Song Danfu asked, "Did you really let it go?"
"I didn’t put it," said Wang Yu. "I was wronged. You must believe mom. I didn’t set fire to the Song family. How could I set fire to our own family? So many people died, including your grandfather and father. Our Song family was completely destroyed."
Wang Yu cried and couldn’t wipe away the tears.
She believes that if the police think of evidence, Song Danfu asks, "Mom, do you have evidence?"
"What evidence?" Wang Yu asked Song Danfu puzzled. "It’s not evidence that you set fire."
"No, I have nothing." Wang Yu shook his head and his grief didn’t ease at all.
"Where have you been all this time?" Song Danfu couldn’t figure out where her mother had been for a whole month and a half. Since she had nothing to do, why didn’t she come back for her:
Chapter 10 Doubts abound
"I was imprisoned yesterday, and I escaped early." Wang Yu’s eyes were frightened. Song Danfu never thought it would be like this. The answer was surprised and asked, "Who imprisoned you?"
"I don’t know, I don’t know." Wang Yu shook his head and looked flustered.
Song Danfu asked again, "Where are you imprisoned?"
"I don’t know," Wang Yu shook his head. "Those people were drunk. I seized the opportunity and ran like crazy. I didn’t see clearly where it was remote, like a mountain forest. I escaped to the highway and took a ride back to the city."
Song Danfu’s eyebrows screwed up, vaguely feeling that things were not that simple. It was yesterday evening when he received Wang Yu’s wanted mobile phone report. Wang Yu escaped early yesterday to control and imprison Wang Yuren. It was definitely not the police. Then who could let the police publish a mobile phone newspaper yesterday evening and a newspaper early today?
Suddenly Song Danfu thought that she was also arrested to the police station. Could it be that they arrested Wang Yu later?
"Did those people do anything to you?" Song Danfu asked the water in her heart. Looking at Wang’s raincoat, her face was dirty and pale, and her hair seemed to be very embarrassed as if it had not been washed for a long time. As you can imagine, it was not good for her for a month and a half.
Wang Yu shook his head. "No, they imprisoned me and did nothing else."
Song Danfu was imprisoned and asked, "Did they ask you anything?"
Wang Yu still shook his head and Song Danfu asked, "Have you seen their true colors? Can you tell whether they are from China or foreigners?"
"China people" Wang Yu gave a positive answer this time.
Song Danfu’s heart sank. It’s not the second time he caught one of his own. Then who could it be? What’s the purpose of imprisoning Wang Yu?
I’m going back to the company to discuss this matter with Gu Qingyi. Song Danfu didn’t ask others to let Sean send her and Wang Yu to the old apartment.
In the sunny living room, Wang Yu sat on the sofa and looked at the room again. He asked Song Danfu uneasily, "Where is this?"
Being kept in a dark room day and night for a long time, she escaped yesterday. Fortunately, after returning to the city, she realized that she had been extremely scared and penniless for a month and a half. Instead of asking her friends for help, Wang Yu found a nearby hospital to hide.
I went out to eat early this morning and saw the news that the newspaper wanted me. She was so scared that she didn’t understand how she became an arsonist. The Song family fire destroyed everything. She lost her husband, daughter and father-in-law as victims.
Afraid of being recognized, she hid in the parking lot of the hospital, huddled herself in a dark corner and swallowed her up by hunger and fear.
When she was desperate, she also thought of dying, but in the end she didn’t have the courage to survive. I don’t know what she felt, so she thought that Liandanfu was penniless and didn’t dare to expose herself to the sun. She was desperate again.
Fortunately, in the most desperate time, she found a coin and quietly went to the kiosk next to the hospital to call Danfu.
A glass of water in front of Wang Yu interrupted her thoughts. Wang Yu looked up at Song Danfu. Song Danfu smiled shallowly. "This is where I used to live. It’s very safe. You stay here for the time being and don’t worry about being found by the police."
"You don’t live here with me." Wang Yu’s eyes are full of fear, and his hands are shaking slightly, and his body is shaking with him.
Song Danfu Bai Wangyu was afraid to comfort her and said, "Don’t worry, it’s safe here and no one else comes in and out. Usually, an aunt cleans and cooks. I have already called her and said that you are my mother, and she will come and take care of you soon."
"But" a month and a half of imprisonment made Wang Yu afraid to believe that Song Danfu was her only driftwood for survival. "Danfu, are you here with me?"
"Mom, I know you are scared." Song Danfu held Wang Yu’s hand. "But think about it. If the police can’t find you, they will definitely come to me. I am your daughter, and they will think that you will come to me. It will be worse if we live together."
Song Danfu, who didn’t want to cause Wang Yu deeper fear, concealed the fact that the police had been following her.
Wang Yu thought about it for a second time. "Why don’t you come to see me once a day?"
She’ll be scared if she can’t see Daphne.
Slightly ponder Song Danfu’s promise of "good"
She wants to avoid the police, but Sean can. She believes that Sean can help her get rid of the police once and definitely get rid of the police twice. It is no problem for her to come to see her mother.
Wang Yu smiled with satisfaction. This is the first time she laughed after the Song family fire. She has been in extreme fear and despair every day for the past month and a half. Don’t be ridiculous. She is almost crying.
Aunt Lin, the nanny, soon came to the apartment to see Aunt Yulin Wang. She smiled as gently and thoughtfully as when facing Song Danfu. She knew that Wang Yu had not eaten. Aunt Lin hurried to the kitchen to cook for Wang Yu. In the place where both mother and daughter could not see, Aunt Lin’s eyes flashed with a malicious crime.
Gu Shi
Song Danfu didn’t get back to the 32nd floor. Secret A told her that the president was looking for her and asked her to go to the president’s office as soon as she came back. Song Danfu nodded just as she also wanted to discuss with Gu Qingyi about Wang Yu, and went directly to the president’s office.
Knocked on the door, Song Danfu went in and stopped by.
Gu Qing shallow in the French window didn’t look back Song Danfu walked beside him, and he looked at the tall buildings and days outside the window at a horizontal level, and no one spoke first.
"It seems a little long when I went today." Gu Qing’s shallow mouth didn’t look at Song Danfu.
"I didn’t go to see Gu Yanchen." Song Danfu looked at Gu Qingyi. She was grateful to him. He asked Sean to be her driver but didn’t let Sean monitor her.
Gu Qing turned to look at Song Danfu’s pretty face, which seemed a little surprised, but his face softened, although it was not very obvious.
"I found my mother and put her in a safe place." Song Danfu’s tone was gentle and her eyes were fixed on Gu Qing’s shallow words, and Wang Yu also told Gu Qing’s shallow words.
Gu Qing’s pale face sank for a long time before he asked, "Are you sure that place is safe?"
Song Danfu nodded. She lived there for a month, but she didn’t find her. The police didn’t find Wang Yu so quickly.
"I didn’t find you because Gu Yanchen blurred the focus." It is very important to see Song Danfu’s thoughts. He must be one
Song Danfu pie pie thought you this is three hundred and twenty silver here:
Chapter 11 Getting married
In the evening, Gu Qing took Song Danfu back to the family, and both of them stepped into Gu Yanchen’s hind feet. Song Xiaoling was so happy that she took Gu Yanchen to ask questions.

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