Or to put it another way, was Pei Wende forced to become an elixir of life when he was just born, without the help of Zen master Ling Gui?
Pei Wende thought carefully about whether he had missed something or not, and he was going to trace his childhood memories again by the method of "proving in a dream" when a loud noise suddenly came from the outside.
"Nine-tailed white fox?"
"What will happen here? There will be a nine-tailed white fox?"
"That kind of thing is not the female emperor cut, daxing shrines and then disappeared! ?”
Deep in the huge jungle, Dan Chen growled angrily as he shuttled through the soil and vegetation.
Different from the general array, the Qing-nang technique pays attention to the general trend of heaven and earth, and their fighting is equivalent to fighting the whole nature.
Fight to win or lose in the end, regardless of whether a fighting enemy must first consider nature itself.
In particular, Dan Chen is not sure whether he will directly lead to the dissipation of Weishan’s fate and the disaster of Wan Li after he has integrated into Kyubi no Youko’s auspicious power.
Such a big cause and effect, let alone orthodox Taoist practitioners, even those who practice evil ways in heaven and earth dare not bear it easily
It is said that it is because of a great war that feng du’s local fate and Long Mai’s imbalance will become a ghost town in the spring and summer all year round.
"Cloth this appearance is crazy? !”
Dan Chen thinks he is a crazy yogi.
After all, the legal person who dares to practice incarnation has more or less mental problems before and after practice.
And Dan Chen, who has cultivated hundreds of incarnations and practiced several secret methods, is even more crazy. Without personality division, it is already a proof of his strong will
But it wasn’t until he saw the trend of the mountains and rivers and the "battle" of fate that Dan Chen discovered that the world was crazier than himself.
It seems that the whole mountain forest has become his enemy, Dan Chen’s perception range, and both animals and plants can repel him
This is still Dan Chen’s practice of civil evasion, which has a natural affinity for the earth and plants
Otherwise, his situation will be even worse now.
This is another solution of Qingnang. Once the battle is formed, its root has no entity.
Even the "white fox" seen by Dan Chen and Hui Ji is actually not.
That "white fox" is the embodiment of the hostility of the whole Weishan to Dan Chen, and it has no substantive significance.
It may be inaccurate to say that the area and creatures that the "Beauty Stream" flows through are all part of the "White Fox" body.
But Dan Chen is just a humble flea in his body.
Once again, after being rejected, Dan Chen suddenly turned around and shot a bobcat directly with a palm.
However, this can not alleviate Dan Chen’s embarrassing situation, because his current enemy is the whole Weishan Mountain, which is the "bad luck" of this area.
Compared with the menacing birds of prey and animals, those tiny insects that don’t have "accidents" all the time are a bigger crisis.
"Who is this disgusting Qing capsule? He deserved it! "
Once again, Dan Chen, a leech who fell from a tree, dare not stay too long and chose a nearby tree to try to escape, and this time he succeeded.
[expel me? Is that what you really want? 】
Dan Chen has never been so resistant, but he has the only choice now.
Because he wants to leave this area, he will no longer deal with this "malice" that seems to come from the whole nature.
This is also a shortcoming of Qingnang, which is not a strict array, so naturally there is no special function to trap the enemy.
Chapter 49 Move the soul to seize her possession
"That’s … Dan Chen? !”
Pei Wen saw Dan Chen, who sometimes fled into trees and sometimes into the earth, in a tree hole far away.
At this moment, the incarnation of Dan Chen swept the Weishan again, forming a large array of prestige, and the clean cassock was stained with all kinds of filth because of long-term "accidents"
Because of the "beauty stream", all spiritual things in this area can repel Dan Chen.
Naita has to dive into those weak soil layers or old and dead ancient trees in Long Mai.
I don’t know if it’s a coincidence that Dan Chen’s escape direction is actually Pei Wende’s hiding direction
What’s more unfortunate is that Pei Wende’s tree hole is impressively a dead old pine.
"Is it you?"
As a result, Bo Danchen, who was avoiding the battle, was almost able to blend into the old pine tree, and then he found Pei Wende hiding in the tree hole.
Words staring at the tree hole by emerging face PeiWenDe, Dan Chen almost at the same time showed consternation.
Just then, a bolt from the blue cut through the silence, and Dan Chen’s face made of big trees shrank back.
Nothing is impossible in this completely "activated" Weishan …
Even if that flash directly hit the tree hole, Dan Chen seems to be possible
This is the terrible thing about the already-formed Qingnang technique, where the large array is located, and the will of heaven and earth must not be violated.
However, Dan Chen’s retreat was only a short moment, and he reappeared in the tree hole.
Because he suddenly realized that if the whole Weishan Qingnang large array was started by Pei Wende, it would be safest to be with him.
Whether it is fate or coincidence, it is an excellent opportunity for Dan Chen.
"Is it really you? It’ s really hard to find a place. "
Nai turned supercilious look. If it weren’t for seeing each other’s thunder being scared, Pei Wende might really believe Dan Chen’s vow.
"If you hadn’t shrunk back just now, I might not be in tourist trap now."
In the face of Pei Wende’s outspoken ridicule of Dan Chen’s Zhang Shu face, it was quite awkward to be speechless.
After all, it is true that he was just scared by thunder. It is no wonder that Pei Wende will show such an expression.
If you dare to talk big when you see the enemy so timid, you will definitely be sarcastic.
"So small, did Ling Gui tell you never to provoke and kill people at any time?"
After the embarrassment, Dan Chen finally remembered the trip, and suddenly his face showed yoshimitsu and said
"This is especially the case!"
After saying his word, Dan Chen’s body has been stripped off from the tree and went straight to Peiwende, who was seriously injured.

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