"Bastard you really have a problem" Nami instantly a shark mouth shouted "that’s grand line! You as a tourist, this is too unplanned … "
Nami breathed a sigh of relief. "Do you know how dangerous it is? It is the most dangerous place in the world. What’s more, there are many powerful pirates. Of course, they must be powerful ships. Now we estimate that this ship will be blown to pieces by shells if it is not met."
"Yes," Luffy said with a fist, a hammer, a palm nod and a serious face. "Then after landing on an island, we have to find another big ship besides our associates."
Sauron said, "Yes, and you have to have your own pirate flag."
"Chef" Nello added again.
Nami put her forehead and looked at the three people with a headache. She decided that she must find a chance to make a good sum of money and stay away from them.
Three minutes later, when the time flies.
"Haha, I want to have a big meal when I arrive at the island." The island sand spread out Luffy’s excitement and shouted.
"whew! Hey! "
Dozens of flags with skeletons suddenly appeared in the mountains and Woods, but the sound of "swish" broke, and then several marbles fell from the sky and flew towards several people
"It’s a pirate" shouted. Nami, when she was about to hide, the marble flew past her and "poop-poop" her feet. It’s incredible that even the marble flying to Luffy and others flew past them, but compared with Nami’s panic, they all decided there.
At this moment, a man with a long nose emerged from above and said, "Yes, this island has been occupied by our Wu Suopu Pirates. If you want to attack this ticket, you’d better give it up, otherwise my tens of millions of hands will not allow you to be presumptuous here."
Wow, the original is still calm. Luffy can’t help but shout, "It’s amazing that there are thousands of genera."
Nello looked at Luffy and said, "Are you an idiot? It is estimated that even thousands of people can’t hide in such a small place, let alone thousands. "
Sauron "Look at his trembling feet and you know it must be fake."
Nami "Yes, it is a lie."
"Too bad I was caught. If I had known, I wouldn’t have said so many people." Wu Suopu shouted.
"What!" To react, Luffy suddenly said, "It turned out to be a lie."
Hum, hum, hum suddenly the long-nosed man shrugged and laughed. "I have an elite escort!" "
Oh, Nello kept moving six pirate flags as she watched him. He knew how many people he was.
"There are three people!"
"ah! It’s not good that we were caught. "Suddenly three children emerged and looked at them with a frightened face." Run! The pirates are coming. "
"Hey, you three, don’t run away!"
"Ha ha ha ha! ! It’s funny. Are you playing pirates? " Luffy holding the belly looked at Wu Suopu. "
Bastard is not a game. I am a man with strong self-esteem. Wu Suopu took a slingshot from her pocket and pulled it. "You saw it just now! I play but more than your marksmanship. "
Yes, you play very accurately, but that’s not to scare people. Luffy said, pressing his straw hat with one hand, and his face sank. "Since you draw a gun, you have to give your life."
As the deep words fall, the surrounding atmosphere is condensed.
"ah!" The high figure called a slingshot and almost missed it.
"Hey" at this moment, Solonillo also smiled and followed by the waist blade, which was already bright.
"We are real pirates" was startled just now, and Nami also took out his three sticks to form a stick to drink a way.
"Uh …"
At that moment, the powerful and dignified atmosphere made his body stiff, and then the sweat on his face and hands became more and more dense.
One second, ten seconds, twenty seconds and one minute …
Plop! ! Listen to plop a kneeling ground Wu Suopu looked at several humanitarian in a cold sweat.
"The real pirates are really different. I surrendered!"
"Ha ha!"
A few people glance at each other and then laugh.
Luffy looked at him with a smile. "I didn’t say that just now, but I respected Janks, a pirate."
Wu Suopu looked surprised. "Janks, you said it was Janks, a big pirate with red hair."
"Yes!" Luffy looked at him and suddenly laughed. "Your father’s name is Yasoppu, right!"
"You … ahhh, bang bang! !” From Fang to the beach, Wu Suopu looked at Luffy. "Yasoppu is my father, but how do you know?" Wu Suopu asked with a surprised face.
Because he’s at the Janks Shipyard. I saw him when I was a child, and he kept talking about you! Tired of listening, Luffy said as he walked, "But your marksmanship is as accurate as your father!" "
"Ha ha, is it?" On hearing this, Wu Suopu scratched his head and laughed.
"I still know you!" Nello and others secretly arrived.
When the picture flies by, Luffy is chatting with Wusuosuo in a restaurant in a small village and destroying the food on the table crazily, which is a few minutes faster than the person who didn’t speak.
By the way, Nami asked, "Wu Suopu, does anyone here have a boat to borrow from him?"
"You also saw the village sample! Unfortunately, there is no way, "Wu Suopu said.
Then Sauron pointed out of the window and asked, "Isn’t there a big villa on that hill? It is reasonable to say that it should be a very rich man. "
At this time, Nami also asked to see the villa in the distance outside the window. "Really, can you ask him to help pay?"
"Not there" Wu Suopu a face of excitement, and then like thinking of something "ah" shouted together "I suddenly have something to do, so I’ll walk. You can rest assured to eat here! The boss here and I are very familiar. "
Dadada said that Wu Suopu quickly disappeared in front of everyone.
"I finished eating you eat slowly! I’ll go out and see if there are any boats for sale, so I’ll leave them to you, "Nello shouted at Luffy after eating barbecue gracefully ten minutes later.
"No problem. See you later." Luffy grinned and laughed.
"Well" Nello waved and then disappeared in front of several people …
Chapter one hundred and fifty-seven Pirates attack
When it flies again, the picture will follow.
"One piece is coming! One piece is coming! Run! Run! "
"Bastard, you must catch it this time." Several villagers walked towards Wu Suopu with brooms and other furniture.
"You will be killed. This time, I said that the real pirates will attack the village when they really come." Wu Suopu looked at the villagers with a sweaty face and argued.
"You have said this for thousands of times. Do you think we will believe you? You cheat, "said a villager with a sneer.
At this moment, Wu Suopu’s eyes lit up and then pointed to Nello around the villagers. "She is the deputy captain of the Pirates’ Straw Hat."
"What did you say?" A villager blew his hair and pointed at Nello with one hand. "How can a polite girl like Nello be a pirate? Have you ever seen a pirate under the age of ten? You really let me down. Even if you cheat, you still frame this little girl. "
"You have gone too far this time, Wu Suopu," said another villager, looking at him with a heavy face.
"You don’t believe me in anything. I said it was true this time." Wu Suopu looked at the village humanity.
Whew, at this moment in the middle school, Nello took Wu Suopu in one hand, and then the two men "sou" disappeared, which was so fast that even the surrounding villagers looked puzzled as to how he disappeared.
Nello outside the village looked at it with a cold face and a blank face. Wu Suopu "It seems that you have fallen apart! He is now! And you just said that pirates are going to attack the village and that it won’t be Luffy! "
"He’s dead, and he was killed by another pirate ship’s co-captain," said Wu Suosuo, trembling.
Oh, there is another pirate group. Nello sneered, "Then tell me how he died."
"Fell from the cliff to the beach and died, and even his head was twisted in the sand." Wu Suosuo looked at sneer at Nello in horror and said with trepidation.
"Really?" Whether Nello can fly or not, but the rubber man is not so easy to die, and how can his strength die in the small East China Sea?
"This time, I won’t get even with you for exposing me as a pirate, but once, it’s hard to say," Nello warned again. "After that, you’d better not lie, or you’ll regret it one day, just like this time. If you hadn’t been lying to the villagers before, they wouldn’t believe you this time, that is to say, if the pirates really entered the village, then you’ll regret it!"
In the sneer, Nello said that the figure had already walked in the direction of the beach. She hated cheating, just as her father said that she would go to see her at her birthday party and it took a few days to get there. He had been cheated by his father several times, although he knew it was all because of an emergency, Nello was still very angry.
Cliff beach When Nello came here, the sun was less than one tenth. At this time, the sea connected to the west turned red, and even the clouds were dyed red by the last light of the setting sun.

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