He naturally heard of Luo Yu, a powerful character who can disrupt the pilgrimage and get away with it, and also slay a butcher who is stronger than himself!
Not only that, it is said that this person also destroyed several ghost guards. If he knew that the person in front of him was Luo Yu, how could he be cut off? It seems that I really kicked the iron plate today!
Thought of here, his unruly and aloof appearance has turned into panic. "No … I don’t know less … I don’t know less! You … You let me go … "
At the moment, Luo Yu has passed a sentence like Judge Yamaraja’s faint sentence: "I am not necessarily the leading role, but … you must be a dead walk-on! So … it’s late! "
Wu Shao, that’s really not white. What does this’ dead walk-on’ mean?
He is crushed by Rowen’s feelings at the moment, and his brain is buzzing. Can he bark "walk-on"? You … His mama say what is a dead dragon …! "
But the voice did not fall, and the dark strength in Luo Yu’s hand suddenly exploded with a raging cold fire.
Click ~
The fracture broke and collapsed, and the fire was hunting and burning all over.
This was done around the mountain city, and the Lord didn’t even cover his ass with heat for a day, so he was burned out and got a box lunch when he closed.
He didn’t even get killed. What the hell is a’ dead walk-on’ in Bai Luoyu’s mouth?
Forget about the south bank of the river two days later
At the moment, the south bank has already made a number of magic places to measure evil cultivation.
There are hundreds of thousands of evil people in this long and narrow south bank plain, and they are as dense as black clouds.
Eager to try, they want to follow the night watchman and do a good job in front of the saint temple.
I didn’t think that although the Saint Temple visited the Forgotten Evil River, it was also right for the Ganan Venerable Master to have a meeting, but it didn’t take long for the Temple to stay put and negotiate with the heretical Ganan Venerable Master in a’ friendly’ way in the Chu River and Han Dynasty!
Ok … What’s the whole thing?
Has there ever been such a harmonious picture between the north and the south over the years?
It’s not only that. It’s reported that the South Honorable Man in naga, the Temple of the Saint, seems to want something. Covenant 10 is the holy shit that disrupts the pilgrimage on a large scale!
Uh ….. Did you really see the Terran gigolo in the Saint’s Temple? I’m going to want a beauty … Oh, I’m not asking a man not to be a country.
Anyway, nowadays, cloud evil people have to have colored roots to witness and hear one by one …
It can be seen that whether the theory is right or crooked is very similar.
They came to help in response to the call of the imperial edict, and now they are all melon-eating people.
This time, although the situation is a little confusing, they are also happy to watch the drama without the powerful Ganan Venerable. Anyway, the news has come from the North Shore, and at most ten naga Venerable will die in Nirvana.
What’s waiting for ten like this?
By then, it’s not easy to sit in the pure land without the Gana Venerable. It seems that the retreat of the Saint Temple is still far-reaching ~
Many practitioners think so, so they feel at ease and worship, but they don’t know that the Yoga virgin never wanted to invade the mountains and seas, and even planned to destroy the gate lover’s double-abode and double-flight corner.
I guess I want Luo Yu to be willing to wipe out this evil without blinking an eye!
I don’t know how they feel if they know the truth about this’ ten-year Covenant’ and the humble position in their hearts.
At the moment, these tens of thousands of people who are still in the dark are eagerly looking south and doing extremely competent spectators.
They waited for the arrival of the saint who was treated like a god, to see if Fang Sheng was born with superhuman powers and could win their favor over the saint’s temple.
Yesterday, there was a black cloud riding to report that there was a fire between the two forces around the mountain city recently, and the reason was that three bodhi old zu, such as Qing corpse, died strangely!
Ubbelohde’s young master occupied his own high strength, and when he learned about it, he suddenly made a fuss and finally won.
According to the lucky people in the city, a man and a woman appeared later, and two heretical Jian Xiu killed the Ubbelohde young master!
So many initiates guessed that a man and a woman were practicing sword, and the man must have heard that Luo Yu expected to arrive here today.
However, after learning about this incident, the forces around the mountain city suddenly split into two factions and rushed back to Forgotten Shacheng, killing each other all the way.
It seems that the evil repair of this mountain city dispute has become accustomed to watching the fun, so I am too lazy to pay attention to it.
And those who rushed back to the two gangs while fighting last night naturally surrounded the mountain city Ubbelohde forces and evil Garnan forces.
An hour passed quietly in a blink of an eye.
I’ve been waiting for a lot of practice.
The birds in the dense fog and forest in the south have come to a surprise!
It seems that it is a pair of bull’s-eyes that each person is concentrating on.
Really looking forward to the stars and the moon, is it necessary to look forward to the heretical saint with three heads and six arms?
But they didn’t expect that after a commotion, Lin rushed out of a dozen evil Garnan and Ubbelohde people.
They all fled to the south bank in panic and panic, crying for help. Even the head of the powerful Wu clan, who took the lead in half a step, was twisted with fear.
As if there was something horrible in the jungle behind him, the wild beast was about to come after him.
Seeing this, many practitioners were disappointed and stunned, and they did not comment in succession.
"Why them?"
"It looks like being chased!"
"No! Then the Lord of Ubuntu, but Yazun is half a step away from being a holy image, can anyone but the venerable one kill him? "
"Yes ~ How come these people fled back to last night and left hundreds of people?"
"Look ~ something!"
At that time, in front of the dense forest, dozens of people, such as Wu Guzhu, kept calling for help, but although the visitors on the south bank were like a cloud, they still fulfilled their duties and did their duties as spectators.
Obviously, they won’t get into trouble before this situation goes straight. You know, I’m afraid it’s extremely troublesome to make the Lord of the Zun territory and others run for their lives in such a mess.
And look at this posture. Everyone is hurt. Obviously, they have not returned, and they have already folded in half.

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