To be honest, Li Qin still has some rejection for these antiques, calligraphy and painting.
Although the policy has been liberalized in the past two years, she has left a lot of impressions in her heart in the previous years. Who knows when it will suddenly go backwards and give you a look back? That would be really desperate.
In recent years, life at home has been getting better and better. The old couple have retired, and the development of their younger brother and family can no longer be simply said.
At present, Li Qin feels that even if her parents are healthy, they can’t be better than they are now. She cherishes her eye life very much for fear that something will break this difficult state.
Li Chu listened to her sister’s words and got up and walked over. She sat down beside her and put her hand on her shoulder.
"Don’t worry, sister, I won’t mess around. I don’t have any greed in my heart. I just want to take all those paintings for myself, just to see what they are."
Li Qin patted his two younger brothers and said in a slightly low voice, "You know, when I heard about your situation the day I was awarded the title, I felt not happy, not excited, but scared."
Let’s sister and brother have been enjoying the shadow of their parents, taken care of by uncle Wang, and later married Shenyang. Why do you think the benefits at the end of the day have been taken up by our Lao family?
Chu, I’m really worried about the truth that prosperity will decline. You and I both know it, and how do I feel that the wind is going to change again after reading that reference news these days? "
It’s no wonder that Li Chu feels that his sister seems to have been depressed recently. The original source is here.
My sister has seen a lot of Nanniwan in her life, not to mention after liberation. Therefore, she is particularly sensitive to this direction, and it is normal to read some clues from the newspaper.
Li Chu’s heart is very white, but there are some things that he can’t just say, even if he says it, whether his sister can believe it or not is another matter.
He can keep saying some words of comfort, and it will never be a problem for their family to ask those masters to return.
And after so many years of ups and downs, even without those masters relying on his own business contacts over the years, he can still get through it smoothly
He’s not the wannabe he used to be. No matter what he does, he has to rely on his parents to keep his money, and important people will get sick. He’s a famous doctor in this country, so no one will take care of him.
After some gag by Li Chu, Li Qin gradually recovered.
"Don’t you want to see Mr. Chen’s paintings? He just has a small frontispiece next to Xu Damao’s old restaurant. You can easily find it by looking for it in the past. Just say that you are Wang Wen’s little brother. If he can get it, he will get it."
"Ok, I’ll change my clothes and have a look." Li Chu knew that his sister was still a little uneasy, and he was happy to come and plan to take the two paintings home with him and let him look at them. If there is no way to repair them, he will quickly join the museum.
The former dean looked for him once and never saw him again. Maybe someone said something to him.
Although it is impossible to hand in his precious porcelain, he is willing to be generous with others’ money, but he can’t handle the paintings after these are finished.
Got up and walked into the bedroom, took a Ding Qiunan suit from the cupboard and made it for him, and then came out again.
"Can’t you buy yourself two clothes? How many years have you worn this tunic suit? "Li Qin looked at his brother and asked with a frown.
"What’s the matter? "Li Chu some don’t understand look at the clothes in his hand and look at his sister.
"It’s not good. It’s just that my collar is a little white. I haven’t changed my body shape in these years. It suits me."
"Is this a proper question? I know you like to wear Qiu Nan to make clothes, but at least you should wear something decent. This seems to have happened many years ago. You went out in the neighborhood and saw what you asked others to say about Qiu Nan.
Say you married a shrew? I’m such a big cadre that I can’t even bear to buy you a dress every day when the car comes and goes. "
Li Qin’s words made Li Chu stunned. He never thought about it. Every time he wears casual clothes, he pulls one out of the cupboard and wears it. He never thought about what others would think of him.
Sister said yes, women are men, and vice versa.
If a married man is always dirty, people will say that he married a lazy woman and didn’t even wash his clothes for his own man.
And a woman, if she doesn’t have a new face all the year round, even if she doesn’t wear any balsam, she won’t go to the mall for a walk during the New Year, then others will say that her man has nothing to do and can’t earn money.
The same is true of this matter in Li Chu’s house.
The only difference is that no one will say that he is fine because the facts are there.
But he wears this kind of clothes for a long time, and others will definitely talk about Ding Qiunan behind his back.
"I know that Qiu Nan made me a new dress in my sister’s room. I just pulled one at random."
Chapter one hundred and fifty-six Doubt
When Li Chu came out of the bedroom again, he wore a gray tunic suit, which was just made in the new month and never worn it once.
"That’s more like it." Li Qin nodded with satisfaction this time.
"Qiu Nan took it out before my sister, and I didn’t notice three new shirts hanging in the cupboard."
"I said I always see Qiu Nan making clothes for you. Why are you still so old? Be careful not to gossip about Qiu Nan."
"I know, sister."
"Come on, go, go. Where are the two paintings you brought back? 」
"Right in the room"
Half an hour later, Li Chu rode his bicycle to Xu Damao’s old hotel.
I haven’t ridden a bike for a long time, but when I tried it in the yard just now, I ran out after hearing the sound. Wang Yueyue picked up a smile and couldn’t stand up.
He pushed his bike along this road and walked slowly to the east. Soon he saw his sister telling him about the pavement.
Without hanging the door at the door, there was a piece of paper with four big characters of framed calligraphy and painting sticking to the glass.

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