"Captain … go!"
This is Carl’s last words, and then this loyal man, who has always been as strong as ironman, fainted!
The ending chapter forgets each other (29)
In the dark, there is a touch of Li Hong.
Black is the color of night.
And red is the true meaning of blood
Shi Ping looked at his mind and the invading clothes slowly spread the dark color. He knew that if the dark color was not stirred by darkness at this time, it should be bright red. The skin felt a damp heat and warmth. This must be due to the soft fall in his arms at this time. I don’t know the temperature of Carl’s blood.
In the dark; There is a strong crisis bee watched by wild animal.
Shi Ping didn’t turn around
He inhaled deeply as if he wanted to breathe this whole life into his lungs at this moment.
There is no noise and breathing behind.
Liu Mei Carol, where did they go?
At first, it was noisy. At this time, it was as quiet as a horrible cemetery in this abandoned base!
The only beating seems to be your own heart!
But Shi Ping suddenly stabbed himself in the right arm!
Lotus flower bursts out!
With this thrust, his body quickly retreated, penetrated the muscles of his right arm and burst through the body. After the black light coldly passed through the body, he was castrated ten times faster than when he was stabbed!
As soon as the knife "wave" was inserted into the wall, the room suddenly trembled convulsively.
The price of this trembling is that bricks and stones fall like rain.
This room has gradually softened, twisted and merged, and finally it has turned into a monster with a head and a half, a human half and a fine scale and purple stripes as high as three meters away!
With the help of teeth, Shi Ping bled profusely, tied a first-aid bag to his right arm and said lightly, "You are Mature."
This problem is purely superfluous.
This head snake monster face impressively is once hit hard by Shi Tie Maizhuo appearance!
Mature’s huge tail gravel shrinks and makes a rustling sound, and her rare blue eyes glow with vicious anger and a bloodthirsty pleasure!
"Today, I will double the pain you have inflicted on me!"
Mature, who is not human, almost dissects this sentence into a word and then squeezes it out through his teeth!
Shi Ping outlined a slight smile at the corner of his mouth, but when he saw this smile, a chilling chill would rise in his heart!
This chill comes from the bottom of my heart and comes from pain.
That kind of hand and foot is deeply painful after being injured!
in length and breadth
Knife shadow
That smile hung on Shi Ping’s lips when he was out of his hand.
The shadow of the knife passed quickly in the dark, and a hidden rainbow was blown out in the ink, stabbing Mature’s eyebrows.
Shi Ping hand has reached the milli warning state!
This has also led to the fact that Maizhuogen has not yet reacted to avoid it!
But you can’t avoid it. It doesn’t mean you can’t move.
Can’t fight back!
Mature suddenly pointed neigh "brush" from behind a standard shot two tentacles generally arm with the original growth of muscle Qiu knot covered with smooth scales hands to all over a chill Shi Ping launched the most violent offensive!
However, Shi Ping went back to the knife and shook it hard!
The knife light flickered faintly for a while and then disappeared into the deep darkness.
The door was exposed, and Shi Ping’s chest and abdomen were heavily bombarded by Mature’s four soft arms like snakes and hard arms like steel! Her face covered with purple scales reveals a cruel smile. In the experimental stage, she easily blasted through a granite stone weighing several tons! Even Vamont couldn’t help showing caution and showing precautions after watching it!
At this time, Shi Ping, who was in the middle of the body, was hit ten times faster than when he came, and he was beaten to fly back. At this time, he was like a small meteorite that crashed into the ground at a rapid speed!
But Mature suddenly felt a little tingling.
After many genetic modifications and thorough strengthening, she also has a brain and has not been passively operated on, and her limbs, skin and bones are all combined with the world’s top technology, which has been greatly strengthened. According to experts, it is difficult to find anything that can hurt her in this world.
This faint tingling feeling is really a long-lost panic for Mature, who even seems to be numb!
This slowly spreads deep into the bone marrow, and the stabbing pain comes from the fist face
Just now, I hit the surface of the enemy’s fist!
At this moment, Mature suddenly understood Shi Ping’s real purpose!
It turned out that his main target was not himself from beginning to end!
After hurtling through Shi Ping’s landing, he rolled and knelt down. He frowned slightly and put his hand over his shoulder, but a stream of blood fog still gushed out!
And Shi Pingjing’s face is even more long, and the flesh and blood around him looks miserable, which makes him more handsome and adds a bit of ferocious meaning!
He had previously swept through the void and suddenly came to "GeGeGeGe", which was extremely embarrassing.
That’s when blood pours into the trachea and bubbles burst.
Two hands over their throats, trembling figure, slowly exposed from the darkness.
Their fatal throat wound was obviously cut by a sharp knife!
But when did Shi Ping find out when they made moves? Mature didn’t even see it!
Shi Ping straightened up slowly, and there was a stiff meaning in his movement before he became fluent.
He looked at the two still twitching behind the two bodies, two heavy bags shining with white light bent over to explain the mysterious disappearance of Carol arch eyebrows!
Shi Ping lovingly touched his mouth, unable to look at his cheek wound. Tears glistened and his eyebrows were pale. Carol’s cheek was conveniently restored. Her mouth was faint. "You were stabbed by my poisoned knife, and you dare to sneak up on me. It’s really a death wish!"
The arch eyebrows looked up in surprise, but they met each other in a hideous and evil way, and their body was huge like the monster Mature said. I don’t know when he had bullied him very close behind him! However, Shi Ping’s short sentence seemed to be oppressed by thousands of people, so that the remoulded person who had completely lost his human form dared not dare to push his luck again for a while!
Shi Ping slowly got up. He kissed deeply, and his eyes were full of worries. Suddenly, his forehead pinched his lips and blew a whistle!
Still hesitating, Mature’s huge snake body suddenly shook violently as wrecks!
She suddenly screamed and stung people’s eardrums! The arch eyebrows should be radiant with pain while lying in Carlo’s arms and still in a coma. Carl also gave a faint moan!
Mature then through this hissing coiled telescopic body quickly disappeared into the darkness!
Shi Ping took the opportunity to quickly examine Carl. This time, the man was seriously injured. If he put the same injury on his person, he believed that he had already died. Although Carl was gifted and seriously injured, he was bound to stay in bed for several months. He was afraid that he could not lift a finger in the short term.
Shi Ping fed Carl a pill and handed him to Carlo’s arms with a sad face. He quickly stood up straight and tightened his string. Although his face and shoulder were still oozing blood, he exuded a sharp momentum. The whole person was as elite as a new blade.
"You horses take Carl back to the mysterious white man where we put him, and I will come to find you."
Although his words are soft, there is a firm intention in his words, but he does not question them
Liu Mei’s tearful eyes are full of sadness, and she is desperate to complain, "What about you? Why don’t you come with us?"
Shi Ping tried hard not to look into her eyes and said coldly, "I have work to do, men. Don’t ask more questions."

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