"What happened?"
"See which direction is the direction of Bixiufeng"
"It seems that something has happened to Bi Xiufeng this time."
"That’s it. That’s it. That’s it. I just don’t know what it is. Let’s go and congratulate each other."
"Let’s go together, let’s go together"
Seeing the vision disappear, I’m sure I won’t be afraid to disturb you when you’re done.
At this time, the palm teaching suddenly appeared in the virtual hand, and it seemed that there was a world rippling. "The godfather ordered all monks to return to Bixiufeng by the original road."
"I’m waiting for orders." Brothers, look at me. I’ll look at you. Although you are unwilling, you don’t dare to rebel against the law of the ancestor. This is the Taiping Road General Altar where the ancestor sits. Who dares to rebel a little?
"What a magic weapon! It’s incredibly amazing! Even though there is a big burst in this water, there is also a great fortune. This magic weapon is really extraordinary." The godfather praised him for knowing that this magic weapon is unusual even if he didn’t come to the scene in person.
Looking at the hands of the thunder pool, the thunder liquid jade show suddenly has a lingering fear, and the place where the thunder liquid passes is constantly distorted. If people fight without much means, they need to spill a pool of thunder liquid, but you will still be turned to ashes by means of heaven.
This is the liquid thunder can reach an incredible level.
Chapter 364 Thunderstorm punished fairy disaster
Somehow, Jade Duxiu feels that this crossing is definitely not simple, and it must be big in the future.
What is Lei Shou?
Born according to heaven and earth, heaven and earth gave birth to innate beasts, and the thunder was born to be in charge of heaven.
Born in heaven and earth?
As the saying goes, there will be a day when I am born, and there will be a mission when Lei Shou is born.
Looking at the hands of the thunder pool jade Duxiu palm, the thunder pool was brought into the palm for a moment, but after the thunder pool entered the palm, the jade Duxiu froze. The thunder pool just flew into the palm, but Gankun saw that Lei Shou jumped out of nowhere and actually jumped into the thunder pool and slowly sank into the pool of thunder.
Jade Duxiu spent a stay, but didn’t say anything, even less. Lei Shou was worried that this Lei Shou heaven and earth was bred by nature, and this thunder pool was a treasure of the Lei Shou clan. Although it was a thunder pool refined by Jade Duxiu, it would certainly be of no benefit to Ray.
"Now it’s time to spend a thousand years saving mana after a thunderstorm." Jade Duxiu flashed a divine light to concise mana in her eyes.
Bi Xiufeng’s hall looked at Xiao Xiufeng from a distance, and I didn’t know what to think for a long time.
The elder brothers of Bixiufeng wanted to go to Xiaobixiufeng to find out about it, but they were sent back by De.
"My brother really has a great chance and great fortune, and now the birth of a magic weapon is really extraordinary." De’s eyes flashed with divine light and then turned to the hall.
A certain mountain beam looks at Bi Xiufeng from a distance for a long time.
Taiping’s ancestor at the top of Taiping Road looked back thoughtfully.
A year later, Xiao Bi Xiufeng’s Qi Qi soared into the sky, and that Qi Qi Qi seemed to be induced in heaven and earth. Dark clouds gathered and flashed from the thunderclouds day after day, but suddenly I saw an ancient cauldron flying in an instant. It seemed that there was a party in the cauldron, and all Lei Yun in the virtual world were instantly swallowed up. That was frightening. Lei Jie had already eliminated one before he played his terrible power.
Xiao Bi Xiu Feng Lei Chi Yu Duxiu slowly rises and falls in front of him, and a little ray flies out of the Lei Chi and instantly falls off the jade Duxiu.
"Zila" is a unique jade, and the body flashes a little bit of blackened marks. For a moment, the qi and blood are running, and the spine dragon is beating slightly. All injuries are instantly recovered.
Jade Duxiu’s 500-year-old mana mind attracted Lei Jie, and when that Lei Jie was just formed, it offered a thunder pool and swallowed up the thunder all over the sky.
After recovering the thunder pool, Yu Duxiu looked at Lei Yun’s thoughts in the suspended thunder pool, and the mana controlled the thunder pool to slowly release the thunder, constantly washing and practicing his Qi Qi mana.
Seeing this, you may be confused. Jade Duxiu has been taken away, and Lei Yun has to ask for trouble and find lightning by himself.

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