"Well ~" Nina leng a low point nodded and then followed Ye Guchen slowly falling from the sky. At the moment, it was near dusk, and Xiaobai was still in a deep sleep and killed a beast. After Ye Guchen, they had a landing for dinner.
In fact, Ye Guchen or Mei Nina probably have little need for these things, but Ye Guchen always likes to eat something, because Yuzryha Guchen feels that he is still a living person, which is very good.
After eating, a fire rises, sitting next to the fire, Ye Guchen and Mei Nina look at each other and look at each other. They don’t say much. In this silent night, Ye Guchen really doesn’t know what to say, so he took out a lingshi to prepare for cultivation. Although "The Star of Eternity" can run on its own on weekdays, its speed of self-operation is always beyond cultivation. Otherwise, Ye Guchen doesn’t do anything. Find a place to sleep for thousands of years and then become a peerless master. How can there be such a good thing? What’s more, it also involves a Lingshi problem. The emergence of Lingshi can increase the speed of Yuzryha Guchen’s repair several times again. Therefore, Ye Guchen’s practice every day is constantly busy these days, and the place from meishan town has slowed down slightly. Now it is natural for Ye Guchen to practice in his leisure time.
"Energy stone!" Meinina saw Ye Guchen take out the Lingshi in his hand, and suddenly his eyes brightened and he couldn’t help but say that this was the first time that she had been alone with Ye Guchen and said that her voice was crisp and nice.
"Do you know?" Leaf solitary consciousness glanced at Nina asked.
"Well ~ our blood clan also has energy stones to absorb energy much faster than we can absorb energy alone." Meinina said with her eyes fixed on the low Lingshi in Ye Guchen’s hand.
"Are you? Then you can take it! " Ye Guchen smiled and took out a piece of energy stone and gave it to Meinina. Ye Guchen didn’t care much about these things. Although his goods were not many, it was enough.
"This ~ thank you" Mei Nina bit her lip and said softly that she held out a white hand and took the Lingshi in Ye Guchen’s hand. However, her fingertips accidentally touched Ye Guchen’s consciousness, and she blushed quickly after she took this energy stone from Ye Guchen’s hand. Not much to say, she closed her eyes and a pair of meat wings stretched out instantly to absorb the moonlight in the sky, and a little silver light fell from the sky and shot into this Mei Nina’s wings, and she also absorbed it.
When I saw Meinina moving leaves, Gu Chen smiled and observed it carefully. This blood clan absorbed moonlight energy, which seems to be very different from others. However, in Ye Gu Chen’s view, the moon also absorbs its energy this Sunday. In fact, there is not much difference between this energy and this energy. This Meinina obviously absorbs an energy from the moon and the stars, but it is far from it compared with "The Stars of Eternity".
After watching it for a while, Ye Guchen also cultivated and closed his eyes to run. These six black holes are generally acupoints corresponding to six stars in the sky, and then cultivated crazily. Six black holes absorb the huge energy around them like the abyss. In the Lingshi of Ye Guchen’s hand, there is a pure strength that is quickly absorbed by Ye Guchen.
Two people are practicing here, and on the other side, there is a misty mountain peak in the mountains in the southeast of Datang country. There is a simple and elegant hall located in the central position of this building complex. At this moment, a middle-aged man with a beard and a cassock is looking at a young man who is kneeling on the ground and can’t help shivering. Next to him, four old men are frowning. Obviously, they are not happy. They are also staring at the young people in front of them as if they are preparing to listen to his answer.
These men are none other than the head of a Fu Luzong Sect, a famous sect in the Tang Dynasty, and the four elders, one master in the late OBE period and four master in the middle OBE period. Don’t look at this head. It looks young, and the oldest one in it is the highest one, and it is also him.
"say! Who killed Kiir! You fell to the ground for nothing! I asked you to accompany my son to travel, but it’s only been less than two months and he’s dead! Actually dead! Give me an account, you punk, or I’ll make your life hell! " Liu Qi’s father, Liu Zong, the head of Fu Luzong, said angrily to the Fu Luzong brother in front of him, Liu Qi is his only son. He has lived for more than 500 years, but now he is so sad that Liu Zong is naturally sad.
! ! ! ! ! w! w! w! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
He didn’t agree to go out to experience at random. After all, although Fu Luzong in Datang was not bad, there were several sects that were worse than Fu Luzong. He was afraid that it would cause trouble and accidents after going out without things, but he was so spoiled and impatient on weekdays. Liu Qi was soft and hard, and he thought that Liu Qi had a golden elixir period to repair in this Datang realm. Although he was not a master, he was not too bad. He hesitated and gave Liu Qi a human-level flying sword and sent several younger brothers to repair it.
I didn’t think that those waste people had let their children die outside because of their poor work. If I had known this was the case, Liu Zong would have sent one or two of his most proud elder brothers and those elder brothers. If so, I wouldn’t be surprised.
"This ~ this ~ patriarch, I don’t know if it is a person who fixes the truth in the then period, and I don’t know who it is. He is very powerful, with a white tiger with wings and a prefecture-level flying sword. Although there are many people, we are not rivals." My brother kneeling on the ground was scared by Liu Zongyi’s binge drinking, and his legs were weak and he knelt on the ground and trembled. He replied that the out-of-body master’s greatness was not something he could resist.
"Fly sword? Tiger spirit beast with wings? I’m afraid it’s not easy for the patriarch to have so many things in an elixir period! " After hearing this, an elder exclaimed that these personal elders of Fu Luzong had a magic weapon in the middle of out-of-body experience for so many years, but Ye Guchen had a small then stage, and there was a very powerful spirit beast. If there was no force behind them, they wouldn’t believe it.
If it is everyday, Liu Zong will definitely think twice, but this time something happened to his son, but Liu Zong can no longer calm down and listen to this elder’s words. Liu Zongleng said, "Whoever dares to kill me, Liu Zonger will always pay the price! I ordered my brother’s department of Fu Luzong and then the four elders’ department to go out with me. Even if I turn this Datang territory upside down, I will find this person for me! I want him to die a natural death! "
Liu Zong’s words made the head of the elder next to him shrink and dare not say more. Liu Zong has the highest position in this Fu Luzong and is very powerful. No one dares to object to listening to his words. Although the four elders are hesitant, they still nodded and agreed to come.
Ye Guchen didn’t know that he was still practicing cross-legged. When Fu Luzong was a master, he did his best. A hundred younger brothers, plus more than a dozen Yuan infant masters and the head of the four elders, Liu Zong, all these out-of-body figures left the secluded mountain range for a long time and came to this Datang territory. This time, Liu Zong did not kill Ye Guchen. Is it a vow not to give up?
However, Ye Guchen didn’t know that he was sitting cross-legged and practicing. This practice was all night. When he opened his eyes, Ye Guchen had absorbed ten-tenths of the energy in his hand to emit milky light. Ten-tenths of the stone had become transparent. At this moment, Meinina had already finished practicing. When the sun slowly rose from the place, Ye Guchen sat there quietly looking at her. Her eyes kept blinking. I don’t know what she was thinking. When she saw Ye Guchen wake up slowly, she opened her eyes and seemed to want to say something, but she finally endured the Lord.
All this naturally fell in front of Ye Guchen’s eyes and looked at each other. After looking at each other, Meinina Ye Guchen said softly, "What’s the matter?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
"No ~ no" said Minnie, slightly flustered. After saying this, she blushed and didn’t know what happened to her.
I am very fond of Ye Guchen, a blonde, tall and sexy blood beauty. When I saw this picture of Minnie, I smiled and shook my head and slowly straightened up and said, "In that case, let’s go!"
"Well ~" Meinina nodded her head and said nothing. She followed Ye Guchen and picked up her sleep like a dead pig. When Xiaobai flew in the direction of the rising sun, Meinina followed Ye Guchen to fly.
Two people flying in tandem in this 10,000-meter-high place are not afraid of others seeing people’s eyes. They can find two people in the 10,000-meter-high shadow house, and their purpose is precisely that Chang ‘an, where the capital of Datang is located. Since this Datang country is here, there is no reason not to go to Chang ‘an, the capital of Datang, to see what’s worse. Two people deliberately avoid Fu Luzong Chang ‘an, which is the most populous city in Datang, and it is definitely a good choice to hide there for a few months.
When two people were flying through a mountain in tandem, Ye Guchen suddenly stopped and looked at Fang’s misty mountain. His eyebrows were unconsciously wrinkled together and he couldn’t help but think of it and said, "Hey, how does the white clouds here give me a strange feeling?" How is this fog similar to the misty sea of clouds? Well, no, no, no, it’s not a sea of clouds, but it’s a little similar. Who laid the array here? It is said that this is the hinterland of the Tang Dynasty, and the aura here is not particularly sufficient. The population density is large and there should be no repair schools and magic weapons. What is going on? "
"What’s the matter?" Seeing Ye Guchen suddenly stunned, Mei Nina was curious and turned to ask, This mysterious oriental youth always seems so mysterious. Seeing his appearance seems to have been discovered again, which makes Mei Nina curious and can’t help but ask in a low voice. In fact, a noble girl and a noble lady should not ask others secrets, but Mei Nina just can’t bear it.
"There is nothing weird about this place. Let’s go and have a look!" Ye Guchen listened to the words of Meinina and answered directly. In his view, Meinina is not untrustworthy. After all, two people are now companions, so they don’t need to hide.
Speak yourself first holding a small white blunt go to, and Nina didn’t hesitate to follow behind this leaf solitary Chen.
Two people tandem fall behind in this valley, surrounded by a vast expanse of whiteness. It’s Ye Gu Chen Mei Nina who has such a five-sense cultivation, but it’s already far beyond normal people. But here, it’s also possible to visually play gods two or three meters away, as if they were all hindered. It’s impossible to observe Fiona Fang’s gods about ten meters ahead, but it’s impossible to enter.
"Well ~ there is something strange about the fog here, which is similar to this ethereal sea of clouds, but fortunately, this is not an ethereal sea of clouds after all, otherwise, Mei Nina and I will explain it here today." Ye Guchen thought so in his heart, after all, this ethereal sea of clouds, but it is difficult for him to get out of it. If two rookies like Ye Guchen and Mei Nina enter it, the result can be imagined
"Nina follows me. This fog is weird. We’d better be careful." Ye Gu Chen Shen said that after saying this, he leaned over to Nina’s side. In this case, it is better for two people to get together. After all, if they don’t get together, it will be difficult to have an accident, which will outweigh the benefits.
"Hissing ~ ~ hissing ~ ~" Suddenly, a strange sound began to sound like a snake spinning, but it was unusually loud. This Yuzryha solitary Chen leng consciousness released the "ice cold bead", which immediately emitted a faint blue light, wrapping Ye solitary Chen and Minnie, who were almost aware of danger, still in a deep sleep, to form a deep blue shield that moved with Ye solitary Chen.
In addition, Ye Guchen’s side "destroyed" flying sword also appeared immediately. Now Ye Guchen’s defense magic weapon is this "ice cold bead" and the sharpest attack. Although Ye Guchen’s fist is also very severe, it is always inferior to the local flying sword but also the local pole.
Two people carefully walked towards the front, Ye Guchen didn’t dare to have the slightest carelessness. Two people followed Ye Guchen’s exploration of a disappearing in the fog, and Nakakoji walked towards the depths of this valley.
"Boom ~" Suddenly, a powerful spherical object with golden light and a little fire flew from a distance at a high speed, which was not worse than this "flying sword" and was mixed with an unusually strong energy.
In this case, Yuzryha Gu Chen was caught off guard. Suddenly, the golden light spherical object directly hit the shield formed by the "ice cold bead". Gu Chen felt as if he had been hit by a hammer on his chest and almost could not help vomiting blood. The shield formed by the "ice cold bead" also oscillated in an instant and then made a ripple as if it were about to break.
By the way, if I can enter the new list this month, the gap will not be too big at the beginning of next month.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-six The spirit dazzles Yang Guo
Chapter one hundred and thirty-six The spirit dazzles Yang Guo
However, the golden ball, the size of a golden football, didn’t give Ye Guchen a pause. After the first attack, he rushed from another direction at a high speed and came straight to Ye Guchen. This time, Ye Guchen still didn’t block it. Although he had tried his best to block this wave of attack and manipulated this "killing" flying sword, he rushed out, but it was a pity that because the white fog around him blocked Yuzryha’s solitary root method, it was too late for Ye Guchen to find the other party’s attack route when the other party attacked again.
"Boom ~" once again hit the "ice cold bead" to form a shield. Ye Guchen couldn’t help but vomit a mouthful of blood and quickly pulled Meinina to rush inside and said to Meinina while moving quickly, "Let’s not leave you alone. I have something hidden around here and I must avoid his attack!"
Speak Ye Guchen has been moving at a high speed. In such an enemy situation, Ye Guchen can avoid the attack of the other party by moving at a high speed. Only in this way can the right method catch its own dynamics. Otherwise, the result can be imagined that "ice cold beads" can block two attacks. Although Ye Guchen’s body is tough, Ye Guchen doesn’t feel that it is a very wise thing to resist the attack of the other party.
Sure enough, the other party didn’t give up attacking fireballs, and they kept pounding from all directions at a high speed. Fortunately, Ye Guchen kept adjusting his position curve and moving his walking way. Although the striking speed of the round fireball was fast enough, every time Ye Guchen was breathtaking.
"Booming" explosion keeps ringing in this valley. Although Ye Guchen didn’t go to see it, you can also think about the damage caused by the fireball. From time to time, landslides or boulders break and sound up. If mortals pass by here, it must be the sudden collapse of the mountain gods.
"Whoosh ~" The golden fireball, which is round and similar to the size of a football, chased from the rear again after an attack. Ye Guchen immediately seized the opportunity, narrowed his eyes and thought, "Now!"
Thought of here, the flying sword "destroyed" in a second and already flew out. Ye Guchen pulled Meinina, but he didn’t always run for his life. He kept moving, and he was also observing and looking for the position of this golden fireball and constantly speculating that it was such an opportunity.
"Over" fly sword instantaneous fly out and the golden fireball intersection friction out of a spark and over is obviously occupied the advantage to beat each other back and left a scar in the golden fireball followed by Ye Guchen heard a tore heart crack lung roar loud.
Roar resounded through the valley. Ye Guchen didn’t dare to stop and go straight ahead for about a minute. Ye Guchen passed through the location of the white fog and brought it to a valley. This valley is beautiful and aura-threatening, just like a fairyland, but Ye Guchen was not in the mood to appreciate it, because he obviously felt the earth shaking. There was something behind him in the white fog.
"Whoosh ~" A huge black object rushed out of this valley and went straight to Ye Guchen. Ye Guchen turned over and escaped the attack of the black object and landed firmly on a rock to see the other figure. A giant spotted python with a length of over 20 meters and a height of over one meter appeared in front of Ye Guchen.
"PSST ~ ~ Good head ~" After seeing this python body, Ye Guchen couldn’t help but gasp in a gasp. Next to Mei Nina, she also froze and Ye Guchen glanced at each other and saw the silk shock in each other’s eyes.
They have seen pythons, but whether it’s Nina or Ye Guchen, I’m afraid I haven’t seen such a big python. Look at him. It’s been repaired for at least a few hundred years. Just now, Ye Guchen also thought that it was probably this thing Dan. It seems that this python has formed a demon Dan and repaired it in Ye Guchen, which is almost transfigurable.
"No wonder that thing just now looks so familiar but can’t say what it is. Feelings are this guy Dan Meinina. It seems that we have fun this time." Ye Guchen slowly released the sleeping little white and then said to Meinina next to him that a monster in the late stage of demon Dan is not so easy to deal with. Although there is no magic weapon, they let them have strength that is not weaker than that of the fix true person at the same level.
At this moment, the spotted python is spitting out its core, and its cold eyes are looking at Ye Guchen and Mei Nina in the distance. Its wisdom is not very high. Although it has been cultivated for hundreds of years, it has a certain wisdom, but its wisdom is limited and its death is simple. It wants to kill these two people who are trying to break into their own territory. It is hateful for humans to kill them and place them. They rob themselves of their century-old treasures, just like killing those people before.
"Do it!" Ye Guchen spoke with a loud roar, and the flying sword "destroyed" immediately flashed out and the fire rushed to the python’s body, while on the other side Ye Guchen and Mei Nina were not idle, and they went straight to the python’s body while walking separately.
It’s not the kui that this flying sword is a must when it comes to its sharpness. Although the python is rough-skinned, it has been easily scratched for dozens of times, but this guy is too rough-skinned, but it is not so easy to kill. Now it is also sharp and burns with fire elements, but there is no special attack. It is extremely lethal to individuals, but it is not very effective in the face of such a monster.
And Ye Gu Chen and Mei Nina each showed their attacks. The degree of the two people’s bodies is not worse than this spotted python. Both of them are almost at the same time. The left and right bows are bombarded with one punch, and the python screams and spits out the blood. Then the body suddenly moves and instantly plays this beautiful Nina and Ye Gu Chen. Two people are twisted by this python and fly out in an instant.
"Boom ~" Ye Gu Chen and Mei Nina were suddenly hit by this spotted python and flew out instantly as if hit by the train. Ye Gu Chen felt a strong pain and stung the stone wall in this valley, leaving two human marks.
Fortunately, Ye Guchen’s body is tough enough. If it were someone else, he would be crippled even if he were so deathless. Although Ye Guchen was in pain, it didn’t matter much. The ghost claw immediately appeared. Although this ancient martial art has little significance in this field of repair, Ye Guchen, after all, has no special moves in hand-to-hand combat. The power of the ghost claw, which he is best at, is still not small, and the blue light immediately appears in the sky. With the emergence of a huge palm, it forms a "claw" and instantly tears the spotted python.
On the other hand, Meinina’s wings are even more malicious. She shows her fangs again and rushes to the spot. She falls on this spotted python’s body without saying anything, but she can’t stop screaming, but it seems to be suppressed. Generally, how she struggles and howls can she move at all, so Ye Guchen wants to know that Meinina moved the blood clan secret skill without saying anything. She will hold a sword and stab it into the seven-inch part of this spotted python demon, and then manipulate the flying sword to directly pass through the other body.
The so-called snake-hunting seven inches, although the python demon has formed a demon Dan, after all, there is no Du Jie Metamorphosis Institute, and his life is still no different from ordinary snakes. Its death hole is in this seven-inch part. If it is not for this leaf solitary Chen, it is not so easy for them to kill it.
"Whoosh ~" When Ye Guchen killed this spotted python demon, a figure quickly rushed over from the outside and tore the skin of this spotted python demon directly into the other party’s huge body to instantly swallow the demon Dan, which was shining with golden light but a little smaller.
In this case, Yuzryha solitary Chen and Minnie were surprised, but then they saw that this thing was none other than Xiao Bai, who was still sleeping just now. This Yuzryha solitary Chen suddenly had a few more black lines on his forehead. This heartless guy estimated that he had already woken up just now, but he didn’t come to help. Now that this monster beast is dead, it’s really shameful that this guy is the first to run out and rob Yaodan.

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