It was said that she was imprisoned, but it also restricted her from leaving the hospital. Besides, the wind took good care of her.
When I open my eyes, I have to eat and drink. If she doesn’t start work, she will clean and fold it and put it on the bedside room. She also cleans it for fear that she will be bored. She also puts a lot of tablets and a tablet full of film and television dramas. It’s very windy and keeps some animals to accompany her in the yard.
Fish in the pond, tree birds, big dogs at the door and cats in the house
Every day, Fugui looks at a hospital of animals and feels that his position is not guaranteed. His eyes are always full of dissatisfaction and jealousy.
Yuanbao is also very dissatisfied. It comes to the pond for its own use. Now it joins a lot of fish and raises a lot of lotus flowers. It fights with fish every day.
Taotao made a run, and even tried to dismantle the god-blocking ring, but all ended in failure.
She makes trouble and ignores it. She always sits there silently doing carpentry. No matter what she says, he can’t hear you.
She runs, the wind sits in the yard during the day and lives next door to her at night.
As soon as the door rings, he can hear the sound and block her in the yard. Even if he can’t hear it, the dog at the door will bark.
It doesn’t matter whether she pried the ring with a screwdriver or set it on fire. The quality of the products produced by the special bureau is too good
She was forced to split it with an axe, but she almost broke her wrist.
Finally, the wind grabbed the axe and left it on the small courtyard wall.
Taotao looked at the axe deeply embedded in the wall and sat on the ground frustrated.
"Well," she said irritably, "even if you get me, you can’t get my heart."
It’s very much like the heroine’s desperate speech after being bullied in Ba Zong’s novels.
She laughed first when she didn’t respond.
"Do you have to be like this, Feng?" Taotao looked up at him.
"Yes" he is calm.
Taotao didn’t try to persuade him to untie the ring because she found it was a stupid thing.
How could he let her go and let her purify himself under the control of the demon gas?
It’s like a dragon trapping a warrior and saying to the dragon, let me go, let me go, and I’ll show my courage and courage to punish you.
I want to know that it is impossible.
These days, the wind has carved many wooden figures and placed them on stone tables in the courtyard.
Those wooden figures are peach-shaped, smiling, angry, with low eyebrows and eyes, and lifelike, almost exactly like her.
The sunlight fell on the wooden people, and they were plated with a pale gold.
Taotao sat quietly beside the flower bed, and the silence around him made him wonder that he could hear the carving knife in the wind cutting across the wood.
She said softly, "You were not like this before."
"I also regret that I was not like this before."
Taotao said, "Where are Xiaotian and Xiaotu?"
The wind calmed down and "got up"
Taotao "What are you doing with them?"
The wind stopped the knife in his hand. "No one can take you away from me. No one can."
The peach trees in the courtyard bloomed in the early spring, and when the wind blew, the flowers fell on the peach black hair. She looked at the person in front of her.
Still silent and taciturn, it seems that he is no different from the old one.
But Taotao knows that some things seem calm, but they have already been turned upside down.
"fairy howling world"
Xiao Yuetu leaned on the bar. "This is a kind of boundary skill, and its strength depends on the ability of the spiritual master. Unless it is higher than the spiritual master in the practical world, people trapped in it can’t get out, and this world will not weaken with time. No matter how long it has been in the past, the strength of the boundary has remained the same."
"At the beginning, this technique was taken by Ji Wutong at a high price of two million yuan. When the stars are rich, you know," Xiao Yuetu chatted and took grass from the cracks and dipped it in water to write and draw on the table. "Later, the Nangong took Ji Wutong’s earrings, and this technique was handed over to the disciples by the teacher elder sister and Shu Shu. Don’t waste your energy. We can’t get out."
Yuan Tian has been trying to break the boundary since he was brought in. After hearing this, he sat down dejectedly.
The most important thing in the chaotic world is the house. When they wake up, they are brought here. This house has two floors, let alone two people and twenty people.
"Elder brother is really crazy." Yuan Tian looked at the room with a whole wall of instant noodles. "Crazy is not over. Give it back to eat less."
Xiao Yuetu said leisurely, "It’s terrible to give food. If you don’t say it will be released in a few days, who knows when he will take us?"
Yuan Tian stayed here for a week and ate instant noodles three times a day. Now I want to vomit when I smell instant noodles.
He buried his head in the stone and asked Xiao Yuetu, "What are you looking for?"
"With bird training," Yuan Tian took out an old technique and patted the face with ash. "This was in the banker’s vault before. I picked it up and tried to see if I could call Fugui and let him go out and send a message for someone to save us, just like an ancient flying pigeon."
Xiao Yuetu looked at him like an idiot. "If there were peaches, I would have sent them out early. Who do you want to give flying pigeons to?" It’s thousands of miles away from the special service. When it flies to the special service to ask your brother for help, winter will come and people will be destroyed a hundred times earlier. "
"That’s right," Yuan Tian said. "That dead bird eats and pulls back the chaotic burial bird all day. It doesn’t care if the bell ringers are imprisoned."
Two people sitting together, the window of distress suddenly rustled.
Xiao Yuetu opened the window and looked out of the window. "Teacher Huo? Why are you sneaking around here? "
The man outside the window is woody, who is standing on the windowsill and is about to climb in.
Xiao Yue figure and yuan day hurriedly stopped him "don’t! You can’t get out if you come in! "

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