Yang Jian clapped his hands and said, "Good Star Xuan was right. Even if the bodhi old zu foresaw the achievement method ten times or a hundred times higher than ours on Sunday, at best, he could calculate some large numbers, but the decimal number was too complicated to calculate, but he couldn’t figure out that the demon world had gained and lost. The defeat of Liuzhou and Huoyecheng was proof!"
"If Yum! is not enough, it will be a disaster if Kun loses. I don’t know if Emperor Gou Chen has an opinion on large numbers?"
Jade Monkey Fairy is still dissatisfied with Xing Xuan and Yang Jian’s answer and continues to ask, "Twelve lotus stands are a variable for me and a variable for Tathagata Buddha. The Tathagata Buddha sent ten thousand Buddha soldiers to me to protect the real surveillance. It should be said that it is also a variable for Tathagata Buddha. Yuan Tianzun has been hidden in the snow for hundreds of thousands of years, and the Tathagata Buddha has turned a blind eye to this. Xingtian’s great fiend cut off all the incarnations’ mana and cultivation, and he went to reincarnate himself. This is his variable. Mao Xiaoyu, the demon god, arbitrarily advocated fighting with the bodhi old zu on Sunday, which is a big variable in the six realms. "
Xing Xuan didn’t say himself, but counted the eyes of the Jade Monkey Fairy, who had been heard by the six-world overhaulers recently. "So Emperor Gou Chen said that it should be a small variable for us to steal the Linglong Tower of Yin and Yang this time. Can’t the bodhi old zu calculate it?"
Star Xuan ha ha a smile and don’t talk next to Yang Jian snorted and said, "it’s a pity that the jade monkey fairy is not United with us, otherwise it will be the result of the three of us exerting foresight." Those little devils in the demon world are far from us in skill and repair, but we haven’t eliminated them for thousands of years, because they are Qi Xin enough! "
"The nether world ghost fairy may not be Qi Xin! Third, don’t be impetuous and work together to foresee that not everyone can do such a thing, especially me and Gouchen Emperor! "
Jade Monkey Fairy said, picking up the table and throwing a five-color flat peach into his mouth. Yang Jian looked at Xing Xuanxuan blankly but pretended not to see it. Generally, he also picked up a five-color flat peach and gently took a bite to taste it slowly. As the sweet spirit juice emulsion flowed into the insides, the black and white gas in the body spun up. "In situ, the flat peach can’t be planted, and those little monkeys are smart. This is the only way to grow a three-color flat peach. The second fairy fruit, the ginseng fruit, Ma Wenyuan, gave me a kind of my grandfather. An island devoted itself to cultivating and grafting the branches of Zhenyuan Daxian ginseng fruit tree. I didn’t expect to make a breakthrough and grow a five-color flat peach to Jade Monkey Fairy. What do you think of this flat peach? "
"Good, good!"
Jade Monkey Fairy ate up the flat peach in three bites and wiped his hand at Xing Xuan. "Emperor Gou Chen gives you a piece of advice. If you want to practice reincarnation and cut off the three corpses, you must put all your emotional confusion and worries!"
"Different roads, different roads, all the Taoism in the world are not trying their best to get a glimpse of the Heaven, but the Heaven is vast, and Xiu Yuan is groping for the way forward. Who can tell that they must be the closest to the Heaven for the cultivation of martial arts? I know that I can hold on to what I have now and then stand on my roots, but I dare not say more about those things that are vast and unclear!"
Xing Xuan said faintly that the Jade Monkey Fairy listened carefully to Xing Xuan’s words, and his eyes gradually lit up. "No wonder even the Sanqing Venerable and the Tathagata Buddha said that Emperor Gou Chen was a blind man. I believe him today!"
Say that finish jade monkey fairy laughed Yang Jian also laughed. Xing Xuan waved his hand at this time, and the people suddenly withdrew from the hall. When Bai Ling left, he put away the isolation and prohibition in the hall and let the three people talk in it without leaking out. "Hehe, there is one thing I don’t even keep from my eyes. In fact, when I met my eyes on the road, the roots came not from the western paradise but from the celestial world!"
The jade monkey fairy smiled and let go of her legs and said, "You monkey lied to me!" "
Yang Jian was very dissatisfied. "Hehe, this matter can’t be said to be a lie to you!"
Jade Monkey Fairy smiled at Yang Jian. "It’s natural to have a relationship with Qingyuan Miaodao Zhenjun!"
Xing Xuan also laughed, and the Jade Monkey Fairy nodded. "I came from the youngest son of the old gentleman in the Palace of Pocahontas. The youngest son is a wisp of heaven and earth from Pangu. Although he can’t escape the catastrophe, he is not really immortal. I was in the Palace of Pocahontas that day. He just had a furnace of elixir to practice, so I picked up a bargain and ate two of his old guys. The alchemy process was more refined than five hundred thousand years ago, and he came back from Huaguoshan. It was a matter of course that I had some old grievances with him at that time.
Xing Xuan and Yang Jian listened very carefully. "The hexagrams mirror combined with the heavens and the earth, and the youngest son looked far away. Presumably, there was a calculation just in time, and he took back his chaotic Yin and Yang magic to take her Pangu bloodline. At that time, I thought that when I treated the traitor who bullied the teacher and destroyed the ancestors, I would definitely kill her, but I didn’t expect that Gouchen Emperor finally saved her life by taking back her body! That’s too old gentleman. Let me see here and accept the divination mirror. Let me comment on what kind of person Gouchen Emperor is. I had a comment at that time. Hehe, Gouchen Emperor, don’t be angry after listening to it. This is that children are immersed in love and heroes are short of breath! After listening to my comments, the old gentleman sighed and said, monkey, although you have practiced the incarnation of two generations, you have not reached a high level in this life! At that time, I was very angry and asked the old man where I was inferior to him. I was several times higher than him on the theory of truth. I counted myself as having three true elements, and it was not what he could match. The golden cudgel in my hand was the Poseidon needle set by Dayu in those years, and my ranking of practicing fairy wares for hundreds of thousands of years was absolutely out of the top 100. Even if it is good, it can only hang a number in the fairy wares at most! "
Jade Monkey Fairy said so much in one breath, paused for a moment and then said, "The old guy listened to me but didn’t talk. Finally, I was forced to say that although these are hard indicators of high and low skill, some soft indicators are not easy to ignore, and some soft indicators are still among them. I can’t tell you why you still go home!" The old guy turned around and left. I looked for him three times in the pocket palace, but I couldn’t find him in the end. Only when I got out of the pocket palace, I met my eyes! "
Xing Xuan laughed and said, "I’m afraid of touching her grievances accumulated over hundreds of thousands of years. Jade Monkey Fairy, you know that karma is divided into human karma and human karma. This is the karma that will touch the sky when we go against the sky. If we kill too many people, it will accumulate in The six great divisions in the wheel of karma Pool, and human karma will also accumulate in The six great divisions in the wheel of karma Pool. I just want to make more killing and abuse to make her repent. The old gentleman praised me!"
"Ha ha!"
"Hey hey!"
Jade Monkey Fairy and Erlang God laughed differently. "Okay, stop talking nonsense. Tell me, guys, are you ready to go to the nether world?"
Xing Xuan ignored the other meanings in their laughter and asked the two men, "What are you prepared for? I went to the nether world several times 500,000 years ago, but a few kids have nothing to be afraid of!"
The Jade Monkey Fairy got up carelessly. "The Linglong Tower of Yin and Yang is in the hands of the third brother of Sunday’s ancestors. We need to sneak in and kill the old ghosts and destroy the Linglong Tower of Yin and Yang. We don’t have to disturb Sunday’s ancestors!"
Yang Jian said to Xing Xuan that it is also a simple thing to think about Xing Xuan’s nest. Presumably, these two have earth-shattering repair of the Great Immortal, and they already know clearly what he has done. This action should be in case of loss. Suddenly, I was about to get up, and my body choked and spear moved. "Wait, we need to be cautious on this trip. Why don’t we abandon the door and see each other together for a foresight?"
Xing Xuan suddenly said something like this, "Hehe, you are too careful. Didn’t you just say that this exquisite tower of Yin and Yang reincarnation is just a small variable? How can Sunday’s bodhi old zu get such a big collar and calculate everything accurately? And the more we act quickly, the higher the chance of victory is. Don’t hesitate. Let’s go!"
Jade Monkey Fairy urged anxiously, "No, Jade Monkey Fairy, you can abandon everything and care about me, but you can’t. This is not a matter of realm repair! Well, I won’t say much. Give me three days. I’ll do it after I foresee it! "
Xing Xuan firmly believes that the choking spear will not live or die. "Hehe, you can foresee Yang Jian here. Don’t regret that we didn’t take part in this treasure-grabbing operation when we first arrived!"
Jade Monkey Fairy was confident and didn’t pay any attention to Xing Xuan. He carefully pulled up Yang Jian and left. Then Yang Jian looked at Xing Xuan doubtfully, but Xing Xuan couldn’t help but follow him. At this time, he hurried into his training room, took out the choking spear and devoted himself to all the repairs and skills. After three days of foresight, the light on the surface of the choking spear gradually disappeared. Xing Xuan quickly stood neutral from the training room and cried, "Broken Jade Monkey Fairy and Yang Jian are in danger!"
Suddenly, I hit the training room and ran outside. I just ran out of Linxi Palace. Suddenly, I stopped at the sea and reached out to the sea. The sea suddenly boomed and churned. A crab hundreds of miles from Fiona Fang emerged from the bottom of the sea. "Brother Dai, don’t let anyone near Linxi Palace until I return to Linxi Palace. Even if he is a Sanqing Venerable, Jade Emperor and Tathagata Buddha, he won’t let everyone leave Linxi Palace. Just say it’s my will!"
Xing Xuan said to Dai Desmond, who was already a crab at this time, that the crab’s claws waved together to drive thousands of waves and nodded again and again. Xing Xuan was relieved. Now, although Dai Desmond’s skill is not very high, he gave up his spiritual wisdom and became a truly immortal body through his own efforts. If it is really a Sanqing honour person, this cooperation between Dai Desmond and Yang Hong at the bottom of the sea can also resist the noise for a while and naturally disturb the black moon. Violet them, and because they gave up their spiritual wisdom, they had their own masters. What they said would be invariably carried out like robots in the human world. The star Xuan assured the two people that Desdemont was about to fly away. Suddenly, the sea was divided, and Purple Rui chased it. When Star Xuan saw Purple Rui biting her teeth, she suddenly disappeared. The purple Rui also wanted to chase it. Suddenly, she was caught by a huge crab claw and dragged back to the sea. Star Xuan did not leave the East China Sea, but cast a teleport to the East. Ao Guang in Hailong Palace heard that it was Xing Xuan who came to climb up and went out of the palace door to meet Xing Xuan. He stopped him and let himself in and said, "The old dragon king is here to trouble you this time!"
After listening to the grateful tears, Aoguang said, "If you have anything to tell the little god, just say it!"
"I’m asking you to go to the Santan Haihui Great God as soon as possible and say that I called him!"
Star Xuan said to Ao Guang.
Chapter three hundred and forty-nine Peer
"Call him?"
Ao Guang hesitated to know that Nezha had a feud with him. In those days, Nezha killed his third son, and he forced Nezha to commit suicide. This feud was so big that he didn’t dare to face Nezha for tens of thousands of years. "Call him if you want, just give me my name. He never dares to be rough with you!"
Xing Xuan comforted Ao Guang. Ao Guangnai flew away from the Dragon Palace and went straight to heaven. Xing Xuan waited in the Dragon Palace for three days. After that, Nezha came to see Xing Xuan with Ao Guang and asked, "Xing Xuan, are you in such a hurry to find me?"
"Walk and talk!"
Xing Xuan pulled up Nezha and left the Dragon Palace in a blink of an eye. Two people flew to the north with one foot and one cloud. Xing Xuan told the Jade Monkey Fairy and Yang Jian to explore the nether world. Nezha also showed anxious look after hearing his face. He urged hot wheels to say to Xing Xuan, "Let’s go and stop them!"
After listening to Xing Xuan, Fei Yun flew to the junction of the celestial world and the nether world. "Slow down, I suddenly remembered that there is a shortcut!"
At this time of Nezha suddenly took the star Xuan before a clap head and said, "Fast track? Where is it? "
When Xing Xuan heard this, he was overjoyed. "There is a channel leading to the nether world in The six great divisions in the wheel of karma Pool!"
Nezha said, "The six great divisions in the wheel of karma Pool?"

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