That is to say, Su Yonglin grasped the key to turning the tide.
Although there was a short moment.
Chapter 235 He lost.
Su Yonglin knows what he needs to do at this time.
He knows what he should do to turn the tide.
He’s going to put that key in the keyhole and give it a good twist!
So he made the army shout the words "Gold Thief Lost"
The louder the shout, the better. The more people hear it, the better. When people hear it, they should shout along and shout at the top of their voices.
So the word "Golden Thief Lost" broke out one after another, and the soldiers of Victory Army in the whole battlefield shouted these four words.
The soldiers shouted this slogan and launched a strong attack on the frontal heavy infantry array of 8 Jin Army. The original close scene began to tilt towards the victory army side.
There are really a lot of nomads who can understand Chinese. They are so flustered by this slogan that they don’t know how their side was defeated.
8 jin j heavy infantry array began to lose to gradually show signs of collapse.
8 Jin Jun’s morale began to shake, and Su Yonglin once again vigorously sounded the drums to prepare the remaining cavalry for attack.
Fighting for a while, the cavalry finally waited for the attack order.
It is very cruel to just watch the bloody battle of the infantry and not be able to contribute, but Su Yonglin does not intend to be cruel to the end.
Zhang Yuejing was in charge of the front line, which experienced the scene of the first defeat, then the victory, and the Jedi counterattacked. Tiefu was defeated, and the peripheral cavalry suffered so much that it was almost impossible to maintain the battle line and people were in panic.
Seeing the right time, Su Yonglin ordered the cavalry of Victory Army to rush out to target this group of 8 Jin Army cavalry.
The cavalry bugle came crashing, and Zhang Yuejing immediately dispersed the large array to make way for the gap to cooperate with cavalry they nest tactics.
Suppressing their anger, the cavalry rushed to attack, and the front of the soldiers pointed to the heavily damaged part of the 8 Jin Army cavalry, which covered a small number of Tiefu retreating cavalry and immediately lost control.
They didn’t expect the Victory Army to send cavalry to fight back at this time.
The goal of the Victory Army cavalry is indeed that the cavalry melee root did not play any classic tactics
To go is to fight face to face and sprint to learn something from yourself during this period.
Anyway, it’s also a hard-working flint. It almost broke out, and my own strength felt a little extraordinary.
There is no doubt that the quality of 8 Jin Army cavalry is definitely higher.
But the victory or defeat of war is not only dominated by the quality of soldiers.
Momentum is also very important.
It goes without saying that a group of defeated soldiers face a group of fierce pursuit soldiers who suffer more casualties.
If the infantry can’t catch up, then the cavalry will attack and attack in one direction to try to destroy this wave of defeated cavalry.
In this case, the cavalry of the Victory Army really punched the Lao shifu to death, and scattered and washed away an 8 Jin Army cavalry in front of them and completely defeated them.
A few rescued Tiefu did not live to win the victory. The cavalry was beaten in the torrent and fell off their horses and died.
The remaining 8 jin j cavalry finally have no will to fight.
They lost their courage and fled in haste, and did not intend to continue fighting with the Lord. They began to flee.
Victory army cavalry immediately turned to chase and fight, biting this group of fleeing 8 jin j cavalry and heading straight for 8 jin j array.
Not only that, they also divided their troops and turned around, and directly attacked the 8 Jin Army infantry array with the soldiers who were fighting fiercely at the front.
At this moment, the Victory Army’s front-line step army became more and more brave. Su Haisheng and Han Jingxuan both devoted themselves to the bloody battle of the Qinbing Guard Field. The soldiers roared angrily and gradually pushed forward the 8 Jin Army infantry array to rout.
8 jin j infantry array collapsed, and they were already teetering.
The cavalry of Victory Army joined the battle and became the last straw to crush the camel.
The cavalry of Victory Army suddenly attacked from the rear, and the infantry of 8 Jin Army was caught off guard and rushed out of a gap.
Once the gap was opened, the rear part of the army collapsed directly, and the infantry scattered and fled. The screams repeatedly dispersed the army. The cavalry rushed in at once and tried their best to urge the horse to go on the rampage and tear the 8 Jin J army at all costs.
There are also 8 Jin Army soldiers who tried to attack Victory Army cavalry with long knives and spears, and some Victory Army cavalry were indeed killed. However, more and more cavalry rushed in, and the ranks became more and more chaotic. More and more infantry lost their minds and fled, and the situation was out of control.
No matter how brave and tough 8 jin j is in front of the rear wing chaos, he can’t hold on.
They lost their courage and confidence, and no matter how well trained they were, they couldn’t keep them going, so they collapsed.
The Victory Army fought head-on for an hour, and the Jin Jun army array was suddenly pushed down like a beautiful sand sculpture castle by the sea.
Su Yonglin’s invasion order was properly handed to the front line at this time.
He made the army array take the initiative to crush the whole infantry army array of 8 jin j and turn the cavalry department into a strategic attack, chasing the fleeing nomads from the army, and never relax.
Chasing them and rushing to destroy the Jin Jun array!
This is the best chance!
This is the only chance to turn the tide and finally win!
The drums and horns became passionate, urging the soldiers to move forward step by step with the clank.
The high efficiency of the Victory Army enabled this tactical requirement of race against time to be implemented. Su Haisheng and Han Jingxuan commanded the frontal army array to go forward and hunt down the nomads from the army, and at the same time, the whole large array moved along with it, and did not lose its unity because of the action.
The cavalry also turned to chase according to Su Yonglin’s order.
Chasing cavalry while chasing infantry will never let go, which makes the nomads from the rear don’t know whether to shoot even if they want to shoot an arrow.
Seeing that two attack teams collapsed at the same time and the third flank attack cavalry was forced to retreat, Yan Hong’s neighbor couldn’t believe his eyes.
He couldn’t believe that he was defeated by a main infantry army on the battlefield.
And this army actually turned into a pursuit on the battlefield, and launched a pursuit on his own initiative. The momentum was unstoppable.
His infantry was defeated, and the cavalry was defeated because the iron pagoda was defeated.
The whole battlefield was in a state of collapse, and they fled in haste, while the victorious army turned to the offensive. They were red-eyed and roared to pursue and resolutely attack the 8 Jin Army.
8 jin j casualties began to soar.

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