Hua Zhen still shook his head and said, "Mr. Yue, if you invite me to dinner, it’s so-called, but the monk knows that the artifact is precious and Yangyuan Valley really can’t be accepted!"
About Gao Le, "Boss Hua, just accept it. It’s just a gift."
Hua Zhen line "Yangyuan Valley really can’t accept this just now."
One has to send another, and the other two have to accept it, which makes Pan Cai and others dumbfounded. Since coming to Yangyuan Valley, they have been dumbfounded. This is more than one thing. It is a bit overwhelmed.
At this moment, Yang Laotou’s voice suddenly sounded "or give it to my old man’s house!" My small bench is short of such a cushion. "
About Gao Le actually showed a relieved expression and nodded with a smile. "Then give it to Yang Laodoyen!" The words sound just fell into his hands and he disappeared with the eyes of the public. It should have been taken away by Yang Laotou.
Relying on the whirlwind disk to operate a large array of caves can cover a large array of objects. Yang Laotou has already shown this method, but the average monk can’t. Even if the artifact master Hua Zhen travels now, there is no such thing.
What Yang Lao-tou received became his old man’s furniture figure Yangyuan Valley. About Gao Le added, "Boss Hua, I still have one thing that I don’t meet the requirements, but Shi Shuangcheng didn’t join Yangyuan Valley either?"
Hua Zhen’s noodles don’t change color. "If you are Shi Shuangcheng, I dare not make a condition with you. She comes on behalf of Mr. Feng and Mr. Feng is qualified to dispose of the hurricane tray. Of course, since Mr. Feng has done this disposal, Yangyuan Valley will make the decision in the future."
What does that mean? Shi Shuangcheng is the only exception, because she came on behalf of Mr. Feng, who was qualified to deal with the Dingfengtan people in those years. Hua Zhenxing also gave Shi Shuangcheng the title of "invited guest tutor"
On the other hand, since Mr. Feng has made a decision to hand over the hurricane tray and his things to Yangyuan Valley, he can no longer take them away for disposal, which is equivalent to giving them to Hua Zhen Hangyang Yuangu.
At this time, Guangkou said, "I also envy the chance of nature here, but Mr. Yue doesn’t meet the three conditions of raising Yuangu. There is no mouth to ask for a root."
However, I have also studied the art of cultivating yuan in recent days. Just now, Mr. Yue discussed whether Xiao Dao is qualified to join the International Association of Cultivating Yuan and get a membership card. "
Hua Zhenxing quickly replied, "The Taoist priest is welcome. We are welcome! Yangyuan Valley will discuss this matter tonight, and you can hold a ceremony to register and issue your membership card in the next day. "
About Gao Le "Oh? Then I have been studying Yangyuan for a long time and applied to join the International Yangyuan Association in this capacity. I wonder if you can send me a membership card of several levels tomorrow? "
Hua Zhen’s face was ashamed. "We can now issue a five-level training tutor’s certificate to the membership card, and the highest can also be sent to five."
It’s not that Mr. Yue’s extensive road repair is not high enough, but that the assessment standard of nourishing Yuan is currently set to the fifth level.
You two masters are wronged. Take a five-level membership card to a higher-level membership card first, and then fill it slowly when you have specific assessment criteria in the future. "
The thing is that Yue Gaole suggested that Xianguang and he both take the initiative to join a great monk, Gambisting, who is a great god, and all joined the International Association of Nourishing Yuan.
From the first day of the association’s establishment, it was that Wei could no longer be Wei.
About Gao Leken’s support may be due to business partner Yu Guangken’s support, but it is somewhat due to personal relationship. During this period, Guang Hua Zhen and others got along well and witnessed the hardships of people. Hua Zhenxing also took out a hundred boxes of Chundan to let him take away the thank-you gift.
This special case of throwing stones into double success, not talking about wide identity, can also find the opportunity to raise Yuan Valley. He can’t meet any of the three conditions for raising Yuan Valley.
The first two conditions are to formally join Yangyuan Valley Yangyuan Valley and enjoy the corresponding treatment. From unified management and deployment, it is equivalent to joining another Sect.
Signing the ten-year agreement on the third condition is far from possible and unnecessary at the same time.
It’s not that the condition of Zhengyi is much better than that of Yangyuan Valley from the perspective of seeking Taoism. It’s not necessary to give up the near and seek the far, and to give up the easy and seek the difficult.
Even if you don’t get the brand of Fufengpan, and you can’t understand the mystery of raising Yuangu array, you can still practice, not to mention that if he is independent, it will be a betrayal of Zongmen.
However, just like Guang Yue Gao Le, they all practiced the art of cultivating yuan. Even if they don’t join the valley of cultivating yuan, they can sign the Code of Practice for Cultivating Yuan Teachers and join the International Association of Cultivating Yuan to get a membership card back. It’s nothing to lose, but it’s a good thing to add flowers.
Chapter 312, See the cause and know the fruit.
After on-site discussion in the reception room, Hua Zhenxing determined that there are three kinds of people who can get the chance of nature in Yangyuan Valley, which can be simply summarized as follows
The first is that the Yangyuan Art Center trains its own people to voluntarily sign the Agreement on Entering the Valley at a certain stage, such as Mao Dudu and Xia Changqing.
Second, although it is not the training of monks in the Yangyuan Art Center, but the cultivation of Yangyuan Art has reached a certain level, I am willing to sign the Agreement on Entering the Valley. After approval, I can also join Yangyuan Valley such as Wang Fengshou and Locke.
Third, the scarce talents in Yangyuan Valley are unwilling or inconvenient to formally join Yangyuan Valley, but they can apply and swear to keep the secret for ten years.
The third situation is equivalent to hiring high-end talents for ten years. Is it worth it? That depends on the specific situation, and the general standard of chance value method is used to measure it. Besides, it’s not like raising Yuangu without giving treatment.
It is almost impossible for a big Sect like Guang to do this, but it is very attractive to many Jianghu scattered repairs, especially the original batch of scattered repairs in Fengtan.
The man at the end of the second row on the left said weakly, "What if I apply?"
The speaker was originally scheduled to be Feng Tan’s younger brother. He was the youngest among these people, a few years older than Pan Cai. Hua Zhen immediately nodded and said, "I want Mr. Mo to apply and welcome you to join Yangyuan Valley."
Don’t say don’t give up, everyone is tempted, but it’s not easy to say. We all have our own concerns, and we must take into account various conditions and restrictions in reality. Don’t give up and take the lead in saying it.
Xiao Guang saw this situation and knew it was time to speak for himself. He got up and said, "I thought that when I was their master elder brother, I could understand the teacher younger brother’s thoughts. If it wasn’t for the patriarchal clan, I wouldn’t have come to Wan Li all the way."
However, everyone in Dongguoji has got married and established a family, and at this age, if everyone is old and young, there are many problems that are difficult to solve. I wonder how to consider Yangyuangu here? "
Xiao Guang’s words are true. This is the most realistic question. Are these original Fengtan brothers willing to join Yangyuan Valley? Of course they do! The only problem is that Yangyuan Valley is too far from home and many things are difficult to solve.
It seems to them that this is to rejoin the original Fengtan and directly inherit the clan door with larger scale and better conditions. This clan door is still in its infancy. If they join at this time, it is almost equivalent to creating a veteran.
Moreover, most clans in Yangyuan Valley were different. Its secular foundation was that Huanxiang Industry and New Alliance would have a national development base in the future. Did Dingfengtan have such good conditions?
Cui Wanhe, director of Huanxiang Industrial Publicity Department, got up and moved out of the back seat with a stack of brochures, each of which was thick and illustrated. Obviously, it was already prepared, no more, no less, and 19 copies.
Xiao Guang is already a government worker in the new alliance. He doesn’t need to look at the brochure Pan Cai and others. One person was sent a copy of Cui Wanhe and took the initiative to introduce, "Chief Xiao’s question just now is very critical. I believe it is also the most important thing for everyone to raise Yuan Gu here …"
Different people have different perspectives. For example, Hua Zhen has long known that Pan Cai and others can’t afford to turn over any waves when they arrive in Yangyuan Valley. Even if several old people don’t come forward, they have already been arranged in vain.
However, Cui Wanhe was a little nervous in her heart, and she was nervous just now. As Hua Zhen and others expected, she had arranged in advance that the work she was in charge of should be implemented as planned, and she was hard to get excited.
This excited mouth is a little gourd ladle called Xiao Corps Chief Xiao because Cui Wanhe made a slip of the tongue today. Later, Xiao Guangyang Yuangu had an exclusive title, which is "Chief Xiao" … This is another story for the time being.
Yangyuan Valley, a group of special talents, has taken measures for orientation and resettlement. If they are willing to sign the Agreement on Entering the Valley, they hope that the industry and the new alliance can also help in various ways.
Yangyuan Valley neither confiscates personal property nor restricts personal freedom, but can meet the requirements of Taoism, law, teachers, couples, land and money for spiritual practice.
On whether it is to support the Yuan Valley or the secular world outside the mountain, it is necessary to think that both the industry and the new alliance can have a large number of positions, or posts can be assigned and deployed according to the actual situation of these people, and talents like them are lacking in all walks of life.

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