"Did you write that note on grandpa’s desk?" Mu Hai said
"That’s right" Shi Cheng nodded. "I’m going to visit Liuzhou by plane after you leave a note."
"Ah, I didn’t expect to meet such a rabbit cub in broad daylight and dare to hijack us both," Shi Cheng said.
"Grandpa, it’s good that you are all right. There are still many opportunities to go to Liuzhou," Muhai said.
"Yes, I’m not afraid of not burning firewood," said Aunt Yun.
"It is good that you are happy. It is good that you are happy." Shi Chengxiao said.
"By the way, Grandpa, when I went running early, my home was bombed. I heard that there was something hidden in the thief’s home?" Muhai asked
Hearing this, a fear flashed in Shi Cheng’s eyes.
"There is nothing in Xiaohai’s family. Don’t worry, let them steal it." Shi Chengle said ha ha.
Muhai nodded and didn’t ask again
Shi Cheng looked at MuHai appearance is not a show a heartache "small don’t blame grandpa that thing can’t touch it is a disaster! No one can get this thing. I won’t tell anyone even if I die! "
Looking out the window, Shi Cheng’s eyes showed a firm look.
Muhai three people ate a fast food outside.
Aunt Yun went home alone after eating.
When Muhai Shicheng got home, it was close to seven o’clock in the evening.
After passing through Muhai at the entrance of Qingcheng, Shui Mu, armed police with live ammunition were found, and some people patrolled inside.
Just like a military base.
This is too safe.
Two people walked to the villa scene Shi Cheng froze.
Shi Cheng looked at the villa and looked more complicated.
"Grandpa Shi, you are back."
I didn’t expect anyone at home to be Zhou Qian and Tang Yu.
Two people, one left and one right, hold Shi Cheng.
"Grandpa Shi is fine, and his body is strong now. Go and help Xiaohai. He is too tired to save me today." Shi Cheng said with a smile.
"The small are you ok? !” Tang Yu’s eyes were worried.
"It’s okay! I’m in good health. Don’t you believe me? " Mu Hai said
"By the way, who exactly kidnapped you, Grandpa Shi? Did you call the police?" Zhou Qian asked
"Of course, I called the police. I think the gangster is in the bureau now." Shi Cheng said.
"What a suck!" Zhou Qian gritted his teeth and said
"Xiao Yu and Xiao Qian don’t know that you are coming tonight?" Shi Cheng asked.
"Grandpa Shi, isn’t your house broken? You can’t live in my house. There are few people living in my house. If you don’t mind, just stay in my house for a few nights," Zhou Qian said
"That won’t do. I’ll stay in a hotel with Xiaohai." Shi Cheng shook his head.
"Grandpa Shi, you look down on my family?" Zhou Wei said
"I don’t look down on your home. What should I do if I go to your home Xiaohai alone?" Shi Cheng shook his head.
"Grandpa Shi, there are many rooms in my house, but there are not many people." Zhou Qian looked at Mu Hai proudly and held her head high. "For Grandpa Shi’s sake, I asked you to stay for a few nights first. Can’t you go to Bai except your bedroom?"
"Then I’d better not go. People have three emergencies. I’m afraid I can’t hold back for a night," Muhai said.
You!’ Zhou Qian is short of breath
Is that what I meant?
Deliberately looking for slag, right? Deliberately embarrass me?
I’m so angry with miss!
Two magic thoughts flew out from Zhou Qian’s head and rushed into Muhai Dantian.
Sensing that Jiuding magic furnace can increase Muhai’s power, I didn’t expect Zhou Qian’s strength to increase.
Tonight, her fire will explode and she must help her.

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