Su Yi finally said, "A saint won’t do anything to you. In his later years, people always have a yearning for children. Even if he can’t produce evidence, he may not know who you are."
Li Lingyu "Then should I thank him for not killing En?"
"If you are unwilling to do what you want, there is a saying in the history that King He intends to rebel with her."
Li Lingyu asked, "Can’t he sleep every day because he is ashamed of his children and grandchildren?" I just want to cultivate immortality and ask if I dare not die? "
"You are presumptuous!" Su Yi saw that the more she said, the more outrageous she was.
Li Lingyu sneered, "I am alive not because of his kindness, but because of my fate."
Su Yi said, "You will get yourself killed."
Li Lingyu saw that he was always silent and would not dare him to change his mind and say, "Sue’s adult, go home. I know the importance."
Su Yi looked at her and refused to leave.
"It’s late today, I’ll order more soldiers, and the day after tomorrow, I will go out of the city with the duke to meet King Luyang."
Chapter 51 Teacher
Su Yi looked at her and saw her face calm in the dim light and said, "Don’t test me, I said I wouldn’t hurt you."
Li Lingyu looked at him and asked, "I don’t believe it or not because you are too loyal to him. What if I want to kill him?"
Su Yi asked, "Isn’t it right to be loyal to the monarch?"
"For me, this is a job, isn’t it? From the moment everyone started to treat Yang Bo from ruin, I knew that I needed chips that others couldn’t kill me easily. It’s ridiculous to say that, but who told me that I was a rogue?"
Su Yi corrected her that "you are also a dragon and phoenix grandson"
Li Lingyu laughed, and she wanted to say that unless she sat in that position, she, the dragon, phoenix and sun, would have to kill her with a door behind her back on charges of rebellion. She had seen it in history, but it was not a word here, but a hundred or dozens of lives.
Including herself, killed people.
Su Yi saw her smile and asked, "What are you laughing at?"
Li Lingyu: "You trust me only because I’m not a son. I won’t fight for the throne, right?"
Su Yi looked at her and didn’t talk. Li Lingyu didn’t want to pester these anymore.
I changed my mind and said, "Well, don’t talk about it. I’ll come back the day after tomorrow and tell Sue’s adult."
Su Yi saw that she had turned around and said softly, "Because you are more like your father than your brothers."
Li Lingyu paused without speaking and pushed the door and went in.
Early the next morning, Duan Gong counted the troops, and when the notice arrived, she went home from the palace in the afternoon.
Street shops have been opened, but not many people observe the street situation, which is also one of her pleasures.
Chen Runyi came in from the south gate and saw her far away. She shouted, "Wait, I was just looking for you."
Li Lingyu and others came over and asked, "What is it?"
Chen Runyi paused and asked, "Did you have an enemy at Yushitai?"
Li Lingyu thought for a moment and said, "Some disputes are not enemies."
Chen Runyi "Someone sued my father."
Li Lingyu raised eyebrows but didn’t move. "Then let him sue casually."
Chen Runyi "you he is for your sister and my marriage! He just sued my father. Do you understand? "
Li Lingyu saw him anxious and suddenly asked, "Did your father scold you?"
Chen Runyi "What do you mean? Why are you like this? "
"Let me ask you the truth. Do you have any thoughts on my sister?"
Chen Runyi is guilty, but his mouth denies that "Li Lingyu, you are doing this because I am kind."
Li Lingyu: "If you are really dissatisfied, you will never let your sister climb your home if you say that I am a brother."
Chen Runyi was annoyed. "Is there someone like you?"
Li Lingyu "I’m wrong? Don’t you like that little girl who plays the piano in the bird house? "
Chen Runyi turned pale when she said, "Did you check me behind my back?"
Li Lingyu really thought he was too young to say, "Can’t I investigate you? My sister will give it to you all her life. Let me see if you are unreliable. Why? "
Chen Runyi didn’t expect her to look young. Why are there so many eyes?
But Li Qu couldn’t say it for a long time before saying, "You … can’t tell my father."
Li Lingyu "That depends on what you mean"
Chen Runyi: "I’ll leave you alone and let the suggestion tell you."
Li Lingyu smiled and said, "Thank you for your kindness."
"Don’t thank you!" Chen Runyi has turned around and stormed off.
A child in Lu Zhi is quite cute.
She didn’t take it seriously either. Nowadays, you can’t break your contract easily when you get married.
Although Chen Runyi is reckless, after all, she is only 16 or 17 years old, and she simply doesn’t like people who are 16 or 17 years old to learn from adults.
Chen Runyi likes listening to the piano. It is said that Mrs. Chen Hou is good at it. This child has collected a lot of guqin. He looks naughty but has a good mind.
When she got home, she dug out the previous copy and chronology. It was rare for Luyang Wang to write ink in Tianxing Dynasty. He was the youngest and most favored prince, ten years younger than Xiao Yong, and both of them liked this uncle very much.
But the queen Cao’s position is not close to him.
Li Lingyu has a lot on her mind now. She is afraid that if she forgets, she will come back to you. She will write down all the daily essentials in a few words. After writing, she put down her pen and heard a voice outside asking, "Who?"
Ah Fu led Yuan Zhaozong in.
Yuan Zhaozong saw him all dressed up and asked, "Are you going out?"
Li Lingyu "No, I just got back. Kong Zhang, come in."
Yuan Zhaozong has seen her, and her front partition courtyard is beautifully decorated. Now this courtyard is even wider and more exquisite.
That’s what she does. She can keep things in order both at home and outside.
Li Lingyu asked, "How’s it going? The exam will be held in the first month. "
Yuan Zhaozong "is still reviewing and may not be able to take the exam."
Li Lingyu encouraged him; "Don’t say anything frustrating. I think you will definitely go to high school."
Yuan Zhaozong smiled and didn’t answer her words.
Li Lingyu asked, "Are you busy?"
Yuan Zhaozong just said, "The head of Nanshan Academy asked me to invite you. I sent you a lot of invitations before, but you didn’t go."
"What does Xie Yin mean?"
Yuan Zhaozong is a little unaccustomed to her talking so directly.

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