Yes, including the magic gate, Buddhism, orcs, demon domain, many good and evil practices converge into one. Who would have thought of this?
"Fight for freedom in a foreign country, and we will fight for dignity. We will not lose this battle!" Lu Li’s words are impassioned and inspiring.
Ying Long, with a look in his eyes, also said, "Yes, we have been practicing, fighting and killing all our lives. In the end, we only woke up from a rude awakening when we met this foreign enemy. It turned out that all kinds of things turned out to be sitting on the sidelines. If we could not level this enemy, we would have nothing to say even if we were slaughtered."
Many heterodox Johnson are also infected, and they have spoken out one after another. At that time, many leaders’ momentum has risen greatly, and it is necessary to merge with the monks to do or die.
The morale of the two armies against each other is extremely important, especially if the commander is discouraged, the battle will fail.
At the same time, the foreign Chinese army camp
The great anger of the war directly smashed one side of several cases and thundered, "Damn it, a small distance can brew three tragedies and make me wait so badly!" When I untie the seal and kill it, I will be beheaded in Sumeru! "
The commander in charge of the day is also gloomy and cold. "Hum, this land separation is really a disaster. I have to get rid of Bai Fan. Since you are in charge today, why don’t you tell me how to get rid of this?"
Life is also looking at Bai Fanyan’s four foreign leaders gathering together and waiting for Bai Fanling to find a way to kill the land.
In this regard, Bai Fan directly said, "The Battle of Sumeru Mountain did not expect to evolve into such a situation. It was reported that Taikoo Gate was defeated everywhere. Most of the virtual world has fallen, and it will soon be possible to capture Taikoo Gate in the world. There are some stalemate days, many supernatural worlds, and some immortals and masters in our world face each other. Once this Sumeru Mountain has gained divine power, we can complete the bodhi old zu’s life and hold the Buddha’s tripod to enter the wasteland. At that time, all kinds of ancient secret laws and floods can be obtained."
Life this way "Bai Fan, are you sure you don’t know what we’ve been waiting for? Is it just that we should take those nine divine powers and forge some magic weapon or that a strong person will increase the practice? "
Bai Fan nodded affirmatively and said, "The fate of the Great Wilderness has been exhausted. The ancient history of the Great Wilderness has been abandoned. I don’t know the roots of the ancient ruins. The land has already known that we are going to plot nine divine powers, but even if we know this, we can guess our last goal." A cold smile suggested that "it is better to kill the land first and then step over Sumeru. I don’t know that this land always makes me feel a thorn in my side and will not eradicate my heart."
Think again want to fight again way "I said Bai Fan how sure are you of this war? We waited for casualties before, but some of them were beyond imagination. In addition, many forces in the wild came together to help, and it was also expected that foreign affairs would respond? "
Bai Fan is indifferent smile quipped, "when you fight grand marshal timid? Eye several clan old banned will soon be able to solve the consequences can be imagined "
See war asked Bai Fan also simply tell the story of the first world war, he arranged, after all, in this Zhongjun camp, there are only a few big leaders and a few cronies, plus a strong law to seal up what they said, and it is absolutely impossible to reveal anything.
"Several clans used to pretend to be the elders of Sanhuang Sect, but they had broken down the Sumeru Mountain array. They consumed a lot of energy, but once the ban was lifted, unimaginable fighting power would break out. Think about it. If the five clans used to make wild repairs, if they didn’t send five scattered fairy level experts to deal with it?" Bai Fan sneer at a way
More than three people took the lead in saying, "I told you that these five people are very familiar with each other. I didn’t expect them to be sectarian!"
Bai Fan look proudly corners of the mouth slightly raises a way "good! And five old people who were famous in the past! Dead old man, Jiuqu Zhenjun, Yan Desire, Black-handed Holy Buddha and Yuan Tianba will be stronger once they make moves. "
This a play and others look becomes very subtle in the war then smiled "hey hey dead old man that’s a master, in addition to Jin Xian overlord who dare to provoke? The silence method is more terrible than the saying that the fire consumes all the dead wood, but even the fire temple Johnson is unwilling to provoke this person, which shows the terrible degree. "
Life is also smiled and shook his head. "It’s a terrible person who freaks out and kills people. I thought that I also carried out a joint project with this elder. Fortunately, he was a friend or an enemy, otherwise it was really scary."
Bai Fan also smiled indifferently. Although he hated Lu Li in the past, he was confident enough to win the battle because of his many subsequent arrangements.
Is day jump at the head of the direct asked "nine true gentleman Gao Wenyuan black hand holy Yan Yue these two people should have a lot of old grievances should be hostile to each other? How can we join hands today? However, Jiuqu Zhenjun’s death and nine beheadings are better than the black hand. Most of them are good at sneak attacks and assassinations, and perhaps there is a place to play. "
Seeing the sky jump and not knowing about it, the war laughed. "Sure enough, you didn’t even know about it in recent years. After that, the black hand Buddha came and plundered a few beautiful women, such as a fairy who sent Gao Wenyuan to wait on my concubine. It’s really funny that the two of them exchanged several times and became brothers."
The flashing eyes were asked by Bai Fan with a smile in his eyes. "How do you want to challenge Yuan Tianba this time?"
Chapter one hundred and fourteen The flute to join
It’s like being caught with a painful foot. Suddenly, a shivering tunnel "That’s all. Master Yuan Tianba is the scariest person among the second generation brothers of Zongmen. Are we compared with these seven generations?" That’s the best of the best. Who dares to provoke the second generation of the second generation? I think that a deputy patriarch of Yunluozong was robbed by him to go to Yunluozong for five thousand deaths. Which one was not a good blood killer? All of them were destroyed. In the end, Yun Luozong invited a half-step Jin Xian to suppress Master Yuan for a while, but after the breakthrough, it was not easy. "
Bai Fan also said with a wry smile, "Yes, Master Yuan, although he is old, is the most fond of being called by others. Conscious domineering is better than sitting around for a hundred years. It seems that Master Xiu has made a breakthrough again. With his hand, Ying Long is also run. This world war I will be lost in the wild."
"Life, heaven, war, we also need to hide the three of you. Tell us directly. Are you ready?" Bai Fan suddenly spoke to ask three people at this time.
Day jump took the lead in saying, "After several attempts, sixteen body discovered bodies are not weak in combat power, and these 16 body discovered bodies have their own secrets. Once they are put into the battlefield, they can attack the monks in the rear of Mount Sumi. After all, the chances of winning the raid in the front and rear are not small. These body discovered bodies are enough to set off a disaster and have the life to bless the spell. Generally, the monks are not enemies."
Seeing that he was killed by people is also a light smile. He said, "Yes, my side has also dismembered and slaughtered a lot of wild orcs. The demon repair sacrifice has been refined into nine masters of ethnic fusion. These nine monsters have the talent of orcs and have the demon body, and they are all combined with dozens of gods, so that the body discovered can raid the rear of Sumi Mountain."
In the end, it’s natural to say that people are fighting, and he doesn’t care about it. "Although Lu Li’s calculation is excellent, he can’t calculate everything, but there are three adult booby traps among the tens of thousands of war slaves who died in front of him. Once we plan to implement the plan, Brother Wild will be killed or injured if many booby traps are detonated!"
"If not, the three men have experienced several wars, and this means is becoming more and more sophisticated and so changeable, which is really something to boast about." Bai Fan also made a nonsense and caused the remaining three people to laugh.
But after talking and laughing, he also turned serious and said, "This is not enough to win the wild. Please listen to me."
"Zhongjun’s hidden masters of the hundred families are all elites in our community, and you already know that they will be vulnerable when they go out in the wild. Thirty percent of the masters of the hundred families, thirty percent of the evil ones and forty percent of the Xuanshi, once they make moves, can crush the wild monks and attack them head on."
"And less than half an hour later, Yun Luozong’s heart Luo Jianfei will build three thousand swords, all of which are not weak, and can form three Hanazono Sakura sword arrays. Luo Jianfei’s identity is very high with our army’s charge, and his understanding of kendo is even higher than this wild land. The so-called sword fairy is better, and his younger brothers are all strong and sharp."
"Although the layout of the land is closely linked, we suffered a big loss before, but the ancients said that the loss was lucky. Among the monks in the wild, there were more than 160 people who were masters of good and evil. All of them were waiting for us. These people were already accused by me. If my Lord rebelled, they would be stunned. Their bodies were not banned, but my mind could be awakened. In the war, I will arrange these monks to try their best to get close to the rear to slay the injured masters in the wild and lead to a surprise exhibition of the ancient corpse clan."
"There are still reinforcements in the world who will come directly to help the bodhi old zu Qimen. At that time, all the resistance of the 100,000 soldiers will be like a native dog."
"A pulse of heaven has also made a commitment to send five thousand mountain soldiers to assist in the fighting. The fighting power of these five thousand mountain soldiers is also very considerable, which is enough to stall the wild and less than half of the middle-level masters. Generally, Tianxiu will be dragged to death."
"The first world war, both sides of Jin Xian overlord are involved in the situation, and the bodhi old zu has instructed me to show the city of death to slaughter all creatures here! In addition, if necessary, the three of you can uncover your own seal! "
After listening to Bai Fan’s words, the remaining three leaders all felt a chill, but this chill was instantly dispelled. Because all means were used to deal with the wild retreat, they naturally felt at ease.
In particular, it seems that these leaders have suppressed the repair before, so how can they not say that these people repair terror! At this time, a voice penetrated into the road, "Leader Feng Xiao asks for an audience!" Bai Fan waved his sleeve and said directly, "Please!" The wind Xiao entered to see Bai Fan and others gathered together, and it was not polite to find a place and sit down.
"Wind Xiao Daoyou war cabinet master can help? In the future, Bai will be a thick newspaper. "Bai Fan spoke directly.
Unexpectedly, Feng Xiao seemed to be extremely unhappy and looked unusually angry. "Mom is so angry!"
Bai Fan one leng war also don’t know which one is this wind shaw.
Life is wrong, but both of them don’t say anything. They usually don’t care about these things.
Bai Fan frowned slightly, but saw Feng Xiao huffing, "How outrageous this wild monk is! One of my many guards is my concubine who was torn by an evil old ghost. How can I let go of this hatred!"
Bai Fan shame to this "I don’t know the wind Xiao Xiong-"
He naturally knows that Feng Xiao’s guards Wei Ke are all good players, such as the Lord of Arc Treasure, who was only slightly injured after a big war, which makes people greatly admire. What’s more, Mr. Umbrella and Scar can steal Heaven and others to compete?
Wind Xiao said angrily, "Don’t send me some rare herbs when he wants to go back, that is, I want to send an alchemist."
When Bai Fan heard this, he lowered his voice and said, "But the big brother?"
The wind Xiao is also nodded slightly, rarely without the opportunity to brag, but also quite fearful.
When he saw Bai Fan, he immediately promised, "Feng Daoyou can rest assured that this time, you should also ask Daoyou to repair your strength and wait for what medicinal materials you need when you get back."

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