A fiery red sycamore tree with a height of more than ten feet is as gorgeous as fireworks.
Xia Chaoyang also seems to be shocked by the unique beauty of the buttonwood, and walks gently to the buttonwood.
Aly flapped her wings. Next to Elder Martial Sister Xia, she slowly fell, rolled up red leaves and fluttered around.
"Aly, is this where you miss your old place? Why don’t you go to the field? " Zhao-yang Xia asked softly
Aly, who stepped in the previous step with his claws, seemed to have a somewhat timid feeling and took it back.
Looking up at the familiar branches and red leaves that cover the sky seems to have stagnated here for thousands of years.
Aly, whose mind was fluctuating, suddenly flapped his wings and turned into a red shadow, hiding from the cascading branches.
Aly’s mysterious branches began to blend with each other. The red buttonwood seemed to break free from the shackles of the time rule and come back to life. It was generally full of faint red light.
"Hey … this Aly … turns out to be so" The appearance of the large array looks at the Baiyun Tower and sees the abnormality.
With the change of the circulation of the storm eye, a tall tripod with a height of more than 20 feet shows its shape
It turns out that this Zhongzhou tripod is really sealed in the eyes of the storm.
As soon as this cauldron appeared, it provoked several cauldrons to resonate with Baiyun Tower, searching for Jiuding and finally showing its trace.
"The Big Ding …" The buttonwood Xia Chaoyang set foot and jumped into the Big Ding.
Da Ding seems to contain a very familiar Qi Qi, and Xia Chaoyang did not hesitate to delve into his mind.
This seems to completely activate the large array, and the whole Nanzhou large array is surging like a tide, and the breath of monty is visibly erased by the large array suppression.
Although the final law completely wiped out monty, the monty atmosphere weakened almost successfully.
Maybe Xia’s younger sister is not white, so the variation of Baiyun Tower has vaguely seen the middle hole.
In those days, Qingyun threw Aly out of the large array of Bu Jiuding in Nanzhou, where Zhongzhou Dingding was banned from sealing the array.
So it seems that only by letting Aly return to Nanzhou, the buttonwood with storm eyes can the seal of Dading be lifted.
And to activate the array eye zhongzhou cauldron, you need the royal breath, and Xia’s sister status …
Looking at the large array of air flow Baiyun Tower, it seems necessary to award this large array of promotion method to Xiao Chaoyang.
The operation path of large array needs to be fully known, but it should not be difficult to promote the operation of large array through array eyes.
Thousands of years have passed since the eye of the array was sealed, and it has also been speculated that Monty is well-connected. Only by banning the eye of the array can the Monty body be truly sealed.
It seems that because of this, the monty array has been realized for thousands of years, and it is also realized that a remnant array has been sealed by the laws of time because of that eye.
Monty will definitely try to enter the array several times, and finally it will be pieced together by itself.
Well, the remnants of the array have been derived from the income of Baiyun Tower for more than half a year. At this time, if you look at the large array, you will have a clue
Monty seems to be aware of the sudden surge of magic breath in the eyes of Baiyun Tower, and he is drowning and tearing the fire shine.
However, it took some time for the fire to shine, or it rushed out from the siege of the magic soul and magic gas.
Looking at the monstrous magic fireworks shine while standing on the clean side, I can’t help but become speechless, and some are not white before I see how monty suddenly becomes so powerful.
It seems that the fire was infected by the change of monty, and the breath of the whole body suddenly became violent. The red-orange flame rose and it seemed that it was going to explode and melt the monty.
Baiyun Tower sees the white light condensed from different hands and intends to escape into the large array to awaken the fire shine.
Everything here is derivative, there is no need for an illusory thought, which consumes too much energy for no reason.
Chapter seven hundred and twelve A preliminary study of monty
Soul nuclear force moves Baiyun Tower, but it stops when it’s ready to escape into the array.
See the fire shine a flash of fire between the eyebrows suddenly let the fire shine all over the violent breath convergence.
Although Nirvana Shenhuo is outside the Baiyun Tower, he intuitively understands the true meaning of this Shenhuo.
So that’s it. It’s no wonder that a few days ago, when facing the devil’s soul, Fire Shine calmed down a lot.
It seems that the fierce sun fairyland has gained a lot from enlightenment and fire shine
Since the fire shines, you need to worry about Baiyun Tower and turn to look at the eye of the storm.
At this time, Monty has given up the entanglement of large array of clear air and is too lazy to pay attention to the hidden strength erupted by fire shine, just to seize the array eye.
With the arrival of the little red bird, the seal was broken when the storm eye broke, and the tripod in Zhongzhou activated the large array of storm eyes, and the strong machine barrier around the storm eye began to slowly dissipate.
The boundary of the eye of the storm is gradually blurred, and the eye of the array is completely exposed to the knowledge of monty.

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