That’s the advantage of being on the same street, right?
Always looking down and not looking up.
Smile gently in the morning!
Su Jin’s ponytail is high, and she blushes when she runs. A pink sportswear sets off her skin, and she can’t help admiring it.
Today, the weather is so good that people feel a little uncomfortable.
Okay, it’s just a little sour to be gentle and not admit it
Tengyun looked at Su Jin with his hands in his pockets, but Su Jin didn’t look good. Have you been running recently?
"Yes, the doctor said that I was not well and asked me to exercise more every day-I thought the flower shop was not far from home, so I ran."
TengYun nodded. Then go!
Make way for Su Jin.
Su Jin a lag eyes slightly disappointed.
She, he will ask a doctor what’s the matter with poor health?
He cared a lot before, but now he wants her to go quickly, right?
"Good-bye then!" But she actually nodded goodbye and then ran, and they passed by.
Gentle slightly sideways looking at Su Jin leave figure.
Teng Yun looked at tenderness. What happened?
Blue sky and white clouds, their eyes finally intersect.
At that moment, my gentle heart moved, but then I smiled and said nothing.
"Let’s go!" He put his arm around her shoulder and walked forward together.
"She stayed in the office building for several hours yesterday." Gentle thought she should tell him.
Tengyun was also surprised, and then remembered that she called him yesterday and said something was wrong.
"If something happens, she will say to go to the office building first." He held her and walked on.
The tenderness didn’t say that she didn’t want Teng Yun to meet Su Jin more, but she said that she saw something.
In the afternoon, we are all busy, but we are always not as busy as Assistant Jiang. Jiang Wen, this girl has almost all the secret work because of gentle pregnancy, although it is gentle to say that she will carry it out.
But at 10: 30 in the afternoon, Jiang Wen finally sat down. Ouch, mom was exhausted. How could you do it yourself before?
Smile gently because I am short of money. I can’t live without this job.
The more tired she is, the more excited she will be.
Jiang Wen can’t laugh. It sounds a bit miserable.
"Just get through it."
Gentle and shallow, but Jiang Wen agrees to nod. Yes, nothing is impossible.
I couldn’t help but look at her gentle sister and suddenly remembered that in fact, she seemed to be slow in everything except her feelings.
In particular, there has never been a problem with workers, and almost no problem will be less. She hasn’t seen anything wrong with tenderness since she came to the roof.
It is said that everyone needs to be forced to grow up sometimes.
At noon, four people eat together, Teng Yun is gentle, and Han Xi and Jiang Wen are always a little indigestion when they sit with the boss. It doesn’t take long for them to put chopsticks over their stomachs, so I’m going to wash my hands.
There are not many people in the restaurant, but many Han Xi listened to that sentence before she came to her senses. She put away her business attitude and turned to look at her. She had already bent over and slipped away.
Tengyun didn’t even look at it. He put away his business and turned to look gentle but ate quietly.
He chuckled, "Aren’t you bored?"
"I got used to it many years ago."
Gentle neither too cold nor too hot said 1, but Teng Yun and Han Xi are both a lag.
Han Xi put chopsticks and couldn’t help asking, "You used to be a big lady." When Teng was so hard on you, did you secretly scold him?
Gentle looks up at Han Xi this …
"Of course not!" Gentle little smile way and then bowed their heads and continue to eat in the mind a burst of panic.
He was lucky not to scold him to death.
But it’s different now.
And Teng Yun is quite different for her now.
Do you believe Han Xixiao?
Ask Teng Yun Teng Yun stared at Han Xi coldly and then helped his wife and adults to eat more fish.
Nod gently without looking at them and eat yourself.
This couple.
Han Xi got up and went to wash his hands to find his little girlfriend after dismissing it.
Section 97
It’s exciting to see Jiang Wen chatting with a handsome boy while washing his hands.
He looked at it coldly with his hands around his chest until Jiang Wen found something and turned around to see Director Han’s unhappy appearance, and then he immediately reacted. This is my hometown.
Han Xi gave the man another look at his hometown?
You can’t ignore your man when you go forward and put Jiang Wen around your hometown. The boss is still coming with me.
Take Jiang Wen away without saying hello when you look at him coldly.
The man raised his eyebrows slightly and didn’t talk. He looked at Jiang Wen and waved to him secretly, but he couldn’t help laughing.
After lunch, Han Xi took Jiang Wen to Xiaozao, and manager Teng pulled his wife to the lounge to sleep together.
Looking at Teng Yun tenderly, do you have to take off that stubborn sample?

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