Since ancient times, the six-color bell has only been rung by the Ganan venerable one.
But even so, the Venerable Ganan couldn’t hold on much longer, which can be said to be the end as soon as the clock stopped.
At the moment, however, Luo Yu still insists.
Look at the bottom of the pool, sitting all over him, it can be said that he is black and blue, and the strong water flow has been dyed red with blood, and the magic sounds are constantly invading his mind, and the water speed is even more outrageous!
The veins stood out on his forehead, the roots were exposed, the sword eyebrows were locked, and it was miserable.
Although outsiders don’t know how dangerous this is, they are in the middle of Luoyu, but they are like a dead man. The prisoner can’t move.
Because around the body, rushing to the crazy water is like a thousand swords and a bound rope that imprisons the body in the center.
And that harsh, muddy, monster-like roar makes people want to go crazy.
Even closing your hearing won’t help!
At this moment, I feel like I’m being cast into a millstone, and I’m constantly grinding and grinding, exhausted and almost on the verge of collapse!
The key point is that now the left and right dragon patterns have emerged, and the black and white have been printed separately, one to bless the flesh and the other to resist the magic sound.
But even so, the magic sound of water is pervasive, and the mind is in a trance, nightmares and hallucinations are frequent, and there is no moment to relax.
As if this root didn’t stay for six days, but for sixty days and sixty years …
And the recovery speed of your own body is far behind the tearing speed of the water. The skin is as hard as iron and has cracked everywhere. It can be said that the skin is covered with snow and frost!
Although I have the help of Xuan and Bai, the realm of cultivation is not as good as the twelve statues of the ages. Perhaps the only thing I can compare is this willpower.
Now that my body and mind have collapsed, the tipping point may threaten my life at any time.
However, there are always two sides to the crisis.
At the moment, my double habitat has been rapidly consuming spiritual power, and the four-layer peak is constantly recovering and climbing, and the demon body is also tempered by the pool water to reach the fifth-order peak.
If we can both break through at this moment, the demon body will enter the initial stage of the sixth order, and the physical strength will definitely double, and the five-layer gods in the twin period will be stronger than the four-layer gods.
In this way, my pressure becomes less or I can barely survive to the point where I continue to persist.
At the moment, he was shaking like a "quick … quick! Break through ~! Mom to some chance … All right … "
Now I’ve been insisting on it for six days, and God has said that luck has made me meet a fart! However, in front of me, the blood is red, and the water is dancing like a group of demons, which makes the little fish flee. What kind of chance is there?
Could it be that the venerable Ganan was pretending to be mysterious? Fool people! I didn’t meet anything at all, so I insisted on being lonely.
At the moment, Luo Yu’s upset has been thinking about what anger, anger, lust, and so on. All kinds of negative things are constantly appearing at first sight and then being forced to appear again …
It’s been six days since I’ve been back and forth, so I’m exhausted and depressed.
At this moment, his scarred body suddenly burst, and his delicate blood was scattered in an instant, and the water was instantly washed and dyed like red silk and red clouds!
But he didn’t have any pain, but he showed excitement, ecstasy, excitement and trembling!
"Ha ha ha ~"
As soon as the water is dull and laughing, the water waves around Luoyu suddenly surge up, and the blood that flies like satin actually shrinks and returns to the body again!
In an instant, a strong wave of qi and blood poured out from Luoyu’s body, and the scattered stones like gold and iron in all directions were urged to break and collapse.
And his skin, which should be broken, should heal slowly and the veins flow like a galaxy, and his flesh is as smooth as glass!
Yes, at this moment, the difficult demon body has broken through the powerful sixth order!
The strength of this physical body is a blow from the ghost, but for the key, it will be safe and sick.
And this physical pressure is a little slow, and Luo Yu is pleasantly surprised to find that his realm of cultivation is about to usher in a breakthrough!
It can be said that misfortune and happiness depend on happiness and misfortune, and God helps me succeed!
At that time, he was anxious to adjust the pure aura in the five elements of the cave, and he was crazy to make up for himself. He was ready to meet the seventh day since ancient times!
Chapter 762 Tri-color heaven and earth people seven-tone Xia Feihong
In a blink of an eye, it’s nearly the seventh day since Luoyu entered the bottom of the trichromatic crystallization pool!
At the moment, the surface of the lake seems to be still calm, while the center is faintly reddish.
The seven golden bells across the pool and even the arch bridge hung quietly as if everything were normal.
Even Xiao Shouzai, who has been "sticking to" the post on the shore, slept soundly and snored like thunder, and was full of drums and percussion.
Obviously, although the tiger brother is this’ dedicated’, the claw would have gone to the Duke of Zhou in his dream.
The six-color bell sounded a few days ago ~ it is estimated that it is not as loud as this buddy’s snoring!
At the moment, the water in Chi Pan is fluctuating.
There is no difference between wild snoring and birds singing and flowers singing.
I’m afraid the only difference is that the water in this green pool has become delicate and charming and reddish, and it flows faintly …
Although the lake has changed a little, it is relatively calm.
But the surface of the water is another frightening sight!
Therefore, the bottom of the carved water is turbulent, like a storm. The more turbulent it is to the rapids, the stronger the gold gas shuttles vertically and horizontally. The solidified water blade is like a real thing, and nothing grows without being plundered!
The rocks at the bottom of the pool have already been cut to pieces in the turbulent flow of the magic sound, and the dust has joined the frenzied storm together.
And in the middle of this turbulent storm at the bottom of the pool, there is a boy with black and blue wounds.
The young man’s long hair stirs the knife-shaped eyebrows and locks them. He looks determined and shakes violently!
His left and right dragon patterns float like two dragons’ streamers winding around.
Although the arms, chest and abdomen are raw, they are relatively intact with white fluorescent coverage.

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