The waves subsided and enveloped the nine-fold light curtain, which gradually stabilized. At this time, everyone in the field was surprised to find that when Helen was shrouded in their eyes, the nine-fold in the field fluttered at a very high frequency like the fast-forward lens in the shadow.
In the field of time, nine heavy forces are running. John Lone Gang Xuangong looks at Dantian, but he sees the small dragon winding around the center of Dantian wrapped in a blue dragon soul ball, and its swimming speed is several times faster than usual.
As the swimming speed of this dragon with different colors increases, the speed at which the green gas pumped from the blue ball flows into the dragon body is several times higher.
Seeing this situation, even if it is a nine-fold mind, it is difficult to suppress the joy in my heart.
Ten days later at dusk "
Chapter seven hundred and ninety-nine Eradicate hidden dangers
Jiuzhong stepped back from the state of cultivation, slowly opened his eyes and rested in front of him. He was struggling to maintain the time domain, and his face was pale and abnormal. Helen’s face showed a kind smile. "Well, Miss Helen, you can temporarily put away your time domain."
Helen couldn’t speak when she heard the nine-fold words. She nodded with difficulty, trembling and slowly withdrew her time domain.
"Shout … shout … you haven’t arrived yet at the end of the practice today, but you told me to put away the time domain? !” Helen asked with her hands half prostrate and panting.
"Because I am now able to drive away your latent virtual strength", "I will drive away your virtual strength first and then we will practice later".
Upon hearing this, Jiuchong has been watching the soldier king’s face for ten days and can’t help showing ecstasy. Some emotions are excited. "Do you already have the power to crack the virtual force? !”
"Ah …!" Nine heavy some nai laughed, "it’s still a long way to go to crack the virtual force, but it’s no big problem to get rid of Miss Helen."
Talking, Jiuchong went to Helen and sat cross-legged again. She crossed Helen and said to the 67-year-old woman sitting behind her, "You should collect your work first or it will interfere with me."
Sixty-seven women nodded uniformly, and almost at the same time, they closed their hands and withdrew their strength, which continued to be in Helen’s body, violet and Qinglong.
"This process should be a little painful. Miss Helen has to be patient." Nine heavy hands slowly rose and told Helen 1 at the same time.
"… hmm!" Helen nodded her head with a weak voice but a firm expression, and braced herself to maintain her sitting position and wait for the ninth movement.
Seeing that Helen was ready to fold her mind with her hands folded into claws and stand opposite her chest, she pulled a lilac ball of light in the opposite direction and gradually swelled up in his claws. In the ball of light, the stripes were different in color, and the dragon-shaped gas was constantly churning and swimming in it.
When the lavender ball swells to the size of a basketball, the nine paws move slightly and then suddenly push the lavender ball in the paws toward Helen.
The lilac ball of light is like a dream bubble. It passes through nine Helen feet. The distance does not bring half a silk wave, and then it disappears into Helen’s body without any obstacles.
"Ah …!" At the moment when the purple ball entered the body, Helen suddenly gave a low and painful shout with a quiver of charming body.
"Hold back and don’t move. This is just now." Calm wave words slowly emerged from Jiuchong’s mouth, and his paws changed hands like a swirling vortex and kept blowing at Helen.
With the palm of nine palms blowing, Helen’s charming body trembled more and more violently, and sweat dripped from her forehead and temples.
When nine heavy hands kept blowing and Helen’s charming body trembled one minute at a time.
Two hours later, Jiuchong flicked his hands like a turbine, and Huo Ran put his palm back into his arms. Before putting it away, he entered Helen’s lilac ball, which slowly emerged from Helen’s body and finally fell back into Jiuchong’s double claws.
"Well, Miss Helen’s physical weakness has been banished by me, girl. You should treat a physical trauma first, and then the soldier king will take her back to self-cultivation." Jiuzhong simply explained a few words and put the lavender ball in his paws.
In this lilac ball of light, there is a dragon-shaped gas that churns and swims, and there is a cloud of cosmic milky way air in her arms, which is the virtual force remaining in Helen’s body.
Nine gravity urges John Lone Gang to drive the dragon-shaped gas strength in the lavender ball to kill this virtual force exhibition encirclement and suppression constantly.
Another hour later, I heard "bang" a muffled lilac ball, which was repeatedly consumed by a dragon-shaped gas. The virtual force suddenly burst into a little starlight and was slowly absorbed into the body like a real dragon-shaped gas.
"Hoo!" I breathed a sigh of relief, and the light purple ball with two claws dissipated into shape. Only then did I have time to note Helen’s situation.
Before the 67-year-old female combined with violet technique and Qinglong article for continuous treatment, when Jiuzhong pulled out the lavender ball, her face was gray and her vitality was seriously lost. Helen’s face had recovered her blood color with a faint blush, and Anh Hong showed a healthy color in her face protein.
It continued for a while, and the dragon-shaped energy dissipated in Helen’s whole body, and the sixty-seven women gathered strength.
When the soldier king saw it, he hurried through the crowd and ran to Helen to help him sit on the ground. Helen asked earnestly, "Helen, how do you feel?" !”
"Although there are still some difficulties, I can feel that the virtual force that bothers me is really gone." Helen said something to the soldier with some joy, then turned to Jiuzhong and leaned over with gratitude. "Thank you, Mr. Jiuzhong, for saving his life!"
"You don’t need to thank me." Jiuzhong smiled indifferently. "We are only mutually beneficial. Because of you, my strength has also gained considerable promotion. I’m afraid I will trouble Miss Helen to help me practice until Troy comes to me."
"You’re welcome, Mr. Jiuzhong." Helen Zhan Yan laughed. "Troy is our common enemy. I can help you to gain more strength. Then I will gain more strength against Troy. The better our chances of surviving. It’s also my own doing this."
"It’s refreshing!" Jiuzhong’s eyes showed a little appreciation. "In that case, you should go back with Bing B-brother and have a good cultivation for three days. After three days, you will come and continue to assist me in practicing."
"… thanks a lot!" Bing Wang habitually picked up Helen’s tone and sincerely said to Jiu Chong, then turned and strode away.
"Well, you’re done here until that day comes, and you can all rest." Nine eyes full of love swept the sixty-seven women with a smile.
"Brother, rest assured that we won’t be naughty when we go back." Sixty-seven women are all serious. "We will try our best to practice and strive to integrate our body violet and Qinglong as soon as possible, and wait for that day to come to help my brother clean up the bad guy together."
"Well, it depends on your performance then." It’s rare for a sixty-seven-year-old woman to accept it with a heavy heart and no affectation.
Rothschild family Earth Federation prewar headquarters Pentagon
Chapter one hundred Minister
"Then we need to take these five main targets and fight again!" A military official pointed to the table in front of him and presented a three-dimensional map of the ball. Five conspicuous red signs in Europe and America said, "The whole Europe and America will be under our control!"
"The five remaining countries don’t have the special strength. Those who have great power in Gao Qiang Era don’t need me to personally do it again …!" Lazy lying across from the military chief, talking at the mouth of a fallen Trojan, but his voice did not fall, and suddenly he frowned and died.
"What’s the matter with the owner? !” See troy face have different war room in the crowd, someone could not help but ask a way.
"Someone solved a little bit of my virtual strength …!" Troy’s eyes twinkled as if he were sensing something.
"What? !” Upon hearing Troy’s remarks, everyone in the war room was taken aback. "It’s unlikely that someone can resolve the clan leader’s virtual strength, isn’t it? !”
"You are in doubt my induction? !” Troy coldly looking at all sink asks.
"No, no … of course not!" They quickly denied that "since the clan owner said there is, there must be. Yes, it’s really hard to believe that the clan owner knows that this has solved your virtual strength. Who is it? !”
"It’s not to solve my virtual strength, but to solve’ a little’ my virtual strength." The Trojan corrected a Chinese sentence and then said, "According to my perception, this person is in Asia."
"In Asia …!" Someone mused, "is there anyone in Asia who can solve the problem of the clan owners?" !”
"It’s hard to say this." There is another humanity. "We recently received wind that the Chinese government is uniting the world’s top era divine powers in an attempt to unite them together. We are fighting against the fact that many people have gone to China, so it is difficult to guarantee that there are no such powerful and powerful era divine powers."
"It won’t be them," Troy said with great certainty. "If these people who run to China can handle my imaginary power, they don’t need to go there to make any joint efforts, which has solved my imaginary power. I’m afraid that people who don’t do anything but think about it."
"Who? !” Everyone in the war room is full of curiosity.
"… Jiuchong!" Troy gnashing way
"Nine … nine heavy? !”
"It is the sacred party in Huaxia District in the game!"

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