It’s not grandma’s voice when I hear it. I’m directly frightened. I’ll track grandma immediately, but I can hide the paper man
Invisible paper man’s eyes I saw Jiang Yan holding her lips with blood in one hand and grandma holding her words in the other. Grandma was weak and slowly opening her eyes.
"Little Ran, is everything all right outside you alone?" When Jiang Yan talked about you, she was slowly opening her eyes and pulling Jiang Yan’s clothes.
Jiang Yan looked at grandma and paused before continuing to speak.
"Grandpa, what happened to my grandmother?" But the invisible paper man saw the situation and made me ask Jiang Yan’s words blurt out.
"Nothing, it’s nothing. Your grandmother just fell asleep. I’ll give you a call if I happen to have it at the moment." Grandma’s eyes are full of disapproval, which makes Jiang Yan look very wrong.
Dan Tai glass took my shoulder and patted my arm at this time.
"It turns out that grandpa and grandma are stubborn. You should excuse me more. Please take care of grandma for me." Staring at grandma’s appearance at the moment, I try my best to make the sound different.
"These little Ran Guan rest assured that it is your grandmother, and everything in my eyes is good to take care of your grandmother, which is something I have been thinking about for many years." Jiang Yan and I finished talking about stretching out our sleeves, grandma wiped the blood from her lips, and then put the phone to her ear very quickly.
"Xiao Ran, I have something to do. Let’s talk about it here first." Jiang Yan then said again.
"Goodbye, grandpa." Knowing that Jiang Yan was eager to take care of grandma, I immediately took a turn.
Jiang Yan hung up immediately after I finished my speech and asked grandma urgently. Now I feel like
Grandma said in a weak voice that she just felt unwell when she was pranayama, so there was no big problem. Jiang Yan needed to be so nervous.
Jiang Yan’s expression is not easy. She said to her grandmother that Grandma Murray and Xie Yiming will come to Japan together after Xie Yiming is out of the state of concentration.
Grandma refused to say that she wanted to go back to China to lay more foundation while her hands and feet were still sharp.
Grandma told Jiang Yan not to talk about her again. I said I was a thoughtful girl. I don’t know if Jiang Yan would think much about this call.
Grandma Jiang Yan closed her hair and sighed, asking if grandma had been punished by God.
Grandma nodded and said that she told Jiang Yan that the scourge made her rapidly aging, and at the same time made her skills pass away a lot.
Grandma said with a shallow smile at this point, that is, because she felt that life was coming to an end, she was always determined not to have any regrets, and she was always with Jiang Yan.
Grandma Jiang Yan’s words fell to the ground, holding grandma’s tears raging and sobbing, saying that he knew grandma could not avoid the scourge, but he didn’t want it to fall to grandma so soon
Grandma shook her head gently and said that the scourge was nothing. After all these years, the scourge finally came, and she was very satisfied.
"I have raised Xiao Ran, and she has the ability to protect herself. My only regret is that I don’t know if there is any chance to see her survive her 24-year-old life safely." Grandma sighed.
"Can Xiao Ran be a good boy, and you can certainly survive the robbery, and you can certainly see her safety with your own eyes?" Jiang Yan nodded heavily with a tear on his sleeve.
"I can’t even look at your crying appearance. Be careful, Yiming will see the shame on you, old man." Grandma dislikes glancing at Jiang Yan.
"If you don’t cry, you just don’t know how your eyes will flow." Jiang Yan carefully picked up her grandmother from the ground and put her on the bed made of the whole piece of white nephrite, so that she could lie still for a while before talking to him.
Grandma closed her eyes and rested. Jiang Yan sat next to her and held her hand tightly. She looked at her with eyes full of worries.
I am full of sadness when Lianke Stealth Paper Man comes here, and tears have already ravaged my cheeks.
Pushing the Dan Tai glass, I wiped my cheeks and tears. I went to the window, pulled the curtains and looked out.
Tears from the fundus blurred my vision, and I simply couldn’t see the scene outside the window.
Looking for the trace of dad, two invisible paper men. I know that two invisible paper men still haven’t found the trace of dad.
I closed my eyes at the window and decided to bless two invisible paper men.
I hope that two invisible paper men can help me find my father quickly.
I hope dad can come back and see his old mother again before grandma leaves.
At this moment, I have an impulse to see the pawnbroker again immediately. I want to pawn everything from him in exchange for grandma’s long life.
Dan Tai Li followed me to the window, held me from behind and stood the window with me silently.
"In the final analysis, the scourge is coming from this." After blessing two invisible paper men, I visually asked Dan Tai Li ahead
"From the rules of the Three Realms, there was once a person whose ability made the Three Realms fold many rules of the Three Realms, so he made them." Dan Tai Liyin slowly answered my question.
"Since then, future generations have followed the rules of the Three Realms. The more people follow the rules, the more unbreakable the rules are. The reason is unclear. It can be said that this is also a strange circle. People follow the power to give the rules a steady stream of energy." Dan Tai held me in her arms more tightly.
"The ability to shock the Three Realms can change the rules of the Three Realms again. The so-called scourge can also be banned." After listening to Dan Tai Glass, I know the law of banning the scourge.
Shaking my head with a wry smile, I clearly know that the distance between my eyes is heaven and earth.
"The ability to deter the Three Realms can ban the scourge and change the rules of the Three Realms. The ability to deter the Three Realms is not enough. It is also possible to avoid the scourge." Dan Tai Li answered me.
"You can achieve that goal if you work hard." Dan Tai Li kissed my hair in a positive tone.
"Give me such a positive reason." I turned and looked straight at Dan Tai Glass.
This is not the first time before me that Dan Tai Li can re-establish the three realms rules. I want to know if Dan Tai Li is confident in me and whether I really have that potential in the future.
I am weaker than Dan Tai Li, but Dan Tai Li has never asked whether he can re-formulate the rules of the Three Realms.
I asked Dan Tai Glass to list what I have now.
I have the secret of yin and logic that makes several people salivate, and I have the yin and yang technique of Yuan Tiangang to avoid the scourge of heaven.
I have the three realms of Yin Zhu Yang Zhu, which have not yet been developed. It can be said that the world is extinct and chaotic.
I have an ancient lamp, and I have a unique array of proud men.
I have the mysterious and powerful latent power possessed by the spirit of Qinglong and the spirit of Baihu.
Not only that, I also have an indomitable character, I have endured hardships and I am qualified.
"Yin and Yang can avoid the scourge, doesn’t it mean that non-yin-edge people can practice to the fourth floor of the achievement method?" I put aside the sentence that there is a scourge in Dan Tai Glass discourse export.
Dan Tai glass nodded and said to me that he knew that Yin and Yang were popular with several people, but in fact it was also that several people wore intestinal poison to practice more than the fourth layer, and then they would be in a state of chaos, which was considered a seasoned road.
The reason is that the non-yin people’s physique can’t bear the physical impact brought by practicing beyond the fourth level of kungfu, that is, they can’t bear the effect brought by the flow of beads in Dantian.
On how the bead circulation is harmful to the marginal people, but it is beneficial to the bead circulation after the marginal people cross the fourth floor of the technique.
Yuan Tiangang is a special person among human beings. Although he is not a yin-yang person, he can avoid harm and benefit and practice Yin-Yang.
That is, because he finished practicing Yin and Yang, he could avoid his need to be punished by heaven.
"How do you know about these things?" Dan Tai Li answered, which made my eyes dim. After listening to Dan Tai Li’s words, I was slightly wrinkled.
It is like avoiding the scourge to have grandfathers in Yuan Tiangang, and grandfathers in Yuan Tiangang, Zeng Dacheng, practiced yin and yang. Grandma never told me that she didn’t know the secret thing, but Dan Tai Li knew it in such detail.
This made me deeply explore the identity of Dan Tai Li again.
"Young master, don’t forget the many secret things that have happened in the ghost market for many years. It’s not a secret here." Dan Tai Li’s eyes are clear
"Cry ugly a lot to let my brother take my little sister to wash her face." Dan Tai glass took my hand to wash my face.
"You don’t want to see if it’s in your eyes." After washing my face, I glanced at the lip angle with an evil smile, Dan Tai Glass.
"That how line again ugly elder brother’s eyes are beautiful dadada condition root is not ugly is to see you cry my in the mind also blocked panic, you are my woman, but I can watch you cry how to make me feel ashamed of the man this gender" Dan Tai glass shook his head.
"I can consider going to Thailand to make Li’s dream come true." My emotional fluctuation made Dan Tai Li blame herself. This is not what I want.
"I don’t mind going to Thailand if I repeat my words," Dan Tai Li handed me the toothpaste and toothbrush.
After washing and cleaning up, Dan Tai Li and I checked out and returned to Zhongya Apartment Wang Zhuopeng Restaurant.
After the meal, my car went straight to the bone shop
As soon as I hit the radio on the way to Guqidian, I heard a report about the collapse of that strange old house on a strange street.

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