Gentle walked to the place where I often met Su Jin and asked Su Jin if he was better.
"Although walking is still not so good, I have already been discharged from the hospital." He said lightly to take care of Su Jinren and called to report to him.
Gentle nodded. Think about it. It’s pitiful for her to spend the New Year abroad alone, isn’t it?
Teng always looked at his wife unfathomable and grabbed her hand and wouldn’t let her go forward.
"You’re jealous after asking yourself."
"How can I be jealous?"
"If you are not jealous, you really want your husband to accompany her?"
"Of course not … Okay, I’m jealous."
The secret was calculated by her husband again.
"Don’t eat this kind of dry vinegar again. I don’t like her very much," he said, pulling her forward again
Gentle nai sighed and followed him forward.
The weather is much warmer now than in the past few days.
When he arrived at the company, he was busy and gentle, so he talked with Jiang Wen about emotional things. Actually, Jiang Wen was feeling it himself.
"Sister Rou, what do you think these men are chasing after you? If they catch up with you in minutes, they will disappear from your sight in minutes."
Looking at Jiang Wen gently with her chin cupped in her arms and sighing, she kept the same movement as Jiang Wen, but pouted and didn’t talk, and then she leaned over for a while and frowned and put her back in the chair. The baby was kicking her again.
"Sister Rou, are you all right?"
"It’s just those three little ancestors kicking me." The gentle expression is a bit exaggerated, but the voice is very light
Seems to be afraid to disturb the three little guys, and seems to ease their sadness.
Suddenly so active and jumping, kicking her gently in distress situation.
Jiang Wen watched her belly beside her, then laughed and moved and moved. Sister Rou, they are really moving.
Gentle …
Of course she knows they’re moving, and
"Don’t move, let me feel one."
Jiang Wen said, putting her hands on her belly and then slowly lying down.
Teng Yun and Han Xi saw that scene when they came from the conference room.
There is a girl crawling in the boss’s belly.
That’s an ambiguity.
It’s a good thing they know the root cause.
"Boss …"
Gently looked up at her husband’s unhappy expression, and then she was blocked before she finished speaking.
"Did the boss lie on your stomach all day feeling such a magical thing? It’s amazing, Sister Rou. "
Han Xi also frowned in distress situation and then looked at the man next to Teng Yun and strode forward unhappily.
Gentleness also watched him getting closer and closer.
"Gentle you come in"
He gave a cold look and went straight to the office door.
Jiang Wen was shocked and jumped up, scared and gentle.
"What are you smoking? What if you scare the person next to you? Anyway, I can’t afford to "Han Sinai this wench how always rush?
"I …" Jiang Wen was scared.
Gently hold the back of the chair and get up. No one is responsible. I will be good.
Gentle and glared at Han Xi. Is this guy going to scare her little sister to death?
Tenderness came into the office and Teng Yunnai sighed. If you weren’t better with her, I would have let her go.
_ ____w_ w_ w___ __ _o_m
"Xiaowen is just curious. You are not happy because she is lying on my stomach. Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill." She walked to him.
Teng always glared at his wife and adults as if to say that you know me.
"Why should I let others touch my woman?"

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