Lin Ying ignored them but came to the door.
This is an iron door with a simple pattern on the surface, which has a heavy feeling when touched by hand.
The hand knocked on the iron gate and there was a muffled sound. The sound should be very thick.
At this moment, Qing Muyang handed the things in his hand to the group of nine and came to Lin Ying’s side.
"Boss, this door is so thick. I tried to beat it. Both fighters were swollen and the door wouldn’t move."
Say that finish green MuYang also rolled up his sleeves to show Lin Ying some swollen fist.
Lin Ying looked at Qing Muyang’s fist and said two words, "What a suck."
Qing Muyang didn’t get praise. It was awkward. "Boss, lend me your ant. I’ll dig a hole in this ant’s face."
Lin Ying controls the ant colony and has the ability to corrode metal. At the base of 319, the ants corroded a gate. Qing Muyang clearly remembers how long it took him to ask Lin Ying to release the ants.
But when Lin Ying left, she brought a few flying ants out, and both the queen ant and the ant colony left 319. Now his ant roots are unable to corrode this door.
So Lin Ying said to Qing Muyang, "I have a few flying ants in my hand, and the number is too small to corrode this door."
Hearing Lin Ying’s words, Qing Muyang said with some regret, "Oh, that’s not good. It’s not enough for ants to hit you with violence now. Then we can’t get behind this door?"
There is something special behind such a thick door in such a large natural cave.
If everyone is curious about what is behind the door, they will try to break it down.
This is the mood of Qing Muyang now.
He really wants to knock on the door and see the world behind it, but now he can’t get annoyed.
This kind of near eyes and no feeling makes Qing Muyang very crazy.
Qing Muyang suddenly squatted down to the ground and grabbed his head and said, "Ah, ah, no, I have to find a way to hit this door. I must see what’s behind it."
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{End of chapter}
Chapter 323 Iron Gate
Lin Ying groped for the iron gate when Qing Muyang squatted to himself.
Generally, there must be a crane for iron gates like this in the shadow and the interior. If you find that crane, you can hit the iron gate.
What are the secrets, magic weapons and pills behind the iron gate?
Lin Ying thinks there should be something behind this flash iron gate.
Green MuYang see Lin Ying iron door groping up a market strange asked "boss what do you do? You won’t molest this door by groping like this, will you? "
Lin Ying wants to kick the shit out of Qing Muyang. "I will kick the shit out of you again."
Qing Muyang immediately shut up and went to watch Lin Ying touch the whole door.
The gate has no machine or keyhole.
Lin Ying got a key when he came into the secret passage, and he will be the key to this door.
But just now, Lin Ying touched the whole gate and found no machine or keyhole.
Lin Ying took out the box in her backpack and took out the key.
Will the key hand Lin Ying some doubts "isn’t this key to play this door? Is there any other way to break through this gate? "
After seeing Lin Ying touch the gate again, Qing Muyang was lost in thought and went to barbecue him with some interest.
At this time, Xiao Yi dedicated his barbecue grill, and a group of people were having a good time.
Instead of running for their lives, they are like a group of people going out to have a barbecue when they have no time.
At this time, the black and golden bat fell to Lin Ying’s side and constantly fanned its wings and circled around him.
His bats have been scattered by the bat king.
They all hang upside down from the top of the cave and wrap themselves firmly.
After flying around for a few laps, bat Wang Linying saw Lin Ying lost in thought and fell on his shoulder.
The bat king is very small, and his shoulders are just right in the shadow of the forest, but it
Wangcai and Xiaobai felt uneasy when they saw the bat king fall into the forest shadow’s shoulder, and walked around the forest shadow, which seemed a little grumpy and gave a strong hostility to the bat king.
The bat king felt the hostility of Wang Cai and Xiao Bai, so he wrapped himself in a stick and firmly grasped Lin Ying’s clothes with his feet.
Lin Ying ignored the bat, but touched the bar and kept thinking, such as hitting this iron gate in front of him. "What should I do?" The key is not this door. Do you want explosives to blow it up? "
Lin Ying can think of a way to blow up the door now.
But a moment later, Lin Ying shook her head. "It’s not right. This is a karst cave. If the whole cave collapses, we will all be buried alive."
Thought of here, Lin Ying shook his head and denied his decision.
The explosives in the cave are really uneasy. If you blow yourself up without blowing up the door, everyone will die.
Just when Lin Ying was overwhelmed, Lin Ying’s epaulettes suddenly killed bats.
At the same time, it immediately gave a message to Lin Ying through the spirit link.
Lin Ying jumped with surprise immediately after getting the news.
Qing Muyang looked at Lin Ying’s sudden jumping and jumping, and immediately followed the path "It’s over. The boss is crazy. If I hadn’t left the hospital, I could have helped him occupy a bed."
Lin Ying took a deep breath and came to a place several meters away from the iron gate when Qing Muyang was thinking.
Then Lin Ying reached out and touched a very humble stone.
If you don’t look carefully, you will never find anything unusual here.
Lin Yingli stone pressed the whole iron gate and suddenly gave a creaking sound.
Then the whole iron gate was hoisted.
But this door was hung up.
As if there were a huge palm that lifted the whole gate.
The movement of the gate directly attracted all of him.
Qing Muyang didn’t even want to barbecue himself, so boning knife came over.
"I rely on such science fiction."
It’s amazing for everyone to see that the door is constantly being opened.
At first glance, this gate was built in ancient times. At that time, people didn’t know it was so heavy and thick that the iron gate moved into the cave.

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