Shook his head, Angelababy touched the trophy in his hand and murmured, "Does Qing Liu know? I really have a dream feeling. Sister Yun Liu told me that Wang Dan would win this prize. When I heard Sister Yun Liu say my name just now, my whole brain went blank! "
"Ha ha, this is also a surprise, right?"
Liu Qing walked over and said, "Besides, didn’t I tell you earlier? You just don’t believe it yourself."
Angelababy also smiled.
Yun Liu came back from the backstage and took a complicated look at Qing Liu. She never thought that the drama would really reverse in the end!
Yun Liu knows how deep the water is in it, but Qing Liu actually reversed the plot on his own. Before listening to Angelababy describe the table, the white director has always respected Qing Liu. So it seems that Liu Qing is the real "wise head makes a close mouth".
The award ceremony lasted for several hours before it ended. Tonight, many people were happy, many people were sad, and of course, some people were angry.
However, all this has nothing to do with Qing Liu. After helping Angelababy get this award that she most expects, he will work hard to compete for the title.
With Bai Qiaoyun revealing some news and adding sufficient budget funds, it is certain to win this year’s bid for Qing Liu …
Chapter six hundred and fifteen Return to S city
It is true that things are going as smoothly as Liu Qingqian expected.
Su Qianmo, Li Guangbai Qiaoyun and others helped Qing Liu get the annual standard.
The whole process is not like Liu Qingqian’s conjecture-it is very tense and stimulates everyone to compete for bidding.
In fact, on the contrary, instead of stimulating, some people talk about the bidding process. First of all, it is necessary to divide the company’s qualification examination into several steps before the company can enter a round of links, and then announce that several companies have been shortlisted for advertising in each time slot.
Next, if you want to get the advertisement for this time slot, you just have to quote yourself. When the quoted price is close to the "reserve price", the bidding will be completed.
It seems simple, but in fact, it is a very magical work.
For example, a company’s annual profit is about 300 million yuan. According to the company’s plan to put in advertising time, CCTV will set a reserve price, and want to get about 50 million yuan for this advertising time, and then each company will quote.
When the bid is close to 50 million, the bid will eventually be won.
For a company with an annual profit of 300 million yuan, 50 million yuan accounts for one-sixth of the profit, which is already very high. By adopting the method of approaching the reserve price, other companies in the same industry can be prevented from taking improper measures to affect the development of the industry by maliciously quoting high prices.
When Liu Qing took part in the bidding session, he saw that there were not many companies that participated in the bidding, and there were only less than 30 companies in total, but almost all of them were big companies that could be called out in the domestic industry
When the host announced the bidding rules, the representatives of these companies did not rush to bid, but whispered a few words with their colleagues around them for a while before writing the quotation.
Later, Liu Qingcai knew that this round would be eliminated, and companies with too high or too low quotations would be eliminated
Unfortunately, in the first round of elimination, more than half of the companies were eliminated. Qing Liu probably took a look at the quotations of these companies and considered them cautious. Most of them were 300 million or 400 million yuan-it was too outrageous for an Internet company to quote directly.
Naturally, it was eliminated in the first round
The representatives of his company laughed in their hearts when they saw it. The quotation officer of this company estimated that his brain was caught in the door!
Which enterprise can participate in that bid competition have an annual income of several billion or so? Can’t a real person come up with so much money?
But because the rules don’t allow it, otherwise the bid price would have been fried to the sky
This situation is naturally happy for those big companies-first of all, if the highest bidder wins the bidding rule, then some small and medium-sized companies can say that they will have a bright future, because they are definitely not comparable to those big companies in terms of scale and volume.
The second time is that some big companies will monopolize advertising resources directly at high prices, thus forming a situation in which the strong are always strong and the weak are weak.
In addition, those who bid high will often have malicious competition from companies in the same industry, deliberately raising the bidding price for rival companies. After the successful bidding, due to budget overruns, they can try their best to squeeze out this part of the profits from the production and eventually pay the bill or disappear.
Although it is a small advertising auction, it is actually no less than a dark war for these companies. If there are no rules to limit it, it will easily lead to other things happening-for example, in the past, the Chinese turtle was taught to bid for the winner at a high price and then let the people pay for it.
After three rounds of bidding, Qing Liu Shenlong Company took the advertising time of "Big Bid King" in 2008 at the closest price of 405 million yuan.
That is, 30 seconds before the daily news broadcast, 30 seconds after the news broadcast.
This time is the best advertising time.
Because the news broadcast ratings can be described as the highest program in China, everyone who watches the news broadcast will definitely not pinch the accuracy to the second on time. Generally, the first five minutes or so will transfer the channel to CCTV.
Then I watched that the horse was about to be broadcast before I got up and got serious, and the dragon wine advertisement happened to be put on at this time.
After busy with this matter, Qing Liu returned to S city by plane alone.
Su Qianmo plans to stay in Beijing for a few more days and then return to Yulong Village. Yun Liu and Angelababy also have some things to deal with. They have an appointment with Liu Qing to meet the annual meeting of Shenlong Company and arrive at Yulong Village two days ago for a rehearsal.
Actually, this commercial performance is just singing, not a concert. Few people rehearse before the meeting.
However, after winning the bid at the annual award ceremony, Liu Yun became more and more puzzled by Qing Liu, and decided to be more dedicated and add Qing Liu to the show, which was no less than preparing for both public and private affairs.
The plane took off and landed and arrived in S city a few hours later.
Qing Liu breathed a sigh of relief. Every time he came back to the earth from the plane, he felt close to death-he didn’t know what would make him feel so strange.
"general manager Liu"
Walking out of the airport exit, Qing Liu saw Li Jian.
Let Qing Liu didn’t think it was Jiang Jingwen holding Liu Wen.
She was wearing a pair of sunglasses and a purple trench coat. Liu Wen was wrapped up in her arms, leaving a pair of bright black eyes exposed and staring at her.
When Liu Wen saw Liu Qingshi entranced, he got excited. Jiang Jingwen danced in her arms and pushed two chubby little hands out to reach out to Qing Liu.
Qing Liu cried and smiled happily. He nodded to Li Jian and handed the suitcase to Li Jian. He walked quickly to Jiang Jingwen’s side and stretched out his arms and smiled. "Come and give me a hug."
"You are really eccentric."
Jiang Jingwen chuckled and carefully released Liu Wen and Qing Liu, holding Liu Wen and Qing Liu in his hand. There was a feeling of blood connection in his heart at once. He held Liu Wen high and Liu Wen was not afraid but giggled …
Chapter six hundred and sixteen The environment changes people
"Do you want me? Do you miss me? "
Qing Liu held Liu Wen high for several times and held her in her arms. She kissed her pink face and said happily to her.
However, Qing Liu didn’t expect her to answer or understand. After all, Liu Wen is too young now.
But as soon as the voice fell, it surprised Qing Liu that something happened. Little Liu Wen put his finger in his mouth and bit it, then tried to nod to him.
Qing Liu was shocked by this sudden movement and said to Jiang Jingwen, "Can she understand me?"
"Your daughter is very important."
Jiang Jingwen smiled and said to Qing Liu, "Well, you just got tired from the plane, so let me hold her."
Qing Liu wanted to think and nodded Liu Wen to Jiang Jingwen again.
Liu Wen Jr. was obviously unhappy with her babbling. She didn’t know what to say. She seemed to blame Qing Liu. Jiang Jingwen patted her on the back and she was honest.
"How’s the trip to Kyoto this time?"
Jiang Jingwen casually asked 1.
"It was okay. I had a little trouble, but it was finally solved smoothly."
Qing Liu walked to the outside of the airport as he spoke for a few people. He glanced around and saw two familiar figures not far away. It seemed that he was interested. As they walked outside, Qing Liu nodded his head with satisfaction. Originally, he followed Jiang Jingwen, the two bodyguards, hiding inside.
Li Jian left the airport with the extended Land Rover Range Rover, a common Audi in front and two cars behind.
"How’s it going?"
Che Qing Liu asked, "How is Aunt?"

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