"Two days ago, he came to see me and asked me how you were. I was afraid you were too angry to tell you." Then she took my hand and said, "Brother-in-law actually regrets that he said he was drunk that day or he wouldn’t have done it so hard …"
"Stop talking," I interrupted Lin Xiaoyue coldly. "You know how many times he touched me in the xiao yue newspaper. I believe my aunt also told you that you think he knows what regret is, and then you should stay away from him."
Lin Xiaoyue tried to impress me. "But my brother-in-law was really nice before him …"
"xiao yue, do you want me to take off my clothes and let you have a look at him?" I interrupted her again coldly. I don’t know why she is so Meng Chengyang.
"Elder sister …" Lin Xiaoyue a face of guilt.
"xiao yue, don’t worry about Meng Chengyang and me. I will leave him sooner or later." I suddenly feel very tired
"I’m sorry."
After Lin Xiaoyue went out, I called Su Qing and wanted to talk to her about it. I didn’t want her to work overtime. This became her complaint. She said that her boss had to pull her to work overtime every day, and she had to wait on her at any time. She kept talking for half an hour about how her boss crushed her, and then she was interrupted by her boss. I smiled bitterly.
Mother Zhang woke me up the next morning and said that my father asked me to go to the company with him. I haven’t been to the company for half a month, and I don’t know what the situation is now.
When I was building, my father had finished breakfast and sat on the sofa reading the newspaper. It was rare for him to dress up like this since his legs were broken three years ago.
I ate a piece of bread and drank a glass of milk, and then I followed him to the car. My father’s face has been gloomy all the time. I don’t think anyone will be in a good mood as the stock market has been so miserable recently, but I know that what makes him gloomy is not the company’s bad situation, but the information yesterday. Although I have many questions in my heart, I dare not ask more.
When I arrived at the company, he took me directly to the fifteenth floor conference room, as if I had an appointment with someone.
As I expected, as soon as I entered the conference room, I met the two people I expected.
Meng Chengyang and his father had been waiting there.
"Lin Dong Xiaotong is here." Meng Zhijie said hello first and looked a little embarrassed because my father and I didn’t look him in the eye. Meng Chengyang hung his head slightly behind Meng Zhijie and finally called a "chairman."
Chapter 20 Restore freedom
Although my father is the chairman of Yatai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., he has long ignored the fact that almost all the facts fall on Meng’s father.
"You two go out first. Director Lin and I have something to talk about first." Father’s tone was a little cold and hard.
Meng Chengyang and I looked at each other and left the meeting room. The meeting room was locked from the inside.
I didn’t want to see Meng Chengyang’s hypocritical face, so I turned aside to sit in the lounge and didn’t want him to follow me.
"Tong Tong, I’m sorry I really drank too much that day." Meng Chengyang was quite contrite.
Before, I was blinded by his disguise as a modest gentleman. Now, how can I become one?
"You don’t apologize, and now you and I are even." I kept him waiting for that meal for a year, even if I compensated him.
"Tong Tong …" He came up to me and tried to further soften me.
My mobile phone in my bag rang at this moment. I couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief and take out the words. When I saw the familiar number, I couldn’t help but hook a mouth and turned out of the lounge to pick up the words "hello"
"It seems to be getting up." Zou Chen’s dumb voice came from the other end with a hint of laziness.
"Yeah, I got up early and I’m in the company now." I naturally put on a soft tone, which is a little strange to me.
"Oh," he asked again, "Did you apply the medicine last night?"
Er … I forgot about it long ago. When I came back yesterday, he brought me back those two bottles of medicine specially.
"That … wipe"
"How do you wipe the back?" His tone became ridiculous.
Okay, I lied
"Let my aunt help me behind my back" knows that he found out, but my mouth is still stubborn.
"Don’t be so guilty if you want to lie to me after humming."
I vomited a tongue.
Listen to the other end and say, "I’m going to Hong Kong tomorrow, and I may stay there for a few days. See you at the old place at 9: 00 pm."
I chuckled back to "good"

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