In a short time, the immortal strength and spiritual thoughts will all become true elements!
These true elements are flowing slowly in the body. If Mo Xiushi can still find these true elements, they look thicker than the true elements condensed in the sword box, just like the silver Se water.
The true yuan in the sword case is condensed by the condensation technique. The ordinary true yuan is exactly the same, but Moxiu’s true yuan was condensed by the tempering of Nine Turning Golden Body Tactics. Every true yuan is five times purer than the ordinary true yuan!
Naturally, the power of a real yuan is more than five times that of others!
This is the greatest advantage of practicing the Nine-turn Golden Body Tactics. The immortal power and the true yuan are several times more pure than others, but ten times more!
Therefore, although Mo Xiu has hundreds of true yuan, it is equivalent to 500 true yuan of others.
This is much stronger than the three-tier monks in the foundation period!
You know, the three-story monk in the foundation period is only 300 yuan.
What’s more important is that Mo Xiu [Ti] Zhenyuan has been endless now!
In the past, you can condense one or two true elements without using the sword box, but that true element is like the oasis foundation in the desert. Once it is consumed, it is extremely difficult to recover.
Even the true yuan in the sword box needs huā. It takes a long time to get together, just like the true yuan in the sword box would have been exhausted if Mo Xiu hadn’t kept avoiding it just now.
But now Moxiu is not worried about the recovery of the true element method!
Feel the earth-shaking changes in your body. Don’t be sad or happy. Suddenly your eyes are as calm as the sea.
Calm and wise, as if from God.
But Moxiu’s heart was full of fighting spirit, and Zhenyuan instantly locked more than ten red monkeys.
"You’ve been chasing me for days, and now it’s my turn to turn over!"
[body] two silver se yuan quickly poured into the boots, and then the boots suddenly flashed with golden light.
Two pieces of silver se yuan are equivalent to ten pieces of ordinary yuan, which is enough to make the boots play the role of multiplier!
The gas around Moxiu is crushed!
Don’t take a moment to appear behind a red monkey like a ghost!
This span is hundreds of feet away!
This is the real speed of combat boots!
Don’t rest before saving immortal power. Every time you drive your boots, you pour a mouthful of real yuan, which is far from exerting the power of your boots. Even the golden light of your boots has failed to j: and come out.
Can j: and issued a golden light to say boots played a real power!
Two more real yuan poured into the boots and his right foot shouted.
A golden light of combat boots suddenly shot out.
The golden light hit the red monkey so hard that it flew hundreds of feet.
However, these red monkeys are really abnormal and hard to bear. This is equivalent to a powerful blow of the multiplier, which is actually breaking some flesh!
Only then did other red monkeys discover that Moxiu appeared and was so close to them!
Suddenly, more than ten thick red Se arms smashed at Moxiu with terrible momentum!
The golden light of the combat boots flashed and disappeared again.
Peng! Peng!
There are still two arms that hit Moxiu, but they were blocked by Jin Si soft armor.
Strange strength broke out again in Moxiu [Body], but Moxiu was not surprised by this feeling. Not only did he not feel any pressure, but he was willing to lift it.

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