At that moment, Zhao Xuan was bloody, and everyone yelled out, but Zhao Xuan was already dead …
They can stare at the golden lion again!
"Let" golden lion finish watching those eyes continue to take out Guizhou Fan Pingjing tunnel
"Let your mother! ! !”
“! ! !”
“! ! !”
Everyone rushed to binge drinking, and the ordinary people were fierce and not afraid of death and rushed at the golden lion.
Golden lion show zheng, it really didn’t think of these little things mean life unexpectedly also dare to rush toward it.
For an instant, an idea in its heart seems to have shaken one
But he was a stubborn and narcissistic guy after all, and immediately laughed.
"I don’t want to kill you, but you want to die." Facing those untouchables who rushed over, the golden lion followed the path.
And then kill!
Some people vomited blood and flew out, while others were beheaded.
All the people in front of the castellan’s mansion add up to be no match for the golden lion …
But did it really win?
The more people kill, the more uneasy it feels. It feels more and more that this is not what it wants, and the result is not what it thinks.
But by this time, it’s too late to say anything. You can continue to kill.
Seeing those true fairies and little fairies fall, even ordinary people fall by less than half.
Suddenly there was a sharp roar in the sky and someone flew in quickly!
Xiao asked and Xiahou Ren didn’t know what had happened in Huayan Mountain City. They were just passing by.
Even in Huayan Rock, they still didn’t realize that there was a big war.
As closer and closer, Xiao Wen finally reached lotus flower!
When the eyebrows are fine, Xiao Wen finally knows that he has touched the monster beast raid in the south of Tianlan demon world recently!
He didn’t even say hello to Xiahou Ren and teleported directly!
Guanghua flashed Xiao Wen has appeared above the head of the golden lion!
At this time, the golden lion is biting a middle-aged man with a lot of gas. It has already felt that there are masters coming, and it is natural to kill more.
Xiao Wen, with a huge impact, dropped his left arm and stretched it out, which was already holding the golden lion’s neck and right arm. The whole forearm directly hit the golden lion’s head!
"bang! !”
The golden lion, which was more than twenty feet high, threw himself in the crowd as soon as it was smashed by Xiao Wen.
"Kill it! !”
"These people are killed by it! !”
"Kill this beast! Blare … "
When reinforcements arrived, many people cried because the golden lion did so badly!
There are bodies everywhere in front of the duke’s mansion, and large tracts of blood almost cover Fiona Fang’s twenty feet!
Chapter four hundred and twenty-four Suicide
If you want to kill someone before, it is impossible for this kind of thing to happen to the demon family, because their lives are more valuable than human lives, but now it is not before or now, and it is an era when human beings in the Tianlan demon world are changing their minds!
All those people who were extremely helpful to the arrival of help from the Zhengxian Society really didn’t mean anything about their voices. They really wanted to kill the golden lion.
Xiao Wen naturally won’t show mercy, but one hand presses the right fist of the golden lion’s neck, which is about to hit him, but it’s right. The crazy and playful eyes of the golden lion immediately raise a sense of strength. Obviously, the golden lion knows born to die and is not afraid of death. The golden lion told Xiao Wen in his eyes to kill it and Qian Qian to come out with it.
These unscrupulous low-level monster beasts have brought great trouble to Zhengxian Society in recent days! The most tenacious resistance of zhengxianhui to lead the rise of mankind is from the lowest level of demon race. This situation is really unexpected for those high-level officials of zhengxianhui.
There was a strong smell of blood in his nose, and Xiao Wen could tell how many people the golden lion had killed, but even if it killed one, it wouldn’t spare it!
Punch out!
Xiao asked the physical strength to punch through the head of the golden lion!
The eye golden lion will die in Xiao Wenquan Zhengxian Club, and those low-ranking monks and ordinary people have their hearts tightened because they can finally get revenge.
However, in the middle of this time, there was a sudden cry "Wait!"
Xiao asked immediately stopped listening to the sound and turned to those low-order monks and ordinary people with puzzled faces.
It was later that the speaker arrived at Xiahou Ren. He never left the gate of the Duke’s mansion and didn’t care about others’ doubts and accusations. His eyes were staring at the golden lion.
The golden lion is dead, and naturally he won’t be afraid of Xiahou Ren, but at that moment, he shivered for no reason and felt a frightening chill.
Golden lion’s eyes are crazy and playful, but Xiahou Ren’s eyes are even crazier and more playful!
With a contemptuous smile, Xiahou Renqing said, "I’ll destroy it."
"Shout …"
They were all holding their breath. They wanted to know that Xiahou Ren had stopped them from hearing such an answer. They were holding their breath in their chests and suddenly spit it out.

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