws into a fist and black ShaQi scattered Mercedes-Benz …!
Boom ~!
Suddenly, the black claws have suddenly tightened, and Wang Jien, who was dying, was sucked like a mummy and then burst into dust!

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