In the tree house, it was the spring scenery that filled the garden. Hu Lianer Tan Kou was about to let out a scream when Li He suddenly stopped moving.
"hmm!" Hu Lianer was a little dissatisfied when he heard Li He whispered, "Someone!"
"ah!" Hu Lianer pushed Li He with a low shout and grabbed a dress to cover his spring scenery. Then he asked nervously, "Where is it?"
"More than three miles south!" Li He listened again and estimated a rough distance.
"Oh!" Hearing that people are still three miles away, Hu Lian can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.
They hurried to get dressed and reached the bottom of the tree house. The root of this giant tree was dug through by Li He, and the distance was dug out in all directions for several miles, which covered the whole forbidden area like a huge spider web.
"I want to be with you!" Hu flow son holding Li He back.
"no!" Li He flatly refused to listen to people’s footsteps, but it was definitely not intentional to break into the forbidden area. Those who mistakenly entered the forbidden area knew that they dared to break into the forbidden area. What is the easy generation?
"Those who don’t come well will not come!" Leaping into the tunnel, Li He unexpectedly sounded this proverb in his mind.
Tunnel has turned into a ghosting Li He suddenly showed his shape and listened to as one pleases from a hidden exit to touch out.
Li He poked his head out of the hole and looked in the direction of footsteps. At first, it was a pair of long legs, or rather a pair of smooth and slender legs.
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Chapter one hundred and forty-five Totem
Chapter one hundred and forty-five Totem (the first more)
Li He’s eyes were sluggish, and he felt quite surprised. He couldn’t help but look down the two-way direction only to see a girl dressed in a short skirt with a pair of big eyes staring around.
Li Hegang was about to jump out of the hole, but suddenly he held down his figure. The girl was always spinning around the totem pole, and his eyes suddenly changed his mind.
The girl didn’t show any surprise at these unusual totem poles, but she seemed to have known that the look in her eyes seemed to be thinking about something.
This makes Li He unable to move in her heart. Since this girl knows the totem pole in this forbidden area, she will not know that Xu Jin is not allowed to be eccentric in this forbidden area.
"Maybe she knows how to get out." At the thought that she might get out of here, Li He’s heart jumped unwillingly, and a pair of eyes never left the girl’s body, so she couldn’t blink for fear of losing her whereabouts.
The girl walked around the totem pole, mumbling something from time to time, and her right thumb kept jumping around her knuckles.
Seeing this scene, Li He couldn’t help but stop breathing for a moment. "Is this …?"
At the thought that people may really have mastered the secret of entering and leaving the forbidden area, Li He didn’t even dare to gasp for a few times. After consciously breathing, the whole person lost his vital signs like a stone statue, that is, he was recognized as a stone by the magic exploration of the master of gas refining. This is the second mountain of refined body, and he can reach a state of stone body, in which Huali imitates the unearthed stone and hides his body.
A moment later, Li He found that she was too careful. The girl obviously knew the forbidden area. She never thought that there would be others here. The light footsteps were afraid to disturb the Kyubi no Youko tribe outside. There was no hidden body meaning in the forbidden area.
The long-legged girl walked up and down the stone pillar for half an hour and looked up at the position of the star, which finally determined a stone pillar.
"Pa" that girl has an extra box lid from time to time, and an ink spot like a spider jumps out from the inside.
Li He’s pupil shrank, and the spider’s body was black and fuzzy, but its back was purple, and she gave birth to two pairs of wings. After jumping out of the box, she flew to the middle.
Li He’s eyes can’t help but glance at the girl’s Miao costume again. The fear of this flying spider is from the scenic zone.
As soon as the Miao girl released the flying spider, she murmured, and the flying spider, which was the size of the original ink, rose rapidly with the girl’s mouth reciting her body shape and blowing air until it grew into the size of a washbasin.
Miao girl’s hands jerked in series to break into spider’s body.
At first, the spider was motionless and didn’t react at all until the last method entered the body. The black body suddenly lit up with a light spot. The light spot Youlong also seemed to swim at a rapid pace on the back of the spider, but it turned out to be a strange optical character. After the last stroke of the optical character, the spider suddenly jumped to the top.
Li Hegang put his face back and saw the spider in high school suddenly spit out a thumb-thick silk.
The spider silk penetrated with a hint of blue and purple, and it hit the top of the newly selected stone pillar of Miao girl.

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