"St. Wang Mian asked me to check the condition of the holy pool. According to the lost ancient tablet, there will be a sacred guardian waking up tonight. We should welcome him."
Irina primly way by two pike neck and half a panic.
"Please show me your warrant at the Saint Hall."
The two holy guards acted according to the rules without regard for human feelings.
Irina glanced at her eyes lightly, and two guards took out a dagger from their waist "with a crown warrant".
The two holy guards don’t doubt that there is him, because this is the holy crown of Saint Wang Mian, the necklace and the lost relic.
They take back the pike, go back to both sides and go forward a few hundred meters, which is the forbidden holy pool.
Is it a sacred pool and a taboo word?
The people of the kingdom of Lebanon don’t know, even most of the clergy in the holy mountain don’t know, but the elite guards here know something.
According to 100 thousand years ago, someone walked out of the holy pool, not because the sacred guardian was expected to revive, but because the corpse had changed
In the first world war, the holy mountain was destroyed, and a third of the area was destroyed. It was the generation of holy kings who personally suppressed the corpse and turned it into a strong one.
Finally, people learned that the ancient strong field had disappeared, and the holy mountain people dared to mention it and disappear in the long river of history.
However, since then, the holy pool has not been a clergyman, and it has become taboo to worship at will and be guarded by a large number of elite holy guards.
There are 300 holy guards at the top of Shengchi Shengshan from the middle of the mountainside.
The Saint Guards of Li Shengguo are not strong. There have been several riots in Li Shengguo, but they all sent hundreds of Saint Guards to suppress them.
The ancient god who was crucified in the holy mountain was also killed by the holy guard and the holy king of that year.
Irina Lian moved lightly, slowly, solemnly and seriously, holding a sacred orb, and the bright light lit up the holy pool on the top of the mountain, making the whole pool light up like a silver plate.
She paid a visit to the holy pool, and the whole person bathed in Shenhua and recited the Bible of Li, which was a solemn ceremony.
Irina really doesn’t agree with the lost ancient tablet because many things in the ancient tablet are ridiculous.
I don’t know if this inscription was left by people, but it records the ancient and present history and also contains the future.
According to the holy king, this stone tablet is an important basis for the rule of Li Sheng religion, and they must pay attention to the stone tablet
However, in the past few years, there were some lost ancient tablets that were going to happen. Li Shengjiao prepared them many times and finally the reference significance of this ancient tablet became lower.
More than the holy religion, some cardinals think that the lost ancient monuments are not enough to refer to, and even the history that they think really happened may not be.
And how can anyone predict everything that will happen in the future?
Later, for many years, Li Sheng religion no longer responded to the reality according to the lost ancient inscriptions, and nothing bad happened.
This ancient monument was once placed in the center of the holy court, but now it has been moved to the warehouse.
But today, the holy king called her in the past late, saying that tonight may change, and they should have someone to meet the awakening guardian.
This makes Saint Irina feel ridiculous. This ancient monument has lost its reference significance. Do you still want to believe it?
But the holy king forced her to come.
The good holy king did not mobilize all the clergy in the holy mountain to come and pray for a welcome. If there is still one, it will affect the prestige of Li Sheng religion.
Therefore, she stepped on the moon and did not come with the identity of the accompanying hierophant Saint to welcome and worship again.
Behind them, the two elite holy guards of Li Sheng religion else didn’t see what happened in front of the holy pool.
Irina worshipped for a moment, but she didn’t see any movement in the holy pool. She knew that tonight was another lost ancient monument and her prediction was wrong.
The holy king said all this, and this time he remembered it again. He paid attention to the lost ancient tablet, so he didn’t remember it after that.
This is the end of the lost ancient tablet inscription. After all, the inscription is that big.
There used to be people who were worried about the lost ancient tablets in the past dynasties, and their credibility was still high. They thought that the end of the lost ancient tablets was not a good thing, which meant the end.
The contemporary saint king doesn’t believe it, but let the saint come and see if something happens.
Anyway, it’s the last paragraph. They might as well be cautious.
"Sure enough, the lost ancient monument can be laid in the warehouse …"
Irina sighed. She slowly got up and knew that tonight was a vain trip and she could go back to rest.
Just as she got up and was about to leave, she was turning around and giving a sudden meal, and then she looked back with some surprise in her beautiful eyes.
Her blonde hair fluttered in the gentle breeze, which seemed to be getting a little urgent.
Seeing the ripples in the center of the holy pool, there seems to be something rising in the east and west, and an upside-down bowl bulges on the water surface.
She has a surprise on her face. Isn’t this lost ancient monument right? It’s amazing that the guardian has recovered! ?
When the ancient prophecy comes true, Li Shengguo will get the strongest help. The return of the guardian of the lost era will wipe out the heavens and old gods will be even.
Irina quickly bowed down again to prepare for the pious welcome of this awakening guardian.
Is it disrespectful for her to have a repentant guardian waking up to Li Sheng-jiao and being greeted by herself?
The holy pool is moving, and the two holy guards in the distance are also aware that they look serious and turn their heads.
Different from the worship and respect of the holy church for the holy pool, the elite here have heard a lot from their ancestors, the holy guard, saying that the holy pool must be peaceful, otherwise the word "taboo" should be added?
Irina expect one of that dignified eye of the two holy guards to surface.
The figure surfaced, and the stars disappeared in a flash, and the whole earth was completely plunged into darkness.
There is a strong wind on the sacred mountain, and the sacred fire is lit around the sacred pools. There are dancing like demons in the wind. Only these flames and Irina’s sacred beads shine on the top of the mountain.
Seeing that the man is dressed in black and wears a knife with a perfect dark sword will never lose to this era and their dressing style is definitely different now.
He walked on the lake, devouring the light, drifting in the faint dark red night wind and mixing with the rising flames
It’s as if the heavens and the earth are trembling and people are fascinated by this man emerging from the holy pool, just like the ancient god of the abyss broke free from the chain!
Two holy guards trembled and raised their hands. war spear’s eyes showed the color of death. In their eyes, the whole Shenchi was black and red, and it was unknown. What strange guardian came out of the Shengchi?
Fen is an indescribable ancient god!
Irina is also frightened in her beautiful eyes. She finally lost the ancient monument in vain and didn’t remember it later. Didn’t they meet a strange guardian but a natural disaster? ?
Lu Chen stepped on the shore at first without looking at Irina and the two holy guards, but stretched himself and took a breath. The atmosphere here was very comfortable.

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