On the periphery of this six-pointed star array, there are thirteen smaller six-pointed stars in a semicircle around this big six-pointed star array, all of which face the huge statue.
After these thirteen star arrays, each star array is connected with seven smaller star arrays, all of which are connected by complicated symbols and lines.
You Ergen Field, the owner of the field family, is sitting outside the largest star array at the front end of the blood pool, including his two sons, thirteen blood-winged people sitting behind the 13 star arrays, and ninety-one blood-winged people sitting behind the smallest star bursts. Everyone is facing the statue.
In order to start this battle, even You Ergen Field has dispatched a total of 150 people, and the elite department of Field Family is here.
At this time, You Ergen’s son William Field said, "Father, think about it again. We can go with the wolf king Mu Enbi to kill the Qin wound. If the start of the blood sacrifice array is not successful, all of us will lose strength, and the Field family will be really finished."
You Ergen said, "William, how many times do you want me to say that you are white? Now that the Senate has killed Garth and Bill, it is determined to hide it, even if it is to destroy the whole Field family, even the Wood family. You know that the Wood family and the Field family are among the best in our blood clan, but you don’t know that the elders will be terrible. Those talents in the Senate are the real masters of the blood clan. Unless the four monarchs wake up, no one can restrain them. If we go on a large scale to kill Qin Shang now, we are not sure that we can kill him before twelve o’clock. If we cause any more shock, the elders will kill us. "
James Field also said, "Father, wake up my grandfather, Lord Zamon. He is strong enough to kill Qin Shang easily."
"Absolutely not!" You Ergen Fieldfield said sternly, "It took 600 years for my father to fully integrate his new body and recover to the strength of the prince. It will take him a year at most to wake up naturally, maybe a month. If we wake him up at this time and his strength can’t reach the peak of the prince, we are the criminals of the Fieldfield family. If we have a father, there is hope in the Fieldfield family. After all, we can join the Senate only if we have the strength of the prince. If my father wakes up naturally this time, his strength is also the peak of the prince, we must never wake him up! Remember, even if we are
William and James replied together, "It’s your father!"
Everyone else bowed down and said, "It’s Lord You Ergen!"
"Well now blood sacrifice! Even if the last drop of blood is exhausted, it is not allowed to stop. The soul of the great king will definitely kill Qin Shang! " At the same time, he has turned into a blood-winged man with a huge blood wing behind him.
He is different from those blood-winged people. His body is not ugly bluish white, but dark red.
You Ergen read a spell in his mouth, stretched out his hand and gently scratched his wrist with sharp red claws, which easily pierced his wrist, and black blood poured out.
The blood immediately turned into a blood fog, and as soon as it spread to the circle in front of him, the whole circle lit up, and the bloody light rushed straight to the top of the hall more than 20 meters high. You Ergen spewed blood in his wrist, and there were still dozens of centimeters away from the circle, but every drop was inhaled into the circle.
Others have also turned into blood-winged people’s own blood to light up the lotus flower in the whole hall of the front circle!
The third volume Four Seas Surprised Chapter 11
The third volume Four Seas Surprised Chapter 11
I saw several blood being sucked into the magic circle, but I couldn’t see a drop of blood in the magic circle, but those symbols, lines and six-pointed stars were getting brighter and brighter!
Finally, the ninety-one minimum circle seems to be bright to the limit. Lotus flower, like life, enters the thirteen circles along the zigzag lines and lines, and every seven circles are connected with the previous one.
Gradually, the thirteen arrays were connected with the array in front of You Ergen. In the array, there were three kinds of lights: gold, red and black. The center of the array, the red and black six-pointed star, slowly rotated, and the three lights formed a twisted light beam.
The head of the embossed blood-winged man in the six-pointed star is getting red and bleeding.
I don’t know how much blood there is in these blood-winged people. They have kept the blood pouring out for half an hour, but the blood is still pouring out.
Everyone’s mouth is chanting a strange spell, and their faces are sacred and tragic, and blood keeps pouring out.
More than twenty minutes later, 91 blood-winged people were mostly shaking, but they were still chanting incantations. The relief head in the center of the circle with the largest size had floated up.
Finally, the bloody light in the large array slowly moved forward along the strange golden and dark red lines, and the chanting voice became louder. Even the thirteen blood-winged people in the middle were shaking!
The lotus flower was finally connected with the blood pool, and a pool full of blood suddenly melted into a thick blood fog, which made the lotus flower in the statue’s eyes brighter.
A red light flashed through the array, and the floating blood-colored relief instantly penetrated into the statue. The statue closed its eyes strangely, and a virtual image exactly like the statue floated out of the statue. This shadow seems to be completely composed of blood fog, and a light red can be seen.
At the same time, the silver light chain wrapped around the statue seems to be dim after being stained with blood fog.
Seeing this virtual image, eyes still closed, hands still holding a vain red spear, bending a waist, jerking the body straight and blood wings to the maximum, and then taking a deep breath!
In an instant, the blood fog around him and all kinds of lights in the circle rushed toward him and entered the virtual shadow of his body. His figure immediately solidified many bodies, and Jinjiao’s head was redder, and his body was golden with spurs and claws.
But even so, he is still half-transparent.
The last ninety-one people with blood wings were absorbed by the light in the front circle, and the body tilted and fainted, while the thirteen people kept the blood wings tightly behind their backs and crawled on the ground and trembled like wrecks. At this time, it was not weakness but the blood shadow in front of them gave them great pressure!
The Grand Duke of You Ergen Field didn’t stop. He didn’t know where to take out a staff and a lotus ball. He flicked his hand and the lotus ball floated in the water. He took out a small glass bottle with less than half a bottle of blood.
He poured a drop of blood on his finger and bounced it into the lotus ball mouth. He immediately read a spell, and the staff set up a hazy lotus flower toward the lotus ball. This lotus flower immediately disappeared into the lotus ball.
At the same time, on the other side of the ocean, although Harry field has not turned into a blood wing, his eyes have become red. He is keeping a close eye on Li Wei not far away. At this time, Li Wei is still surrounded by a layer of blood fog, but it is much lighter than before. He can already see his hazy figure in the blood fog.
In the Vandenberg Hall in England, the scene of Li Wei meditating and practicing in Shan Ye immediately emerged in the lotus ball.
This is the blood spell magic, a kind of blood eye!
You Ergen took out the blood from the vial, and it was Harry’s blood. He could see everything Harry’s eyes saw in the lotus ball!
After all this, he also quietly fell to the ground and his body was shaking, but he was shaking with excitement.
The blood sacrifice finally succeeded!
It didn’t take him long to wait. After a few minutes, the virtual shadow opened his eyes and slowly glanced at the person in front of him. His eyes were full of doubts and he said, "My children, what is difficult for you to decide to spend so much money to summon my soul?"
His voice is wide and distant, as if he were coming out from all corners of the hall at the same time.
You Ergen field on the ground excited voice into tears "universal ancestors! Great and wise Lord Field! Please forgive your grandson’s disrespect for you! The ancient Liulaifeld family has suffered a disaster, and your grandchildren will be exterminated by evil aliens, great monarch! Please accept the request of your descendants. You Na Wei can relieve the disaster faced by your grandson and let your noble blood continue to inherit! "
The bloody video is growling "Tell me who it is? Who dares to destroy my promise? "
You Ergen Field pointed to the reflection in the lotus ball and said, "Ancestor, your grandson has pointed out that he is helping us destroy him!"
A lotus flower rose into the sky and suddenly disappeared at the end of the sky.
In the ruined castle more than 100 miles away from Cardiff, Wales, England, the Gui Mu Green Soul Hall has become nearly 100 meters high and more than 1,000 meters wide!
At one end of the main hall, there are ninety-nine green steps, each of which is carved with complicated ornamentation. The number of steps is covered with fine gauze, and then the high king’s account is looming.
There are tens of millions of evil spirits standing on the steps. Each of these evil spirits is over 10 meters tall, and a hundred evil spirits in the front row are about 20 meters high. They hold out their huge hands to catch the ghosts floating around them and send them to the entrance. Black fog still comes out from time to time.
Watch carefully before you can see that every evil spirit has a thin line of invisible colorful gas on his forehead, but the other end is dragged in Gui Mu’s hand!

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