"I will be willing to go at the end" "I will be willing to go at the end!"
Doing words fall Wang Ze and Li Yuan came out. Wang Ze mainly wanted to make amends through this World War I. Yuanze Li was purely thinking about the meritorious military service. He was confident that it would be easy to take these counties.
"Good Li Yuan, I command your Lord Wang Ze, and your lieutenant will lead five thousand troops from Shili County. On the seventh day, I will feel the tiger prison in these four counties."
"At the end of the general life!"
Li Yuan and Wang Ze fuels
"Binyang County!"
"At the end, please fight" and "At the end, please fight"
Ulrich words fall out of Pan Yang and Chen Yi, but Ulrich took a look at his door and moved his line of sight directly. Finally, he looked directly at the back in the direction of a silvery white armor Ning Caichen!
They were startled and looked at Ning Caichen with different faces in the direction of Ulrich.
"Ning Caichen Xue Gui!"
"The last general …" "The last general"
Ning Caichen and Xue Gui came out with fuels, and Ning Caichen’s face didn’t change much. Xue Gui was stunned. I didn’t expect Ulrich to call him.
"Ning Caichen, I appointed your Lord Xue Gui, and I appointed your lieutenant to take these four counties to Tiger Prison on the 7th!"
"At the end of the general life" Ning Caichen leng then fuels.
"The last general will lead the troops"
Xue Gui followed fuels, but the audience was stunned and puzzled. It’s hard to believe that I didn’t understand the story. What’s the life for Ning Caichen and Xue Gui? The most difficult thing for them to accept is how Ning Caichen’s Lord said that Ning Caichen is a captain, while Xue Gui is a captain who is a whole level higher than Ning Caichen, but let Ning Caichen’s Lord …
Many people were startled and puzzled. Li Yuan, Wang Ze and Pan Yang had a faint cold light in their eyes. Chen Yi took a look at Ning Caichen, but no one in the field refuted because Chen Yanjun’s prestige was too high. No one dared to refute!
"Chen Yi, Pan Yang!"
"last general"
"I appoint you two or so pioneers to cut the hills!"
Chapter 169 Ambush
Chen Yan’s resolute eyes are very sharp, which directly makes him show his fangs like a beast awakened from the wild. He has a great appetite and wants to recover the rest in seven days. Many military generals in more than a dozen counties in Sanchuan County, which were occupied by the Yellow Scarf Army, are determined to uphold the military’s resolute action.
In the end, there is a mouth opened next to Chen Yan and Huang Zheng Huang Zheng Chen Yan. He has something to say.
"You wonder why I let Ning Caichen and Xue Gui attack Binyang and command Ning Caichen."
Ulrich revealed Huang Zheng’s thoughts in his heart. Huang Zheng really didn’t understand that even though Ning Caichen was outstanding in martial arts, he was also a captain with insufficient qualifications. He really couldn’t imagine that Ulrich would let Ning Caichen take the lead in an army, and that the Lord would be a captain higher than Ning Caichen. Xue Guicheng became a lieutenant. Although he was puzzled, Huang Zheng didn’t say anything-
"The general must have a general to do this, which means that at the end of the year, he will be worried about the general doing this. His generals in the army will have a complaint. Can Ning Caichen hold it down?"
Huang Zheng’s words are euphemistic, but the meaning is very white. Although Ning Caichen was conferred the title of Lord by David Ulrich, he was, after all, a captain in the army who was much taller than Ning Caichen’s official position. Maybe he didn’t dare to do anything in front of David Ulrich, but it’s hard to say whether Ning Caichen can hold up in secret. Just say that Xue Gui asked him to be a captain to be a lieutenant. Will he be willing?
"Some people give him a platform, and it will bloom with a hard-to-hide light. I have given him a platform, and it depends on whether he can grasp it himself!"
Huang Zheng mind a shock looked at Daniel he never thought Daniel will give birth to such a mind is going to cultivate Ning Caichen.
"The general is not to say that he …"
"I hope I don’t look at the wrong person …" There was a sharp flash in the eye of Ulrich. "If it can be truly natural, it’s best if I can’t train it myself, I can destroy it myself."
It’s well known that Ning Caichen was loyal to the State of Liang, but Ning Caichen thought of it, which made him think more highly of Ning Caichen. At most, a martial arts expert can be regarded as a valiant soldier with force and strategy.
He is very optimistic about Ning Caichen’s cultivation of Ning Caichen, but he is also wary of Ning Caichen and worried that Ning Caichen has infidelity with Liang Guosheng.
On the other hand, when Ning Caichen came out, he went straight to the Xiaoqi Camp. It is not clear about the mind of Chen Yan. At this time, his whole mind was put on this war, which means war, and it is a challenge for him, but it is also an opportunity and a platform!
"Xue a captain …! No, it should be Lieutenant Xue now! "
Bowing their heads and hearing a sound, Ning Caichen followed the line of sight. Wang Ze, Li Yuan and Xue Gui appeared in the line of sight. The two sides seemed to have just met, but the atmosphere was not very good. Wang Zekou looked at Xue Guixian sarcastically.
"Gee, it’s really glorious for a captain to be a lieutenant Xue."
Wang Ze’s speech is intended to ridicule Xue Gui Li Yuan for not talking, but looking at Xue Gui’s eyebrows is a little disdainful.
"Wang Ze, I don’t need you to ask me anything. The yellow turban insurrectionary army can’t stand people, and it doesn’t mean how glorious your face is."
Be mocked by Wang Ze Xue Gui face also some bad cold words.
Sure enough, Xue Gui poked Wang Ze in pain, and his face turned ugly. Cold hum 1!
"Hey talk about what? So lively. "
Ning Caichen walked over and said with a smile
"Brother Ning!"
Xue Gui saw Ning Caichen say hello. Wang Ze and Li Yuan were both frozen. They just said that Ning Caichen is now in Ning Caichen, but suddenly they appeared. They just wanted to talk and were heard clearly by Ning Caichen. This feeling of speaking ill of others behind their backs made them look bad.
"Go" Li Yuan glanced at Ning Caichen coldly. He called Wang Ze and turned to go, but he suddenly stopped and turned to look at Xue Gui after a few steps. "Xue Gui, I thought you were also a number one, but now you are reduced to being a lieutenant for a surname … before! ……”
Li Yuan looked at Xue Gui and laughed at a Ning Caichen. His eyes were also cold. Looking at Li Yuan, the heart was very sinister. The appearance ridiculed Xue Gui, but it was also centrifugal sarcasm. Xue Gui asked Xue Gui not to …
Sure enough, Xue Gui’s face turned ugly next to him. Anyone who touches this kind of thing will be upset!
"Captain Li"
See Li Yuan to go Ning Caichen stopped Li Yuan.
"Why not teach a surname?"
Li Yuan looked back at Ning Caichen’s tone of calling Ning Caichen a captain, but there was an undisguised sense of ridicule, that is, you are not qualified as a captain compared with me.
"Ha ha, I dare not teach." Ning Caichen said without getting angry. "I have something to wake up a captain Li."
"What words?" Li yuan eyes a cold.
"Ha ha, captain Li’s attitude is not good. I mean it out of kindness …" Ning Caichen’s mouth showed his white teeth. "I think captain Li’s yintang was black and there was a little lotus flower around his brow. This is a lotus flower disaster. Captain Li’s trip is better to be careful!"
Ning Caichen!’
Li Yuan’s furious eyes widened and he was so angry that he couldn’t wait to eat Ning Caichen.
Wang Ze and Xue Gui also looked at Ning Caichen some become speechless, so it’s good to curse people in front of them?
"If you don’t thank me, I am ready to help others and don’t ask for anything in return!"
Ning Caichen mouth next to a list of mirth Xue Gui corners of the mouth take a smoke!

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