"Sister and child are very weak when they are held out. Please leave without saying a few words."
Section 443
I cann’t believe he said that
At the same time, her self-esteem was hurt, and she nodded. When she got to the ladder, she suddenly turned and looked at him. If you are not going to go, I will go there myself. You go and help you.
Gentle …
Squinting at her. What does this woman mean?
"What do you mean? Tell me clearly who you think I am and you can call me back? " Wen Liang is not happy to say
Belle looked at him in shock. I think you are so reluctant to be with me. I don’t want to force you.
"Are you? I never knew you were so considerate. "
She is really not a girl who knows others’ concerns. She has always been so self-centered.
Unexpectedly, it was not long before her self was exposed again.
Also, when she comes back this time, she will play more poor women with low eyebrows and low eyes. I didn’t expect that she couldn’t hold back in just a few days.
But it is also in line with her sex.
"You … yes, you’re right." If you’re not angry, she just nodded her teeth and went as soon as the ladder arrived, then stared at the man in front and walked in.
But I bit my lip to suppress the anger in my heart, and my heart is about to collapse. Sometimes I will become a little witch.
He drove me crazy, but I didn’t want to argue anymore.
After all, he said that they had already broken up.
Now Yin Beier and barrister Wen are nothing.
Even ordinary colleagues, he probably thinks she is the highs, right?
Belle thought that she would no longer have contact with him and had no eyes.
She told herself that this time she just wanted to see gentleness. After all, gentleness is good for her and has given her advice.
Now that gentle has given birth to a baby, she should come and see everywhere.
In fact, these gentle people know
Wen Liang thought to herself that she could come to see his sister for any reason, but as his ex-girlfriend, after all, everyone met each other and was gentle and didn’t hate her very much, but what did she want to follow?
He and his two sisters had already agreed to go home to celebrate the night when Gentle was discharged from the hospital. It was really an accident to come here today. It was really a slap in the face to be a driver.
Punching yourself in the face is probably like this, right?
And it’s pretty tough.
Gentleness is lying there teasing the children with Professor Yuan. When Professor Teng cooks and eats, he hears the door ring and looks up to see that it is Belle. Belle is also surprised that you are here.
Belle nodded and looked at Professor Yuan and immediately greeted Professor Yuan. Long time no see.
"Ah, if it isn’t our little girlfriend, when will she come back?"
Gentle …
Gentle …
Belle just came back not long ago, but she is no longer the girlfriend of barrister Wen.
She spoke frankly and then went forward to give the flowers to tenderness. She looked down at the bed and licked her lips. The bag could not help but say that it was beautiful.
"Your flowers are beautiful, too," said with a gentle smile.
Belle laughed at me. I’m poor now. I can afford this.
"You’re welcome to follow me, even if you come by hand?" Gentle and low told her.
Belle smiled, then bent over and picked up the small bag so that aunt could have a good look at our little baby. Why is it so cute?
Belle is teasing the child and playing with tenderness. She is wringing her eyebrows and listening to her. She feels uncomfortable all over.
Gentle with professor yuan looked at each other and then looked up at his brother nai thoughtfully.
Manager Teng and Professor Teng were cooking, but they didn’t come out when they heard the noise outside. Are you familiar with this sound when you are whispering in the kitchen?
"Wen Liang’s ex-girlfriend" Teng always whispered
"Oh, what’s that called Belle?"
"Gentle conditions are also good. It is easy to find a good girl on the theory of looks. Two days ago, I met Professor Wang in our college and they asked me to ask. I didn’t have a baby because of tenderness."
"Well, it’s not too late to wait for a few days." Teng always has no interest in anything, and it’s appropriate
Professor Teng nodded, too. Then why did they come together?
Manager Teng straightened up and let go. He was fiddling with carrots. You were not so fond of taking care of other people’s affairs before.
Professor Teng …
"Are you tired of my wordiness?"
Professor Teng is not happy to ask
"How dare you know about them?"
Professor Teng just snorted and didn’t say anything in his heart, but he was wondering if he might be really old and love listening to other people’s things so much.
"Sister Bao is so cute."
Belle clung to the small bag.
Wen Liang looked at his watch and then looked at the small kitchen over there. It was estimated that it was almost time for Professor Yuan to get married and have a baby as soon as he liked it. The sooner he had a baby, the faster he recovered.
Belle …

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